Aerobed classic low-rise air mattress review – 2021 Update

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Today we’re looking at one of the most popular models from the brand – the low-rise Classic.

Along with the high-rise from the same series, this is a staple model from the brand, at least according to the number of user reviews we gathered for this statistical analysis.

The most likely reason is that, unlike some of the high-end models (like the Luxury Collection or the Deluxe), The Classic is in the same price range of similar mattresses from other brands. It’s also one of the top Aerobeds, which is nothing to shrug off.

aerobed classic low queen-front

Classic vs. Camping Series

The first thing we’ll do is compare it to the top-rated model among low-rise camping air mattress – the Camping Series.

Both air mattresses are approximately of same height and size and the construction is similar (both feature air coils). So let’s look at the ratings of the two side-by-side.


Ratings comparison

A closer look at the Classic low-rise

Two sizes:

  • 74 x 39 x 9 inches
  • weight – 8.8 LBS
  • max capacity – 300 lbs
  • 78 x 60 x 6 inches
  • weight – 12.2 lbs
  • capacity – 600 lbs

How is the weight distributed?

The fact that we saw a somewhat lower rating in comfort compared to the Camping Series is not a verdict about this bed because we’re comparing it to the top-rated model of its type.

In fact, the Classic features one of the better weight distribution systems out there.

Most of that is based on two things – the sheer number of air coils and the structural stability of the vinyl.

Very few inflatables out there come close to the weight distribution efficiency.

That especially goes for the low-rises. They tend to be less stable (both in the aspect of vertical stability and sideways movement) and we’d say that this model belongs to the top 10 low-rise camping air mattresses we looked at.

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The valve

The brand is famous for its pump and the Whoosh valve. Back when the system of superfast air release valve was first introduced (over two decades ago), it was nothing short of revolutionary.

Since their first models were introduced, the brand only improved on the design of the pump and valve. Inflation and deflation times are unparalleled.

valve of the aerobed classic

Classic look & a touch of color

For those of you who are our regular readers and have already stumbled upon some of our reviews, it will come as no surprise that we’re delighted to see some splash of color on the market of mainly monochromatic color schemes.

Packing and storage of the Classic low-rise

The mega whoosh valve is very efficient in terms of deflation, which means that there is no remaining air when you pack the bed for storage.

It’s not a surprise that this air bed outperforms most models in terms of practicality of storage. The carry bag that comes with it is pretty strong; it’s made of nylon-based synthetics includes a drawstring to pack the bed even more compactly.

Weight versus sturdiness

Generally speaking, the sturdier air mattresses are usually made of thicker materials or reinforced by fabric, nylon-encasing or TPU.

There’s none of that with this bed.

The Classic relies on its ability to distribute weight well (we already mentioned the number of coils). If we had to make a choice the most well-balanced airbed (stability, portability and packing size) we would put this air mattress in the top 5%.

When packed, it measures 15.8 x 1.9 x 2 inches.

aerobed classic carry bag

The pump

Like with most camping models the pump is not built-in and come separately – you just attach it to the valve to fill the air mattress.

It is a two-way, which is another way of saying that it not only inflates but deflates the bed, as well.

Absence of out shut-off safety

Like most air beds in this price range, this bed doesn’t feature firmness pre-sets or and an auto shut-off safety.

Not as big of a deal compared to other brands

The inherent risk of over-inflating an air mattress is a much more substantial issue with other brands with the less sophisticated pumps that just keep adding air you turn them off.

The pump of the Classic minimizes the risk of over-inflation because it the simply stops adding air once the mattress reaches a certain maximum firmness.

Like we said, with some of the low-quality airbeds, we deem the absence of the auto shut-off to be a serious problem, but we wouldn’t say that for this air mattress, or any model from the brand, for that matter.

Alternative and generic pumps

The valve of the Aerobe Classic is unique and most generic pumps won’t be a good fit.

If you experience any problems here, the best advice we could give you is to visit the section of the Coleman website dedicated to the brand and look at the parts and accessories.

There are replacement pumps on their website that precisely list what models they fit.

With generic pumps and air machines, a nozzle that might fit should be latch-free and round.

Practicality of camping use

The Classic is listed as a camping your mattress, but unlike most outdoor-dedicated models, the pump needs power to work.

What this means for campers is that you need access to power or an adapter to use it with the car outlet.


The warranty terms can be somewhat confusing for the customer, so let’s be precise here.

The official warranty covers all defects in both the body of the mattress and the parts for 1 year.

What we like about the warranty policy that the manufacturer puts forth is that resellers or stores carrying the brand cannot alter the terms in any way.

Flat design of the top surface

Some beds are designed with the top-to-bottom beam separation right across the middle. The separator is there to outline the two halves of the inflatable.

We have to say that we are not fans of the separation because it doesn’t allow you to make the most out of the whole sleeping surface.

With the Classic the top is one piece and has no separators, which is the design we prefer.

Summary of the review

We would say that this Classic belongs to stop 8% camping blow up mattresses in terms of value for money.

Its main advantages are the efficiency & speed of inflation/deflation and, more importantly, the sturdy structure and solid distribution of weight.

This bed in currently not in the top 10 airbeds for outdoor use, mainly because of the slightly higher incidence of air leaks, which brought its ratings in the category down a peg.

Nevertheless, it is still good bang for your buck.