Best Futon Mattress Reviews – Based on 7,100+ User Reviews – 2023 Update

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The top 5 picks among you’ll see below are a result of over 8,000 work-hours, in-house quality testing, and statistical analysis of over 7,100 futon mattress reviews.

We initially put together this guide towards the end of 2015, and it’s seen about 2 dozen updates since.

Without much ado let’s get to the results.

(Last updated: April 2023)

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Best futon mattress – Top 5 compared

Overall rating
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dhp premium futon mattress

DHP Premium

‣ Firmness - medium
‣ Materials - coil core,
foam and poly-fiber fill,
microfiber finish
‣ Thickness: 6 & 8 "
‣ Size - Full


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serta cypress mattress for futon full size

Serta Cypress

‣ Firmness - medium
‣ Materials - Bonnel springs
foam and fiber fill,
cotton finish
‣ Thickness: 8 "
‣ Sizes - Full & Queen


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signature sleep essential mattress black

Signature Sleep

‣ Firmness - medium to firm
‣ Materials - coil core,
foam fill,
quilted jacquard finish
‣ Thickness: 8 "
‣ Size - Full & Queen


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homelife premium futon mattress dark blue

Home Life

‣ Firmness - medium
‣ Materials - coil core,
foam and polyester fill,
microfiber finish
‣ Thickness: 8 "
‣ Size - Full


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serta chestnut mattress

Serta Chestnut


‣ Firmness - medium to soft
‣ Materials - foam &
cotton-batting core,
upholstery fabric
‣ Thickness: 8 "
‣ Size - Full & Queen


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Futon Mattress Reviews

Best overall – DHP Premium futon mattress review

The Premium from the Dorel Home products has been among the top 3 picks for over two years now, which translates to 12 bi-monthly updates, counting this one.

It’s by far the most popular futon mattress out there with thousands of customer experiences shared online.

The foam used is CentriPUR-US certified and all the materials meet the strict standards of safety, as regulated by the Consumer Safety Product Commission.

The DHP Premium is one of the very few models that features an innerpring core with independant encasing.

You can see its ratings below.

dhp premium - voted best futon mattress overall
More info - click to expand
Product details

  • Dimensions 58.5 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight of the mattress -approximately 70 pounds
  • Material of the core – coils, independently encased
  • Thickness – 15 gauge
  • Materials of the filing foam and poly-fiber
  • Materials of the finish – microfiber
  • Comfort 93% 93%
  • Sleep quality 92% 92%
  • Materials 90% 90%
  • User satisfaction 89% 89%
  • Value for money 91% 91%

Is it right for you?

The DHP premium will meet your needs if you’re looking for a futon mattress that balances the comfort of memory foam and the support of the independently encased coils.

It currently has over 3,800 user reviews on Amazon.

You can see what owners are saying about it by following the links below.

Best futon mattress for sleeping – Serta Cypress

Our second pick has the same overall rating says the DHP Premium – 91/100, and it’s labeled as “best for sleeping”.

This Serta is USA-made, it’s 8 inches thick and features 228 Bonnel coils.

The core is layered on all sides by 2.1 inch thick foam, tufted with poly-fiber for extra stability and finished with cotton.

It’s certified to be free of any chemicals like phthalates or traces of heavy metals.

serta cypress double sided in couch position
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  • Dimensions – 58.5 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight of the mattress – approximately 70 pounds
  • Material of the core – coils, independently encased
  • Thickness – 15 gauge
  • Materials of the filing – foam and poly-fiber
  • Materials the finish – microfiber
  • Comfort 93% 93%
  • Sleep quality 94% 94%
  • Materials 90% 90%
  • User satisfaction 88% 88%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Who will choose this Serta?

Serta Cypress will be your choice if you want to truly pamper yourself and you’re OK with spending a few extra dollars to do it.

To read user experiences and compares prices follow one of the two links below.

Signature Sleep Essential futon mattress review

Our third pick comes from Signature Sleep and currently rated at 90/100.

