Mainstays memory foam futon, multiple colors – 2021 review update

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Over the past 9 months we’ve analyzed data about the Mainstay futon from 7 independant sources.

We’ve also had the help of our panel of 8 furniture repair experts to get to the 5 quality ratings you’ll see below.

In the analysis you’ll see what makes this futon tick and how does it compare to similar models.

mainstays memory foam futon

Last updated – February 2021

Overall Rating

Mainstays memory foam futon
compared to currently top-rated
– DHP Emily

dhp emily gray
  • Comfort as sofa 90%
  • Comfort as bed 88%
  • Build quality 89%
  • User satisfaction 93%
  • Value for money 90%
dhp emily button
dhp emily flat
mainstays memory foam futon brown tweed
  • Comfort as sofa 91%
  • Comfort as bed 89%
  • Build quality 85%
  • User satisfaction 87%
  • Value for money 88%
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Unboxing and assembly

We would say that the DHP Emily a bit easier to assemble out of the box, because it come as a one-piece and features hinges that hold the construction together. The result is that it just take a few minutes to set it up.

That doesn’t mean that the Mainstays futon is hard to assemble that does come into boxes and an average user would meet to close to follow the instruction so that you can assemble it right.

It comes in two boxes and all the tools that you would need to assemble the Mainstays come included, which is a huge plus because we (as much as anybody) hate the extra trips the store just to be able to set up the piece of furniture you paid for.

If you have trouble finding them just look into the pouch that’s placed under need to the cushions.

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  • The weight of the futon is 95 lbs
    When folded into a couch the dimensions are 71.7 times 32.5 x x 33.5 in
  • Depth of the seat when measured from the front edge of the seating area to the beginning of the backrest it is about 44.2 inches
Mainstays Memory Foam Futon

The first thing that sets the Mainstays apart from products and similar quality range is the price.

It’s one of the most affordable futons that include this kind of high-quality memory foam. In fact, models of similar quality go for about 50-100 % more.

Initial impressions about the sturdiness

With similar models, we’ve seen people complaining about is the legs using metal bolts to screw directly into the wooden support.

In the case of both the Mainstay memory foam futon on and the Emily the legs are study and, more importantly, they screw into the metal plates of the frame.

It might not sound like a big deal but in the long run, it is.

When the bolts are screwed into the metal frame, there is minimal risk of the structure getting compromised by the bolt loosening (oppsed to wood).

It’s also worth mentioning that the metal-on-metal combo between the bolt and the frame is much more reliable if you have plans to move the futon and need to take it apart to do so.

This means that Mainstays is as good in the role of the extra bed as it is as a permanent piece.

When metal screws are used on wood that tend not to hold as tight as the first time the unit is set up. It seems like a detail, but it makes all the difference in the long run.

mainstay black pu leather futon

Sturdiness and thickness of the screws

According to a measurement in the screws used for the Mainstays memory foam futon are almost three times as thick as thick as those used for the family, which gives a slight Edge to this futon in terms of the sturdiness of the connection between the bulbs and the frame.

When it comes to these quality aspects, an important factor is the consistency. Simply put, we have seen no changes in the ratings of the Mainstays that would be indicative of a serious quality change or a change in manufacturing practices. That goes for this month’s update, too.

For you as a potential buyer, that is (or at least should be) a big plus.

Firmness and comfort

We would say that both futons are similar in terms of similar durability, including the weight of the unit.

Mainstays memory foam futon – style and design

Emily features glossy finish on the chrome legs, which means that it will work better with a contemporary space.

The Mainstays, on the other hand, is more versatile in terms of the interior dsign styles it will work with full stop because there are no glossy surfaces it can work with both modern and temporal style and more classic designs of the room.

It’s fair to say that either of the models would stick out like a sore thumb if your space has a vintage look.

While the Emily is a single unit (when flat) the mainstays allows you to raise the arm rests into an elevated position.

According to our measurements it goes up to about 75°, which makes it a good choice for lounging or reading a book without the need for an extra pillow.

Both are what’s known in the industry as split back, meaning that you have the option to fold back one half of the backrest while keeping the other half in an upright position. It’s one of the quality aspects that gives it an edge over similar futons.

The Mainstays memory futon comes in multiple colors and materials (black and brow micro-fiber &black PU leather) and is more versatile in terms of the positioning of the sections.


