Review of the Aerobed Quilted air mattress with a foam topper -Updated for 2021

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Today we take a look at one of the most comfortable inflatables coming from Aerobed and our top overall pick among air mattresses with a memory foam topper.

In the second update of 2021, it stands tall rated at 93/100.

It is also one of the most stylish airbeds we know, and before we move on with the review, we have to be unprofessional for a second and admit that we are fans of the dark tinted blue of this Aerobed.

Now that we made the disclosure let us stress that our fondness for this eye candy won’t impact the ratings in other quality aspects such as air retention, durability and comfort.

aerobed quilted with foam topper full size

Before we move on to a more in-depth analysis, we think it would be smart to do a head-to-head comparison of this Aerobed bed with the currently top-rated model, which is the Dream Series air mattress from SoundAsleep.

Ratings comparison

Before we move on, let us compare this Aerobed to what is currently the highest-rated inflatable in its price range – the SoundAsleep Dream Series – both rated at 93

An in-depth review

Comfort of this Aerobed

This is a high-end air mattress, but it also comes with a price tag to match.

This is what slightly lowers the ratings in the “value for money” quality aspect if you can call it that…since it’s more about the balance between the quality and the price.

But let’s put the price aside for a moment to take an objective look at the comfort.


This Aerobed relies on the time-tested although coils seen in most models from the brand.

These have been proven to do a solid job in terms of handling the weight of the sleeper.
It’s one of the staple products from the brands – you can see our full guide and top picks among Aerobed air mattresses in Twin, Queen, King & Full size here.

aerobed memory foam inflatable mattress

Oval coils

The main advantage here is the sheer number of coils – although Aerobed doesn’t list it here, most of their models in Queen size have 48 oval air coils.

Since this is the case with their more budget-friendly models, like The Aerobed Classic which you can see here, it’s safe to assume that the number is just as high in this bed.

It’s these coils that ensure the stability, making the sleep experience very close to that of a regular mattress.

The topper and the finish

If you’re new to our website, you probably haven’t seen some of the stats we’ve gathered over the years.

The one that applies here is the fact that about 40% of owners choose to add an egg crate or foam topper to make the bed more comfortable.

There’s no need to worry about that with this Aerobed since it comes with a zippered pillow top.

The antimicrobial treatment

The cotton finish of the foam topper has antimicrobial properties that lower the risk of allergic reactions to any mildew or mold, that is inherently present with cheaper air mattresses, especially if you’re using them in the moist environment.

In the case of this air bed, it’s not only the topper that’s antimicrobial

The vinyl used for the body is also treated in production to be resistant to germs.

An improved pump

If there’s anything that Aerobed is known for, it is the unique construction and circuitry of the pump.

More than two decades ago, Aerobed came up with the one-of-a-kind design for the pump that broke new grounds in the industry. It’s made inflation and deflation much more efficient and user-friendly.

pump with air release valve

Bottom line – today, most air mattresses coming from Aerobed feature some improved form of the original technology…which is a good thing.

Unique among uniques

We already stressed that an Aerobed pump is uncommon and exclusive to the brand.

What’s better about this model is that it comes with an indicator of full inflation.
To put it simply, a small LED light on the body of the pump turns on once of the bed is fully inflated.

Air mattresses in the lower price range of the brand usually separate the pump from the valve. How it usually works is that you inflate the bed using the standalone electric pump and deflate it by manually letting the air out through the mega Whoosh valve.

That’s not what we have here.

The pump is a one-piece and two-way

The former means that the air release valve is built into the structure, while the latter refers to the fact that the pump both inflates and deflates the bed.

The bottom line here is that the whole process is simplified and more practical for the user.
The one touch wand

On top of the practicality and user-friendliness we talked about above, you also get the convenience of the one-touch wand.

What this means for the user is that you can set up the bed standing up. You control the whole process by just pressing the one button on the wand.

Let’s be clear here…this is not a remote that you see in other high-end models like Lazery Sleep air mattress – you can see its full review here. The wand is attached to a cord.

Prolonged warranty

A standard Aerobed warranty covers a new owner for one year, while this airbed comes with a two-year warranty.

The memory foam topper

In the past two years we reviewed about a dozen air mattresses with a memory foam topper or a pillow-top made of poly-fiber.

Compared to those, the topper that comes with this air bed is somewhat thinner, and according to our tests and user experiences, we would say that it is slightly less comfortable than blowup mattresses with a completely separate foam topper.

This is only natural, because the foam used in those is thicker and, in most cases, denser.

top view of the foam topper

Weight capacity of this Aerobed

We did a lot of research when compiling this review and couldn’t find a listed maximum capacity for this model, so we have to say that our assessment here is based on our experience.
Our estimated weight capacity is 600 lbs.

Sheets grip

A vast majority of inflatables from the brand are designed with extra deep side “ribs” or even full separation and to a two-tier design – like the Aerobed Opti Comfort air mattress with headboard.

That is the one aspect of this mattress that we feel could be better in most beds. What you typically see is the sides being too flat and the sheets slipping.

The issue can be resolved by choosing “deeper,” fitted sheets with an extra-strong elastic band.

Air confinement

This bed did not disappoint when we looked into the stats we’ve seen regarding the air-leak %. In that quality aspect it belong to the top 3%, according to our stats.

Conclusions and updates

It’s fair to say that we are fans of the Aerobed brand; we admitted that from the get-go.

But based on the stats, it’s still not in the top 10 because we need more data – you can see the reviews of best air beds here.

It is, however, a serious competitor for some of our other categories like pillow-top.

We update this review and the ratings every six months. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this specific model, do reach out in the comment section below or by directly emailing us.