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Hi, my name is Bob Ozment and you are now reading my best king size air mattress guide.

If I do my job right, we’ll choose you one that does two things:

  1. Comes in the size you want
  2. Is actually good in aspects beyond size (more on that in a minute)

Let’d get to it…

king size air mattress bamboo topper

Last updated – February 2023

Choosing the best King-size airbed in King size is a challenge – here’s why

The bad news

It’s been 6 years now since we started testing in this category and the first thing that comes to mind about the King air mattresses is this –  they’re scarce.

Not as scarce today as they use dto be a few short years ago but still scarce.

Just as a reference – of the 211 products we tested and reviewed, only 13 beds come in King size.

The good news

The good news is that some of the top brands started making the size, which made choosing a simpler.

In the guide below, you’ll see their ratings in 5 separate quality categories.

More importantly, you’ll see what makes them different and which might be right for you.

At any point, you can skip back to the top table by clicking the orange button.

King size air mattresses – Top 3

Best King Size air mattress overall – the Dream Series

This mattress wins out in many categories, including the 3rd top overall pick  and the top budget choise.

In the cases of some brands, thet drastic bump-up in the price is just because of the scarcity and not actual quality difference…we’ll avoid those today.

Today, the label of best King air mattress is what matters to us – with the focus on value for the buck spent.

What makes it the best Kig size air mattress?

Andy will explain the main fortes in the video below, which is followed by it’s current ratings in all quality categories.

fox plush air flow chambers
  • Air retention 93% 93%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Durability 93% 93%
  • User satisfaction 92% 92%
  • Value for money 92% 92%

Is it the best air mattress in King size for YOU?

If you’re a conservative buyer primarily interested in substance, the Dream Series will meet all of your needs.

It will also likely likely exceed the expectations of most people….espeiclally at this price range in mind.

Compared to the most good airbeds in King size, it’s the gentler on your home budget while being better in most aspects.

Bottom linetheere are better beds in the size, but they cost much more. Also, the the “parts” of them that are better are not a must, like a never-flat pump.


read more on Amazon here
plush high rise fox king sized blow up mattress

Ivation EZ – overall runner-up and best King size air mattress for camping

For the runner-up, I’m choosing something different – a bed that’s good for home but is hands down the best King-size for camping.

Again, the price played a role and the value is off the charts.

Beds that keep you off the ground and away from anything that crawls is just what the doctor ordered.

The problem is  – they rarely come in King size. Well, luckily for us, this one does.

king airbed with topper
  • Air retention 93% 93%
  • Comfort 90% 90%
  • Durability 94% 94%
  • User satisfaction 90% 90%
  • Value for money 91% 91%

Who it’s best for?

Those looking for a King size air mattress that does a great job for everyday sleep and home use, but turly shines in a tent.

To be clear – when I say “best for camping”, I mean driving to teh site and then setting up camp. This thing is heaver than your average airbed – comes in at just under 50 lbs.


read more on Amazon here

bamboo best choice king size airbed

King size air mattress by Coleman – 4-in-1 EasyStay

As you can see in the pictures, this is not a classic King air bed, but can be used as one because the two the separate Twins are designed to be attached/detached with a zipper.

If there is a product you can call an industry classic, this is it.

People who have experience with buying an air bed might also know it as the “Quickbed”.

coleman king easystay 4 in 1

Who will choose This Coleman King?

It’s the most budget-friendly and versatile solution among King air mattresses.

It’s also a versatile option because of the multiple setups.

It can be used both at home and for camping – as a King, 1 raised Twin or 2 low-rise Twins.

With all that in mind, it makes one great bang for your buck.

Our frequent readers will notice that there has been no significant change for a while now (no movement in the last 4 updates). The ratings did flucutuate a bit (no more than +/- 10% but we have seen no change in the list in terms of product list – no new arrivals to the top 4 and no change among them.

