SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review – 2023 Update

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The air mattress that changed the industry

The SoundAsleep Dream Series is the air bed that changed the landscape of the industry when it hit the market in 2013.

After a long period of little to no change and innovation, this model arrived and turned the market on its head by giving the industry giants a run for their money.

If you’re considering it, turn down your phone and pour yourself a cup of coffee because this page contains the most complete information on the mattress you can find. 

In many ways, it’s one of the few crucial things that happened in the air mattress arena in the last two decades.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen airbed with comfortcoil technology & internal high capacity pump

Last updated: December 2023

What’s better about the SoundAsleep Dream Series?

The story of the Dream Series since 2013

Not much has changed in the ratings and popularity of the Dream Series during 2018 and it hits the 2019 ground running.

But, let us take a moment here to look a bit further into the past – into the time it hit the market…

  • Within 6 months it obliterated the competition and became highest rated by users in its price range
  • Within a year it had by far the highest number of user reviews while maintaining its ratings
  • Today, it has over 40,000 user reviews (Queen and Twin combined) and still maintains the high ratings (just for reference, models that have been around much longer have a few hundred reviews at best (with a few expections like the Serta Never Flat)
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Overall Rating


User Satisfaction
sound asleep dream series queen

Air Retention of the Dream Series air mattress

Air retention stats

As per our updated stats,  approximately 1 of 40 owners of the Sound Asleep Dream Series air mattress reported an air leak within 1 year of use.

This is the 3rd lowest number of reported air leaks out of 106 products we tested.

The products that “beat” it in this category are significantly pricier. Among the “classics”, this mattress takes the cake. By “classics,” we mean inflatables that have a regular pump and no additional pumps that jack up the price.

A typical example of a non-classic would be Cloud 9 – you can read more about it here. It features an extra pump to prevent deflation if a leak does happen but costs more.

What this means for you

It means that if you go with this airbed, chances of your money being wasted are minuscule.

The warranty of the Dream Series also lasts for 1-Year, which adds an extra layer of protection for you as the potential buyer.

The 1-year is pretty much your industry standard but, in our experience, it’s honoring the warranty terms that set Sound Asleep apart.

We’ve seen no significant difference in the June 2023 update in this category.

Sound Asleep Dream Series pump review

Comfort rating of the Dream Series air bed

SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress review of weight distribution - box on the bed

Comfort stats

93 % of our featured testers described the Dream Series as “comfortable”.

78% of our testers who slept on 2 or more airbeds before (most of them seasoned campers) said that this is the most comfortable air mattress they’ve ever used.

The 2023 update only confirmed the high numbers here.

It’s now also our top pick in Twin size – you can read more about that here.

What we’ve seen in real life

We tested 3 of these in-house.

The process included burdening it 30% beyond capacity (which is 600 lbs for the Queen and 300 lbs for the Twin) for a period of one week.

We’ve seen no structural damage (seams popping or bulges developing).

Only 1 of the 3 airbeds lost a significant amount of air (lowered by 2 inches measured at the center) over the week.

testiing air retention of sound asleep dream series air mattress with high capacity built in pump

What makes it so comfortable?

  • 40 air coils is the highest number in the industry – this distributes weight better and means no sinking to the middle (which is otherwise a common issue)
  • Sturdy vinyl that doesn’t stretch as much combined with adjustable firmness means no pressure points at the hips & shoulders and an aligned spine – this will be especially important to side-sleepers
  • Slightly elevated edge beam that encircles the top stays firm through the night – this eliminates the feeling that you might roll over the side (again, common with airbeds of lower quality) – important for restless sleepers
  • The high number of coils means no cold air rushes because the air inside does not create micro-currents – crucial for light sleepers and common with the majority of other models. In other words, the “calmer” the air inside, the cozier and warmer the bed feels.

Just as important as the features listed above is the consistency of its ratings. In other words, not much has changed in terms of quality for a very long time and that includes this month’s update.

In the February 2023 update, we put special emphasis on getting more data for the review and making it less about our opinion and more about the stats. As we move towards 2022, we feel more and more confident about our rating systems.

If you’ve been in the industry as long as we have, you’ll know that it’s another huge plus for the product. We’ve seen products go in and out of the top tier, but this is one of those that did not leave the list since it climbed there.

All quality ratings

  • 94%
    Air retention - 94%
  • 94%
    Comfort - 94%
  • 93%
    Durability & Longevity - 93%
  • 93%
    User satisfaction - 93%
  • 92%
    Value for $ - 92%

Testing stats

We sent the Sound Asleep Dream Series out to 17 be reviewed & tested. These are the results in terms of durability & longevity:

  • 16 out of 17 beds are still in use without seeing any structural damage
  • 1 bed developed an air leak and was patched using Coghlan’s Airstop 8800 vinyl patch kit (has not re-developed the leak so far)
  • 87.5 % of the testers who slept on the bed daily (7 out of 8 people) said that they are topping the bed of 2-3 times a week
  • Zero beds have become unusable by this update (11 months into testing)

What this means for you

Don’t dwell on the numbers above, they are just there for reference.

To put it simply, the results mean that if you choose this inflatable bed, you are getting a reliable bed built to last.

Percentage of user satisfied with the SoundAsleep Dream Series

What’s a user satisfaction rating?

To get to this number we pool the data from our testers with the data we collect from online retailers that carry the bed.

