Cat-proof Air Mattresses – Choose One or Protect the One You Own

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If you are a fellow cat owner, you know that their claws can cause damage to almost any surface, but with air mattresses, they cut through the vinyl like a hot knife through butter.

Below is a complete guide on what we can do about it

We’ll be going over the options of cat-proofing the air mattress you already own or choosing a cat-proof one to begin with.

dog and cat-proof air mattress illustration

Choosing a cat-proof air mattress – out tips and top picks

  • Look for a bed that’s made of thicker materials and designed to withstand this kind of “abuse.”
  • Make sure the top is protected – in a vast majority of cases, the cat punctures the bed the moment they try to jump on it. That’s why getting an airbed with some kind of top (pillow top of memory foam top) is what makes the most difference for cat-owners.
  • If you are looking for a camping model that would be resistant to cat claws, chose an inflatable that’s not made of vinyl (PVC) but TPU fabric

These are the Top 3 cat-proof air mattresses:

& capacity
Overall rating
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best choice airbed

Sky Blue with a
bamboo topper

19 "

600 lbs

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fox airbed with memory foam topper

Fox Premium with
a memory foam topper

19 "

750 lbs

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Simply Sleeper ss 58rf

SS-58RF by
Simply Sleeper

19 "

600 lbs

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cat on deflated air mattress

What makes the Sky Blue resistant to cats?

The official name of the Sky Blue is “Best Choice”. If you’re frowning right now and thinking it’s a marketing trick let us say that we don’t like the name either, because it’s confusing for our readers.

But name aside, this is one of the toughest air bed on the market and, along with the Fox Premium, the only model we can call cat-proof and stand behind our words.

It’s not only the top dog (pun intended) in this category, but the second best air mattress overall, second only to the Cloud 9, which really doesn’t stand a chance against claws.

Here’s what makes it better:
  • It’ not regular vinyl – it’s made of plastic-laminated, multi-layered PVC, which not only makes it resistant to claws but other sharp edges around your house, too. It also makes this bed more firm and stable and a good choice for people with back pain problems.
  • It comes with a hypoallergenic bamboo-based topper that’s easier to clean from hair than memory foam – cat-owners will know what we’re talking about.
  • It’s  covered by a 1-Year warranty, so even if somehow your cat does get to it (which can happen if you’re using it without the topper) you can always replace it.
image of the top pick among cta-proof air mattresses - blue bamboo with topper
air mattress with topper
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What makes the Fox Airbed catproof?

  • The material used to make Fox airbeds is almost 50% thicker than the industry standard (0.6 vs. 0.4 mm). In these terms, Fox is THE ONLY company that uses this kind of tough, cat-claw-resistant vinyl.
  • Combine the thicker PVC with the fact that Fox Premium sports a memory foam topper (image below) specifically designed to cover the whole top surface and you got yourself a truly claw-resistant bed
fox airbed premium
fox airbed premium
Bonus tip

For complete proofing combine the bed with a side skirt. We recommend the Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt.

The added cost is about the cost of one McDonald’s meal and adds an extra layer of protection.

You can see what owners are saying about this Fox by following the link below.

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3rd top pick among cat-claw-resistant airbeds – the Simply Sleeper SS-58RF

We are listing this bed to offer a more budget-friendly solution. However, the basic model doesn’t include any type of protection for the top.

What would make the SS-58RF completely protected from cat claws is adding some kind of topper is simply using a blanket over it.

  • Similarly to the Bamboo, material used to make the Simply Sleeper SS-58RF is not just any ole’ vinyl – its triple-layered, stretch and water-resistant vinyl with a fabric finish
  • The finish makes all the difference – the last of the three layers doesn’t feel like vinyl but more like synthetic fabric (think backpacks), so the cat claws can’t rip into it liked they would into a smooth surface of regular vinyl.

Simply Globo made this model more cat-resistant by “accident”

The SS-58Rf prides itself in being water resistant and that’s the feature it is designed around.

We don’t believe they were thinking about cats when making it but luckily for us; to make it water resistant they had to “wrap” it in an extra layer of fabric. That added layer happens be to be much less prone to damage from small sharp objects.

ss58rf airbed by Simply Sleeper

Bottom line

It doesn’t matter if they wanted to make the air bed cat proof, we’ll take whatever we can get.

Food for thought – The SS-58RF does not have any added protection for the top or the sides. You will need a pad to protect the top, we recommend to combine it with a pad and skirt for complete cat-proofing. You can see the our picks among best mattress toppers and pads here.

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Cat-proofing an airbed you already own

To cat-proof your existing bed, you’ll simply have to protect the top by getting a topper or pad, and the sides by getting a mattress “skirt”.

Below are our recommendations, depending on how high the models are.

If your bed is up to 10 inches high

Our recommendation here is the Hanna Kay, Clyne collection. It’s by far the top-rated pad in user reviews and, compared to the competition, the price is a steal.

  • The warranty is a hard-to-understand 10 years, nothing quite like it in the industry.
  • Machine washable – so, if you do combine this pad with pretty much any inflatable bed, chances are you’ll end up pad-mattress combo that’s just as resistant to claws as the airbeds we listed above.
  • Remember, this pad is only an option if your inflatable mattress is up to 10 inches thick and Queen size.

If this is your situation, our recommendation

is the Hanna Kay Clyne collection pad.

At the current price, it’s a steal.

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Cat-proofing a bed higher than 10 inches

In this scenario, you’ll need a fitted pad and an elastic bed skirt.

Our recommended pad/skirt combo here is the Elastic Bed Wrap Ruffle Bed Skirt + the mentioned Hanna Kay pad.

If you don’t already own an airbed, combine the two with an inexpensive model that’s still well-made like the Intex Comfort Durabeam.

In conclusion

We believe that we’ve covered everything you need to know to get an inflatable bed that will stand its ground against a cat, whether you are just getting one or you own an airbed and want to protect it from those cute, yet razor sharp, claws.

If you have any additional questions, just drop us a line in the comments, we’ll respond within a day and do our best to help.

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