In-depth analysis of the top-rated King size air mattresses

fox king size airbed raised


The best ones come with a second valve (pinch-hole) so that you can use alternative inflation methods (like manual or battery-operated pumps).

However, the thicker vinyl makes it heavier, so you won’t be carrying this around in your backpack.

It does pack down compactly, since the pump is very efficient at letting all the air out, but it will take a significant space volume in your trunk.

Minimal bounce

To reach a stasis between toughness and comfort, the better brtands added what they call airflow chambers to the top.

These chambers stabilize and flatten the top surface while lowering the bouncy feel most airbeds have.

Another benefit of the feature is superior firmness of the edges, which is a common issue with lower-quality products. The importance of that is two-fold:

You can sit on the very edge without the bed breaking-in. More importantly – it allows you to effectively use the full surface when sleeping

The hands-free pump

The pump is what’s known in the industry as a two-way, which means that the inflation and deflation come down to simply switching between the two positions of the knob.

The one downside we’d mention here is the absence of the auto shut-off feature. This is a safety precaution included in some pumps to automatically turn them off once the bed is fully deflated.

Not a deal breaker

The safety of the auto shut-off is more important in products made of thinner vinyl because over-inflation can cause an inner chamber to pop or seem to separate.

We have seen none of that with the beds we choose for this guide.

The first reason why we don’t see this as a deal-breaker is the fact that the materials are enough not to give in under that sort of pressure.

Secondly (probably more important), the pump of the Fox Plush doesn’t automatically shut off but it does stop adding air when you reach full inflation.

The versatility of the second valve

The primary pump is intended for home use and, as we mentioned above, the secondary valve can be used with a manual or leg pump.

It does include an air release switch that you simply open to fully deflate the bed if you don’t have access to power.

The importance of being true to size

The issue of size with inflatable beds is a long-standing.

The problem here is that some of the brands don’t list dimensions of the actual sleeping surface, but the size of the outer points of the bed.

This might not sound like a big deal but it can be with some products with curved sides.

The more blatant example of the issue will be a company simply listing misleading dimensions.

That’s why we have special respect for the ones taht get it right.

Over the years in the industry, we’ve seen it all and we stand behind our words when we say that trustworthy sellers are few, especially when it comes to accurately describing products.

For a person getting, let’s say, a Queen-size this might not be so much of an issue and the few inches are not a deal-breaker.

However if you want to get yourself a good King air bed, the last you want is being misled and not getting the size you expect – size does matter.

Fitting the sheets

If you take a look at the pictures you’ll see three levels or side-rims.

Your choice of sheets will depend on how firm of a grip you’re aiming for. Standard King-size sheets will grab onto the first side “rib”.

What we’ve seen with that set up is that most standard sheets will have some “leftover space” and they might move, fold or bundle-up underneath you.

The ideal solution here is to get customized bottom sheets for the size – these will cover the whole surface and the elastic band will be tucked underneath the mattress.

We are stressing the words “customized” because we haven’t found bottom sheets in a size that will accommodate the height of this bed. Even the thickest regular mattresses are not as high, which means that the sheets will not be deep enough.

Warranty policy

Look for warranty terms that cover a range of stuff – from the developing air leaks to potential malfunctions of the pump.

The difference in comfort

The airflow chambers on the top resemble the comfort of an egg-crate pad. They’re just plush enough for your shoulders and hips to slightly sink in and your spine to align.

On the other hand, the robust construction is sturdy enough to avoid sinking into the body of the mattress and creating a curve that would pressure your spine.

FAQs about the best King air mattresses

Is there a way to replace the pump?

Since it’s built-in, there is no way to replace it. The good news here is that the incidence of pump failure within the warranty period is very low (according to our statistics – under 2%).

Controlling the firmness

Since there are no firmness pre-sets, you can choose the firmness that works for you simply by turning the pump on and off until it feels just right.

Getting in and out of the bed

One of the most common complaints about airbeds is the structure not being sturdy enough to easily get in and out.