The filling materials

In terms of the filing, we would give the mainstays a slight edge because it includes a layer of memory foam making it more comfortable and less likely to develop lumps and uneven areas in the long run.

People who will choose the date the Mainstays over the Emily are those who are more about comfort and plan to use their futon more frequently (like long gaming sessions or a lazy day of watching TV).

It all comes down to the firmness – the Emily is the firmer of the two and does not include any kind of additional layer for comfort. So, it can become uncomfortable if you sit on it for long.

That caveat is reflected in the ratings of this month’s update evern more so than it used to be, since we tweaked our rating system a bit over the past few months.

We continue to improve the way we assess the quality aspects with the invaluable help of our advisors and contrubutors.


For sleeping, we’d say that the Mainstays is the superior choice for a few reasons.

The first one is the obvious memory foam layer that does a better job conforming to the shape of your body. What is basically means is that it feels more like a regular bad than most of its competitors.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the sides and be locked in place and slightly raised, basically turning them into a surface that can be used as pillow.

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Mainstays memory foam futon, tweed, multiple colors

The Mainstays gained popularity because it’s available in multiple colors at Walmart, but if you’re getting one online the options you have are black PU leather and velvet-like tweed  in camel Brown. As we mentioned, it’s one of our top picks among memory foam futons.

Durability and weight capacity

Weight capacity

With but both of these in the same durability longevity and capacity category is as they’re both waste the maximum weight allowed a 600 pounds.

Sturdiness of the Mainstays memory foam futon structure (as a whole)

Both of these feel similar in terms of structural integrity and if you plan to move or flick them they can give you the impression that you might break something. In reality we’ve seen the know experiences of that happening and that subjective feeling is a result of how the products are put together.

Bottom line if you’re moving your foot and around, there’s no significant concern with doing any kind of structural damage to either of them.
Durability of the legs

Both of these feature legs that screw directly into the metal frame, which makes them superior to a vast majority of products in the price range.

The difference is that the legs of the Emily are metal. They might seem fragile because the tubing is not high gauge. In reality, we’ve seen no experiences of the legs bending even when used at maximum capacity.

We’d go as far as to say that there is a higher chance of a structural damage happening at the welding areas (where the legs meet the metal structure) then the legs themselves.

Is it comfortable enough for two people to sleep on?

When it comes to two-person sleep the issue is not the capacity. However the space might be.

It offers the most comfort for one sleeper or two people of average size and built.

If you are on the heavier side

It can easily accommodate even a heavy and big person.

However, if you are both a big person and a restless sleeper, you might be aware of the fact that the futon is pretty light, which means that you run the risk of flipping over if you move to the very edge or the sleeping surface at some point during the night.

Other considerations of the Mainstays – from multiple color choices to comfort

If you’re not buying the frame and the mattress separately the Mainstays memory foam futon might just be right for you. It comes with a frame (full-size) and a hinge mechanism so that it can be used both as a sofa, lounger or bed.

10 out of 10 for appearance

The images don’t really do it justice; it’s fair to say that it’s much more stylish in person.

If we had to choose, we like the monochromatic colors from the range of multiple colors of the Mainstays futon. The back rest can be set up into three positions: upright, medium and full recline.

We especially like the fact that the side arms are attached to the main area using hinges and can be folded back into a full 90 degrees position, but can also be used elevated and used as lounger.

One of the more comfortable choices out there

A common issue models in this price range is that they’re simply not comfortable enough for long hours. The main reason behind it is the absence of any kind of pillow top layer to distribute the weight.

The cushions of this unit are a combination of memory and recycled foam, which is superior to the polyester and cotton filing most commonly used in futons, even the ones that cost much more. You can see the list of top memory foam futons here.

In conclusion

This is one of the top value-for-money futons out there and, as we mentioned, it’s one of the top rated models overall.

We update our ratings of the Mainstays in multiple colors on monthly or bi-monthly basis, depending on the volume of new data that comes in, to make sure what you’re reading is relevant at all times.

We believe that the information we presented here are as reliable as it gets since they’re based on the large pool of user experiences that grows with each update. If we see a significant shift in the use of satisfaction ratings, we might do an unscheduled update.

If you have any specific questions or comments feel free to use the comment section (at the bottom) or simply drop us a line using the contact form. We respond to all correspondence within 24 hours.

Stay comfortable