This is not a futon-dedicated product. It’s a versatile mattress that can be used on different types of  foundations.

The coils of the core are thicker and sturdier compared to the DHP premium (13.5 ” thick), which means better support.

This downside of that is that using it in a couch mode will prove to be difficult.

signature sleep essential mattress
More info - click to expand
Info sheet

  • Coils of the core -13.5 goat, 5 inches high
  • Material used for the top – foam, 1 inch thick
  • Finish – sturdy jacquard
  • Colors available -black and white
  • Sizes available – twin and full
  • Weight – the twin size weighs 64 pounds, while the full weighs 74 pounds
  • Both the Twin and full-size our 6 inches thick
  • Safety – third-party certified by CentiPUR-US to be free of any harmful chemicals
  • Comfort 93% 93%
  • Sleep quality 94% 94%
  • Materials 90% 90%
  • User satisfaction 88% 88%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Bottom line

The SupportRest from Coleman is your classic high-rise and will be the choice of campers who like to sleep away elevated from the ground, but don’t want to carry a bulky steel frame to do it.

Home Life Premium

This home life mattress has the highest number of coils in the core from the models listed – 522.

The coils are 15-gauge, which means they are somewhat thinner compared to the DHP Premium.

The Overall Rating of the Home Life is  out of 90/100 – you can see the ratings in 5 quality aspect below.

homelife premium folded
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  • Dimensions – 58.5 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight of the mattress – approximately 70 pounds
  • Material of the core – coils, independently encased
  • Thickness – 15 gauge
  • Materials of the filing – foam and poly-fiber
  • Materials the finish – microfiber
  • Comfort 92% 92%
  • Sleep quality 91% 91%
  • Materials 89% 89%
  • User satisfaction 87% 87%
  • Value for money 91% 91%

Who will choose the Home Life?

The home life will be the choice people take frequent daily naps and prefer the feeling of soft microfiber over coarser materials like upholstery or cotton.

To see what owners are saying about it by following the link below.

Serta Chestnut – bonded foam core

Serta Chestnut is the only product on the list that doesn’t feature an innerspring core.

This means two things:

  1. It’s softer and, for most people, it will be more comfortable when used in the couch/sofa mode.
  2. It’s not as supportive as the innerspring models.

It’s also important to note that it’s the priciest mattress a monger top five picks.

serta chestnut futon mattress gray
More info - click to expand
  • Thickness – 8 inches
  • Material of the core – foam
  • Colors available –  the Serta Chestnut comes in six colors -natural white, khaki, brown, gray, green and black.
  • Finish -the outer cover of the Serta Chestnut is 100% cotton batting
  • Dimensions for the Twin -75 x 53 x 8 inches, the weight is approximately 47 pounds
  • Dimensions of the Queen -80 x 60 x 8 inches, waiting at 54 lbs
  • Comfort 93% 93%
  • Sleep quality 88% 88%
  • Materials 94% 94%
  • User satisfaction 82% 82%
  • Value for money 83% 83%

Who will choose the Serta Chestnut?

Serta Chestnut will be the choice of folks whose primary concern is seating comfort and are OK with spending more to get it.

Honorary mention –
Classic Brands Brown futon mattress

This mattress fell short from being included in the top five best futon mattresses by the thinnest of margins, so we felt it’s only fair to give it a place as an honorary mention.

It features a coil innerspring structure, with each of the coils being wrapped individually, making it one of the best futon mattresses we reviewed in terms of durability.

The finish is microfiber, and we feel like it’s sturdier and less stretchy than the microfiber we’ve seen used in sub-par products. Whether you like the finish will probably depend on the way you use it – with or without a cover.

classic brands mattress 8 inch

Superior microfiber finish, but more expensive

It’s the thickness of the material that makes it easier to clean and maintain.

The bottom line is that, in terms of quality it stands its ground compared to any of the above listed models.

The fact that the overall rating is slightly lower is mainly because of the fact that it’s the most expensive option of listed, so its rating in the category of value for money is 84 / 100.