This is non-issue with the better beds because the thicker material makes it stiffer and the bed is higher than most inflatables.

Battery-operated pump as an option

If you can find a battery-operated pump with a nozzle that that fits (or can be rigged to fit) the pinch-hole valve, you can make it work.


If your concern is storage (which it might be for campers), it’s relevant to mention that we measured this mattress to be approximately 3×3 inches big when folded into a cube.

For pet owners

A while back we compiled the guide on inflatable beds that would be solid choices for pet owners and can take the abuse of the claws.

However, the fact that cats and dogs are not friends of vinyl still stands and it’s probably wise to protect your mattress with a topper and/or side skirt, especially if you’re a dog owner.

Current and power specifics

The pump is designed to be used with 110 V current (60 Hz frequency), which is the standard power of a US outlet.

If you want to use it abroad, you’ll need a power adapter or inverter.

Do bear in mind the specifics printed on the pump when choosing an adapter, because you can go wrong and pair it with an inverter that’s not “strong” enough.

This might damage the circuitry of the motor if it overheats.

Stay close if you’re using an inverter

In this scenario, make sure to stay close and follow what’s happening. If inflation gets too slow, it might be a sign that you’re over-burdening the motor.

If the pump starts warming up, it’s smart to shut it off and revisit the specs of the inverter.

Remotes and corded wands

Some of the questions that we’ve received mention remotes and wands, so let us take a moment to clarify that.

These particular models do not include any type of remote or a wand, the motor the pump is built-in and the cord it is fixed.

Most likely source of confusion here is that some of the Kig sizes do do come with a wand but. That feature sky-rockets the price and it’s not worth it in my humble opinion.

[Discontinued] – Raised King size air bed with Bamboo Topper

This bed is here as an honorary mention because we’re still hoping it comes back. It does seem that it’s permamnetntly discontinued but we’re keeping it listed in this update of the guide.

We searched everywehere – amazon

There are two main reasons for that:

1 – Hope – it might come back

2 – Education – the explanation on what’s god about it gives you insight into other models

We mentioned it briefly, but let’s get into a more detailed analysis of this mattress.

The company behind it

It’s safe to say that the company making this bed employs some of the most experienced people in the industry.

They have been running the website for decades but, up to 2015, they didn’t have a product of their own and only sold other brands.

As soon as we heard that they’re designing a bed, we knew that we’re going to see something special.

We were right.

Pretty much every aspect of this inflatable is unique, from the Virgin vinyl strengthened by nylon to the topper.

What it does for people with back pain

If 10 people with back pain ask us about whether an inflatable bed is a good idea for them, we would say “no” to 9.

The one exception would be the person asking about this King air mattress.

If you have any back pain issues, firmness of your mattress is crucial and this is the firmest inflatable we know.


The terms of the warranty used to be great.

When we say that we‘re not referring to the 1 year coverage of defects (like air leaks or pump malfunctions) because you can see those with other brands.

But it’s very rare to see a “satisfaction-guarantee” coverage.

This means that you can try this king size air bed out for 60 days and return it even if there are no defects and you simply feel it’s not right for you. The company even pays for the shipping of the returns. In terms of warranty, that’s pretty much as good as it gets.

Materials volatility, off-gassing and odor

The nylon encasing of the vinyl is primarily there to increase the durability, but that’s not to what the story ends.

The secondary advantage of the atypical material is the lower volatility.

To put it simply – according to our stats the % of people who reported an initial odor coming from this mattress is lower compared to similar models made of regular of vinyl.

Better air retention

As opposed to what most people think, pinholes and punctures are not the most frequent sources of air leaks.

It’s the leaking that comes from split seams and connections, especially around the pump.

The physics behind it goes back to the very nature of vinyl as a material.

It’s malleable and stretchy, which is why it’s the most commonly used “fabric” in the airbed industry.

The downside is that the stretching under pressure pulls the seams and can separate them.

That’s why inflatables made of thicker or sturdier vinyl are less prone to mysterious air-loss, even when there is no obvious pinhole.