It is simply a % of people who rated the Dream Series with either 5 or 4 stars.

User satisfaction rate of the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress is 91%, which puts it in top 3 models in that category ratings.

unboxing of the dream series

PROs     &     CONs

  • Air retention – doesn’t leak or develop pinholes
  • Comfortable
  • Tougher material – multilayered 15 gauge PVC means longer lifespan and higher weight capacity
  • Thick water-resistant top – no cold air rushes
  • Sure-grip bottom – no sliding
  • Quiet pump – 20% less noisy
  • 1 Year Warranty on all defects
  • Best customer service – small family company
  • Only one color choice
  • Only Twin and Queen sizes available
  • Cord could be longer – it’s 51 ” long
  • Sound Asleep is not available in retailer stores like Target or Walmart
  • Only available in the US (not available in UK, Australia or anywhere oversear for that matter)

Is the Dream Series worth your buck?

Top pick in its price range

When we rate a bed with a 94/100 in the category of value for money, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

There are cheaper airbeds, but they are a whole level below in terms of quality.

The price could be described as “average”, while the value for $ is way above average. On the pages dedicated to other brands, we often mention this bed whenever there is a grievance or a substantial reliability issue with the products. We do our best not to be subjective, but our evidence does show a low number of on-arrival issues and those are the most frustrating.

You get a bed and have a weekend planned out only to realize that one of the main parts of that plan is not working. It can be infuriating, especially if guests are involved in the conundrum.

That’s why we go straight for this bed whenever somebody asks for a mid-price range reccomendation and it’s “more polished” big brother for longer use.

carry bag of the sound asleep dream series

Dream Series review – feature by feature

Now that we’ve taken a look at the ratings let’s move on to a  short analysis of each feature that makes this bed what it is.

Each SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress review we looked at and taken into consideration along with our testing and reports from our features testers tells the same story.

Again, the consistency of the high user satisfaction is what makes it one of our top picks overall.

But let’s take the time to see what makes it tick.

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Fact sheet:
  • Inner design – 40 air coils (Comfort Coils)
  • Internal high-capacity pump – inflation/deflation time under 4 minutes
  • Available sizes: Queen & Twin
  • Top surface – flocked and waterproof, height 19 “ (double-raised)
  • Dimensions of the Dream Series: Queen size – 78 x 58 “, Twin size – 73 x 38 “
  • Guarantee – 1-Year
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs for the twin and 600 for the queen
  • Color: Blue and beige

Comfort Coil air coils

The inner design of the SoundAsleep Dream Series is air coils, which has became the industyry standard in the past few years. Internal structure based on beams is cheaper for the companies to make, but coils are superior in pretty much every quality category.

These are the primary reason why it performs better than a vast majority of airbeds and sleeps like a regular mattress.

Top sleeping surface of the Dream Series
Raised at 19 inches, the top surface is flocked and waterproof. This adds to the overall feel of comfort.

Materials used
Multi-layer PV (15 Gauge) makes the SoundAsleep air mattress less prone to punctures and air leaks.

This makes it more durable and allows it to “live” longer.

EZ, high-capacity internal pump inflated and deflates the Dream Series in 4 min or less.

It’s also 20% less noisy compared to the main competitors.

Cord & storage bag
51 inches long and packs into an integrated that’s fitted at the side of the bed.

Storage bag comes included.

Sure-grip bottom
The materials used for the bottom prevent the bed from sliding.

This minimizes the chances of the bed developing pinholes.

Frequently asked question about the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress

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Where can I buy the Dream Series airbed?
None of the retailers like Target or Walmart carry the Dream Series.

At this time, SoundAsleep Dream Series is only available for purchase in the USA through Amazon. They don’t offer international shipping to UK or Australia, which what we get asked a lot. So if you live in the Australia or UK & want to get the Sound Asleep, you will have to go through a third-party shipping service like Shippito.

Can it be used daily?
The Company does not recommend l use of their product and does not cover it under the warranty terms.

So, no, it is not a choice if you are looking for the best air mattress for long-term, everyday (as a permanent bed).

Topping up the Dream Series?
The company is open about the fact that every air mattress calls for a bit of added air every few days.

They recommend adding a bit of air (top-up) for about 10 seconds when you sleep on it for 2 or more nights in a row.

Power options
The cord that comes with the Dream Series is designed for the US market. It works for standard US wall outlet (110V).

For the Sound Asleep to be used overseas, UK, Europe or Australia for example, you would need a power adapter. Without it, the 220/240V will damage the pump and render it useless.

You can contact SoundAsleep through email at support (at sign) or by calling them at (347) – 815 – 5995.

Customer service & company history
It’s a small family company, and it’s our experience that their customer service is second to none.

SoundAsleep was founded in 2013 are based in New Jersey and they are currently based in New Jersey. Warranty policy – 1-Year

Summary of the Dream Series review

Review updates & questions

We update the review every month or bi-monthly, depending on how much new data we have. We review and re-test the products once a year (we do make exceptions if we see any red lights or indicators of quality changes).

If you have specific questions, use the comment below, we are a small team but dedicated to our readers. We respond to emails and comments within one day.

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress with Internal High Capacity Pump & ComfortCoil Technology is one of our top 3 picks overall – among 100s of contenders.

The “stories” we got from user reviews & consumer reports of the Dream Series along with our featured reviewers paint the same picture – that of a reliable bed worth every dime.

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