Types of futon mattresses explained

All the types, sizes, materials…we know it can be confusing to keep track of it all. So, let us present the information about types of futon mattress in a more synoptic and reader-friendly way.

Core type / filling



+ easier to fold
into couch mode
- inferior support
+ easy to set up
and down

+ budget-friendly

- less suitable
for everyday sleep

- less durable

- looses shape and
can form lumps
+ durable

+ budget-friendly
- less suitable for
everyday sleeping
+ affordable
- not enough support
for sleeping
(coils and
foam / fiber)
+ superior support -
best option for sleeping

+ more comfortable -
feels like a regular bed

+ superior durability
- pricier

- more difficult to set up and down,
can be too sturdy to
use as a couch while new

Reference tips on choosing the best futon mattress

Adjusting the size

We don’t mean to sound cliché, but this one comes down to your purpose and needs.

Most common sizes are twin and full and not many companies make them in queen-size.

If you already own a frame

The most likely scenario if you’re a long-term user will be that the lifespan of the frame will be longer than that of the mattress

If you need a replacement you’re faced with a choice.

You can either keep the frame you own, if you’re satisfied with it, or you can start from scratch or choose both a new frame and mattress.

The cost of the mattress alone, for the better ones, can reach that of a new one-piece futon – if you think that might be an option for you you can see our guide on best futons here.

Feel of the cover

With most modern pieces, the cover that you made of cotton, microfiber or micro suede.

The products we looked at are not water-proof and if that’s a factor you’ll probably need to a water-resistant add-on.

The good news here is that this provides you with a chance to choose the colors and patterns that will tie-in with the color scheme and the style of the space.

Choosing the right thickness

In terms of style, wooden frame will look better with the more substantial, thicker mattress. On the other hand, metal frames are better paired with a lustrous mattress that’s not as tick.

Types of futon mattresses explained

Shape retention

This one is fairly subjective and we did mention that some of the coil-based models will hold shape very well, but you shouldn’t take that at face value.

Generally speaking, a one piece, foam-based products will be better in terms of shape retention.

Frequency of use

For a guest bed, one that will be used occasionally for weekend sleepovers, you might save a few bucks by getting a cheaper model.

These will usually be filled with cotton, which tends to compact and form lumps with frequent use, but will do just fine for a guest bed.

If the futon is one of the centerpieces and used daily as a sofa and nightly as a bed , we would recommend going with something better and more durable, like the DHP or the Serta Cypress.

Best futon mattress for sleeping

As you could see in the ratings, we think that the most comfortable and the best futon mattress for sleeping is the Serta Innerspring. It’s at the sweet spot between the support of the Bonell coils and the plush layer of the foam, which is the most important factor for sleeping on a futon mattress.

The balance is just right to keep your spine aligned and that goes for most body types, since it has just enough “give” to make the pressure points in the shoulders and hips minimal.

For kids

The choice here will be easier and will not make a significant dent in your budget since you can go with lighter, less expensive mattresses.

The cheaper options here are wool or cotton-filled.

For wooden frames

Wooden frames are the most popular choice because they look more stylish than metal.


A frame made of hardwood like cherry, maple, hickory or oak will call for special considerations.

If you make the mistake of pairing them with a thin mattress you will likely end up feeling uncomfortable with the hard wooden slats “protruding”.

To make sure you don’t feel the hardwood compressing against your body while sleeping, go with the sturdier innerspring mattress that’s at least 7 inches thick.

FAQs about our picks for the best futon mattress

FAQs about the DHP Premium

dhp futon mattress sofa blue wooden frame

The specifics of the foam

The foam used here is free of any potentially harmful chemicals -Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers (PBDE), TDCPP (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate, which is a known flame retardant, and TCEP (tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine).

The manufacturing also includes no ozone-depleting agents, lead, mercury or traces of heavy metals.

Emissions and off gassing

This DHP has a very low admission level of volatile organic compounds (under 0.5 parts per tri-million, which is some standards set by the CentriPut-US).