A creative approach

Most brands address the issue of strengthening the vinyl by making it thicker or adding more plasticizers.

With this King air bed, the approach to lowering the number of air leaks is different.

It’s based on combining non-recycled PVC with nylon – the result is a unique material that doesn’t stretch as much.

FAQs about this King size air bed

Should you be using sheets with the topper?

The topper is made for this specific product and fits just right, so sheets are not a must.

What’s important to stress here is that the bamboo-fibers can be washed in the machine and still retain shape and loft.

To maximize its lifespan, choose the cold to mild temperature setting on your machine & a gentle cycle.

If you prefer to use it without a topper, standard King-size sheets will be a good fit.

Does it slide or move?

If you place it on the smooth surface like polished hardwood floor, it might be a good idea to use an area rug. This will prevent movement and sliding.

Deflation time

The pump is a two-way and can deflate the King air bed in 4-5 minutes. For smaller versions it takes even less.

Is it safe to raise it on a platform?

Platforms are a risk and can puncture the fabric.

If you want to raise it, it is possible, but we would advise using some sort of protection between the platform and body of the mattress (like a layer of plywood and canvas fabric).

Using heated or cooling pads

If you’re sleeping in an especially cold or warm room, you might have the option to pair this King air mattress with a cooling or heated pad.

It’s smart to use a layer of protection between the pad and the mattress (like a blanket or cover), especially for heating.

Specifics of the motor (pump)

The pump is meant to be used with a standard US outlet with the voltage of 110 V and the current of 15 Amps.

We’re only providing this information for people who are considering using the mattress with an alternative outlet (abroad or car) because the power specifics should determine the choice of the converter/inverter.

Storage dimensions

Deflated and packed into a carry bag (that comes included) it’s similar to the size of a medium sleeping bag (rolled).

Coleman EasyStay King size air mattress

unboxing of the coleman easystay

There are a few features developed by Coleman that deserve a more in-depth analysis and explanation because they are specific and trademarked by the brand.

Retention of air

Coleman is one of the few brands the factory tests each unit that goes out from their facilities to make sure it’s leak-free.

This has a direct impact to lowering “on-arrival” issues.

The valve is dual-sealed

The dual-sealed valve of this Coleman is trademarked as DoubleLock.

“Dual” means that one seal of the valve is your classic barrier that keeps the air in and the other prevents any air loss that can come in those brief moments when you detach the pump.

Support level

The support system that comes with this King air bed is the same that Coleman uses in their more expensive products.

The trademarked name for the support is ComfortStrong coils.

What you typically see in this price range are designs based on beams and this Coleman is one of the few exceptions to that rule.


Even the packing system is trademarked (Wrap ‘N’ Roll). Below is a brief explanation of how it works.

Typically, to pack a camping airbed, you roll/fold it or then place it into a carry bag or backpack. This usually requires an extra set of hands.

What’s different about this Coleman is that the bag is attached to the sides and as you fold and roll it you simply wrap the other and of the bag around and tighten the drawstrings on the sides.

Is the pump included?

No, the pump for this Coleman is sold separately. The good news is that the brand makes a wide range of both electric and battery-operated pumps with standardized nozzles to work with all their products.

Weight capacity

The maximum weight for this Coleman can be a bit confusing, so let’s take a moment here to clarify it.

One Twin supports up to 300 pounds, which means that if you set it up as a King size air mattress it can accommodate up to 600 LBS.

Summary, conclusions and updates

As per our regular schedule, each of our guides is updated ever 3-4 month basis to ensure that the information is relevant and up-to-date.

We might deviate from that schedule if we notice any changes in user satisfaction with a specific product and decide to revisit its ratings.

Finally, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the aforementioned King air mattresses (or any other for that matter).

You can either email us or share your thoughts and dilemmas in the comment section below – you’ll hear from us within 24 hours.

Stay smart & choose wisely,

The Sleep Studies Team


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