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If you’re in the market for a plush Vellux blanket, your search ends here.

The quality analysis you’re about to see is fruit of over 6, 000 work hours.

It took us about 7 months to put this guide together – we interviewed material technology engineers and analyzed over 3,000 user experiences.

We also made an effort to include different types and sizes (from the Original Vellux to the premium plush designs in all sizes – Twin, Queen and King).

In terms of ratings, this month’s update brings no significant change.

vellux blanket plush lux in king size

Last updated: January 2024

 Are Velux blankets good for sleeping?

Vellux blankets are light but offer good insulation and keep you nice and cozy. If that’s your thing, they will be good for sleep.

If you’re a restless sleeper, the solution might be extra weight to calm you down. If this describes you, you might wanna see our picks of extra big and heavy weighted blankets that can go up to 50-pounds.

Vellux Original blanket

This is the blanket that most people have in mind when they mention Vellux. It’s the staple product from the company and by far the most popular.

The most likely reason for that is the balance between price and quality.

The company advertises this blanket as “America’s most trusted.”

While we’re not sure about the statistics they used to make the claim, it definitely seems to have a solid backing in user satisfaction numbers we’ve seen in our analysis.

Available colors: 9

vellux original blanket


Bottom line

Current user satisfaction rating of the Vellux Original blanket is 92%.

This means that 9 out of 10 people who get it found it to be worth the money.

The shape retention, durability and longevity put it in the top 5% of all blankets we reviewed (respectively rated at 92, 93 and 90 out of 100).

You can see what owners are saying about the Original Vellux below.

Vellux Lux blanket
heaviest & currently rated highest by owners

The Plush Lux is the heaviest product on the list. The Queen size weighs 5.2 pounds.

The added weight comes from the extra loft filled with premium poly fibers.

The important part is that the velvet-like finish is not compromised by the extra weight.

Available colors: 4

vellux lux king size blanket


Who will choose the Lux?

The Vellux Plush Lux is currently the highest-rated product on the list (by the users) – 95/100, in spite of the fact that the cost a bit more than the standard Plush or the Original.

We have been reviewing sleep products for more than a decade now, and we’ve only seen user satisfaction this high in a handful of them.

Vellux Plush blanket

The runner-up in popularity among users is the Vellux Plush.

The difference between the Plush and the Original comes down to the weight and loft. The Plush is a bit heavier per square inch and extra cozy.

The density is a bit higher – 330 GSM (grams per square meter). This makes it about 50% heavier than the Original.

Available colors: 8

vellux plush blanket twin purple


Who will choose it?

The answer to that is in the analysis above – it will be the choice of people who prefer the safe and calming feel of a heavy weight blanket.

The difference in all other quality aspects, including price, is nothing to write home about. It costs a peg more, but we don’t see the slight difference being an influence to a purchase decision.

The user satisfaction is practically the same as that of the Original.

Vellux Fleece Micro – the lightest

The only Vellux on the list labeled as “lightweight” is the Micro Fleece.

It weighs 2 pounds (full/queen size), which is slightly lighter than the Original and about 60% lighter than the Plush.

Both sides are brushed, making it extra soft and resistant to pilling.

Available colors: 10

vellux fleece blanket queen


Vellux Sheared Mink

In terms of weight, this blanket is somewhere between the Plush and the Plush Lux.

The Queen weighs 4.35 pounds and the King size weighs 5.25 lbs.

To density (GSM) is also somewhere in-between – 378 grams per square meter.

Available colors: 4

vellux queen blanket sheared mink


Who will choose the Mink?

The user satisfaction numbers of Sheared Mink are second only to the Plush Lux (95 vs. 96 %).

Size per size, the price point is slightly lower than the Lux.

Reference info

What is it made of?

Vellux is made of polyurethane.

In the manufacturing process, two layers of polyurethane are reinforced with webbing layer or scrim bonded between them. After that, an adhesive is added, which gives the base color of the blanket & nylon fibers, that are passed trough the electrostatic field, are added to the adhesive.

The electrostatic field binds the fibers. This is the reason why these blankets are so soft and feel natural in spite of the fact that they are synthetic.

Featuring a 1 inch two needle self hem way of sewing, these blankets do not come in bound or stitched alternatives.

The best thing about these blankets is their durability. They can be machined washed many times, and there will be no shrinking, pilling or any other problem, that we often have with blankets made from other fabrics.

To put it simply – it’s a budget solution that, if chosen right will give you all the benefits and “feel” of much more epensive materials.

Recently, we’ve been receiving some questions about the sizing, especially about the Queen and King size. The questions are about the blankets being true to size and if they are too large whether they’d need to be helmed if cut. The answer to that would be that the vast majority is true to size and if you do make any changes, yes, you’d need to trim and helm the edges. Otherwise, the fibers won’t hold, and they’ll to drop off.

It is a common sense thing, but we received the question one too many times to ignore it.

Vellux Original blanket – frequently asked questions

There was a problem with chemical smell when you first open the blanket? What to do about it?

Machine washing and airing it out should remove any odor your blanket may have. They also become even softer after wash.

Will this blanket be enough to keep you warm in below zero temperatures?

This usually depends on the heating in your house. My wife is always cold, so she uses another cover on top of the blanket.

Is this blanket dust mite proof?

Yes. As we said, the these blankets are hypoallergenic, there for it’s perfect if you have allergies.

Does this blanket fit the king size bed?

The one in king size does and all the products we listed are available in the size.

Can I use this blanket through all seasons?

Yes, absolutely, you can use it all year long. It’s warm, but really light weighted, so using it in the spring won’t keep you over heated.

Is this blanket water-resistant?

No. Fabric is not treated for water resistance.

Where is it made?

It’s imported (outsourced to China). This is not a negative per se.

Over the past decade we’ve been monitoring the manufacturing practices of different companies, especially the outsourcing facilities and quality control. We know the facilities the company uses and we don’t have any negatives to report about the manufacturing.

Although user opinion on the topic vary, as long as there is no decline in quality, we don’t see it as an issue.


You should try to stitch it together using a needle and a matching thread. If that doesn’t help, take it to the tailor’s.

Would this blanket work as a rug, if I include a rug pad underneath it?

We’d definitely say “no”.

Is there a possibility for the blanket to be “destroyed” in the washing machine?

They are made to be machine washed. Although, there is a possibility that something might happen to it, but that has more to do with a washing machine. If you have a machine that tends to make some problems, try using a laundry bag. Just put a blanket in it and wash it that way.

Vellux blankets in King size

Since we first published the guide, one of the most common questions we’ve been receiving is about the size available – especially the King.

The short answer is that all the products that we listed are available in three sizes: Twin, Full /Queen and King.

Vellux blanket on Amazon

Another common question is where to get to the listed products and be sure that you’re getting the real deal.

Most major online retailers (like Amazon) and store chains like Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Kohl’s etc carry the whole Vellux line. The warranty terms might differ depending on where you’re getting it from.

Ask us anything

If you still have question or feel like there’s information we haven’t covered in the guide above, feel free to ask us anything that pops to mind. To do it, either use the comment section or email us directly.

You’ll hear back from us within a day.

The Sleep Studies Team


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