Foam filling used for the DHP meets standards of flammability set by CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in their laboratory test manual for flammability as per the last update.

Is the cover machine-washable?

It doesn’t include an additional cover and arrives as you see it in the images. To protect the mattress you probably need some set some sort of fitted cover that you can machine wash.

Is it comfortable for heavy people?

It’s pretty firm, so you will not see a lot of sinking, but the foam is thick enough -to the point that you don’t feel the coils if even if you’re in the heavier side or arresting sleeper.

With that said, heavy person who’s a sidesleeper and prefers a loftier, soft surface might not find it uncomfortable for long term sleep.

The bottom line is that it is not as comfortable as a regular mattress, especially goes for a heavy person. If you’re looking for something truly comfortable you can see our guide best mattresses for heavy people here.

What kind of frame to use?

We would recommend a metal frame with a minimal incline for the backrest.

It’s an innerspring mattress and, as you can see in the product specs, is pretty heavy and works best with the metal frame.

The most important part about this is that this type of frame will keep that safety in place.

An important consideration here is choosing a frame with slide-guards (these are usually placed on the front of the frame).

Is it comfortable used as a bed?

Among the products we looked at, this DHP is the closest as it gets to the comfort of a regular mattress – 91% of people, according to our stats, described it as comfortable when used for sleeping.

material edges close up

Choosing the cover

The cover that comes with DHP is part of the mattress but company makes covers for specific sizes. With that said, if you don’t want to spend any more money, pretty much any cover that fits the height of the mattress will do.

Another option that will work well are deep-pocketed fitted sheets.

If you go with the later, we would recommend going a size up and getting a Queen cover. This will give you the versatility to use a topper or a pad if you want to make it more comfortable.

The versions available

Apart from the 8 “ that were talking about here, there is also a thinner model (a 6-inch).

For most people the 6-inch version will be the better choice if the futon is used as a couch most of the time, simply because it’s easier to fold up.

But people who will be frequently using it as a bed will find the 8-inch model more comfortable.

Arrival and unboxing

As most mattresses these days, it’s sealed in a plastic bag to make it more compact for shipping.

It’s only expands when you open the bag.

We would recommend being careful when cutting the plastic so that you don’t cause any damage to the mattress.

Once opened and expanded, in becomes pretty firm and sturdy so the answer to the one of the more commonly asked questions (which is whether you can fold it up and store it) is probably a “no.”

What colors can you choose from?

It comes in seven colors: tan, cobalt, merlot red, chocolate brown, charcoal and black.

If you want more color options you can always get an extra cover.

The loook without a cover?

It looks pretty stylish so even if you don’t get an extra throw for it, the mattress itself paired with a good frame is still pleasing to the eye and will work with most spaces.

Can it sleep two people?

The answer to that depends on your weight and size -for 2 people of average build we would say yes.

For those on the heavier side (over 400 pounds combined) it still might be good to sleep on, but we don’t have enough data to judge whether it will retain shape under this weight in the long run.

Can be used without a frame?

Some models are designed to be “broken” into three parts so that they can be placed in the floor with the lower two parts used for sitting and the top third used for your back.

In this case we don’t think that’s an option, becauseit’s an innerspring mattress designed with comfort in mind (over versatility).

Weight limit

We have seen no listed weight limit with this DHP. But, based on our experience and analysis of the materials we would say that you’d see no problems with the structural integrity in the weight range of up to 400 pounds.

In terms of sleep, yes, it can be used without a frame by placing it directly on the floor.

Is it waterproof?

The finish is microfiber so if you spill something on it you would have to react quickly and remove the liquid -to make it water resistant we would recommend getting an extra waterproof cover to protect it.

Is there a tie or some other type of fixture to keep it in place?

There is no fixture like added straps of fabric that you would tie to the frame, but based on our tests, it’s less prone to slipping towards bottom side compared to similar products.

With that said, if you do see the issue it might be smart to use a linen on the frame -this will further minimize the chances of slipping.

