One Touch Comfort – Complete Quality Analysis Updated for 2021

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Today we’ll be looking at one of the staple models from the reputable brand – the One Touch Comfort.

It’s one of the air mattresses that are closest in terms of appearance, size and weight to models coming from other brands.

We’re mentioning that’s because we know that the company tends to make products that are somewhat different – either in terms of design, the unique pump or size and weight.

aerobed one touch twin

Compared to the 1- year warranty, which is the official policy of the brand, the One Touch Comfort comes with a 2-years limited warranty. You can see how it compares to other airbeds from Aerobed here.

Let’s look at some of its most important features, followed by its rating, both overall and in our 5 quality categories.

One Touch Compared to the top model

Before we move on, let us compare this bed to what is currently the highest rated inflatable in its price range – the SoundAsleep Dream Series.

one touch comfort twin

Overall Rating

Analysis of the One Touch

The top surface

Most inflatable beds will feature either a classic vinyl surface or reinforced PVC flocked with a velvet-like finish.

With these classic models, most people choose to get an add-on like a mattress topper or a pad – you can see our full list of best mattress toppers and pads here. Some modern air mattresses come with a topper of their own, a good example of that is the bamboo topper included in the Best choice – you can see it here.

Generally speaking, a topper like that would increase the price tag, and you usually see add-ons like this only with the top tier products – you can see our list of best air mattresses here.

top surface of the one touch

But let’s get back to this bed…there is no topper per se but the top surface is treated to be antimicrobial in manufacturing.

What it means

Being antimicrobial doesn’t only include resistance to germs and bacteria but mold, mildew and fungus, as well. The implications of that are that you won’t be seeing any odor.

When we say “odor” here we’re not referring to the plastic smell that emanates while the bed is new but to the odor that can develop over time if your bed is in a moist environment.

Moisture and germs

The moisture can find its way into the chambers of the bed, make a breeding ground and practically colonize the insides the mattress.

In best case scenario you’ll notice it and you’ll get rid of the airbed.

But you also run the risk of developing allergies for no apparent reason if the mold just under the smell threshold. This is especially true if you start using the airbed in a moist environment and allow for the molds to form and then move it to a more open space.

In this scenario, you won’t notice the smell but the germs will be in the air.

That’s why the antimicrobial treatment of the top surface in One Touch is a huge plus. The pump and the wand

If there’s anything that the brand excels in, it’s the designs of the pump the include in their models and the famous Bush valve that lets you deflates the bed in your seconds.

There is no separate valve and their trademarks woosh valve is all included in the one-piece unit of the pump.

That doesn’t mean that it works any differently than the classic air release valve -it just insufficient. In fact, we would say that this system is even more practical because there are no two separate units to think about.

pump and valve

What does One Touch mean?

The One Touch in the name refers to the unique design of the pump that’s simplified for an effortless inflation using the wand that’s connected to the pump.

This is not a remote, but simply a facilitated way to inflate the bed without bending down.

This might not be a big deal for most, but it can be for the elderly and those with back pain. It’s also a nice touch for people who want to make their air mattress a bit firmer or softer without getting up. Voltage of the pump

The One Touch pump runs on 110 V and plugs into your classic power outlet.

It doesn’t have a “range” to be used with any other voltage, which means that if you need to use it with the power outlet that’s not 110 V, you’ll have to use an adapter.

A surprise on arrival

In the modern days of the industry, including the carry bag is practically a given and that’s why the fact that we have seen complaints from people not getting it with this model was a surprise.

What’s even more surprising is that we’ve seen most owners saying that the airbed did ,in fact, come with a carry bag. This is an odd inconsistency to see from a brand with such a long tradition..

However, the percentage of people that reported the issue was not significant enough for it to be a red light about the product itself.

How do sheets fit with the One Touch?

The indentations on the side are just deep enough for the elastic band of the fitted sheets to get a good hold.

On the other hand, the “rich” top surface does a good job of keeping them in place, and we didn’t see any significant complaints from users about the fit of the sheets.

Packs into a compact bundle

Since this air bed includes the Whoosh valve, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that it packs compactly; because the packing size is all about complete deflation without any remaining air in the unit.

According to our measurements, the approximate dimensions of the One Touch when packed are 29 x 13.5 x 13.7 “(if rolled). If you fold it into a square, it’s about 25 x 25 “.


We always like when we see a bit of color in the industry because most brands go with the safest color choices like grays and tans.

That’s probably one of the things we like most about it.

image of aerobed twin one touch

Leak percentiles and air retention

If you take a look at the ratings in the air retention and durability category you’ll notice they’re somewhat lower compared to the SoundAsleep.

This is because we have seen a slightly higher percentage of reported air leaks, both on arrival and developed within the first months.

With leak incidence of about 15% in the first few months of use, we can’t place this bed in the top 10% of air mattresses regarding that quality aspect.

Weight distribution

Like most beds from the brand, the inner structure consists of air coils.

Regarding the number of coils (21), One Touch is one of the top-rated models in the size we reviewed in the past year.

Conclusions about One Touch Comfort

The first thing you notice about this air bed is the style and appearance. The combo of the off-white top and the light blue sides is an eye candy.

Overall, we can only describe it as a solid product.

Since we started reviewing air mattresses a few years ago we didn’t see in the top 10 and, based on the statistical analysis we did for this review; we can’t reasonably expect to see it there anytime soon.

The comfort is there, the usability there, but it’s the air retention that makes or breaks an air bed.