The simplest way to make sure that it stays in place is to use it with a frame made by the same company -a good example of that the DHP Aiden metal frame.

We’d go as far as saying that this is the perfect frame for this DHP  – it comes in brown or silver, which complement the colors.

More importantly, it features two metal plates at the bottom that will prevent any slipping.

Is it resistant to cats and dogs?

Having in mind that the finish material is microfiber we wouldn’t describe it as resistant to pets and you’ll probably need extra protection. If you’re looking for a cat-proof couch you can see our full guide here.

Maximizing the lifespan

Since the bottom and the top are identical, it’s adviceable to flip it occasionally to minimize the wear and prolong its lifespan.

FAQs about the Serta Cypress

serta cypress gray isolated

Firmness on our scale

Based on what we’ve seen and the measurements that we we’ve done after 1, 3 and 6 months of use we would give it a seven out of 10 on our firmness scale.

A bonus tip for improving support

Since this is a durable mattress and will probably be with you for a long time, it’s only common sense to take some extra measures to minimize potential structural issues.

Our tips here would be is adding a few slats beneath the bottom surface or, even better, using a piece of plywood between the base and the mattress.

Volatile organic compounds & off gassing

From all the products we looked at the Serta Cypress probably had the lowest initial odor and off-gassing is practically nonexistent.

Subjectively speaking, we would say that the Serta Cypress has the most natural “feel” from all the models we reviewed.


The initial thickness is 8 inches but, like any innerspring model, it will slightly compact with prolonged use.

To lower the effects of material compacting, we would recommend both flipping and rotating it every now and then.

This will even out the wear and tear and increase longevity.

FAQs about the Serta Chestnut

serta chestnut dark blue

Off gassing

We have seen a slight odor that lasts about a few hours after opening the package and we wouldn’t say it’s a significant issue.

Simply air it out for an hour or two after un-boxing and the odor goes away.

Ideally, you would give it a day to fully “plump” and set.

Shape retention

According to our measurements and tests we’ve seen no significant sagging, which is common with models that are not innerspring-based.

Yet, the ratings in shape retention are lower than the top 2 best futon mattresses (the DHP and the Cypress).

Our current rating of the Serta Chestnut futon in the category of shape retention is 88 out of 100.

What kind of base to use?

Both metal and wooden frame will work, as long as they are bi-fold.

We would not recommend it for tri- fold frames. Although it is pretty soft and yields well when folded, it’s not soft enough for a tri-fold.

What you might see initially is a slight gap (between the armrests of the frame and the edges of the mattress).

As it sets in and expands, those gaps will be filled.

Used as a couch

Compared to other products, the Serta Chestnut is a bit thinner, which makes the folding easier.

With sub-par models, we often see “breakage” in the middle of the mattress (when folded up and down on daily basis) but we’ve seen no similar issues with this Serta.

serta chestnut on metal frame


As opposed to innerspring models, this Serta is easier to fold and pack for storage. You can even fold it into a role and use a vacuum plastic bag.

Is the cover removable removal and machine-washable?

No, the cover is fixed, it doesn’t feature any zippers so it can’t be removed or machine-washed.


Since the coils are pretty sturdy and there’s many of them (close to 300), it will be more difficult to keep it in place when, especially while it’s new.

What might help is adding a sure-grip material to the top of the frame or going with the frame that features slip-stops.

Keep it in place gets easier after a few weeks or months (depending on how often you use it).


The Chestnut is not as suppotive as the inner-coil based models. For sleeping, you can improve the support by adding a few slats underneath – this will help with weight distribution.


Initially, it took about 5 months to put it to put this guide together.

From that point on, we made sure to stay on top of things by updating it with new relevant information on quarterly basis.

We do it because the market is volatile and we see new arrivals practically every month, but it’s our policy to wait until the product has “aged” and we have enough information to go on.

If you have a specific situation we haven’t addressed above, feel free to use the comment sections to ask us anything – we reply to all comments within a day.


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