Duvet cover for a weighted blanket – Our picks for 2024

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Today we’ll be looking into a very specific topic – choosing a duvet cover for a weighted blanket.

We’ll list our picks and look into everything you need to know to choose right – from the general quality of the covers available on the market (materials, safety, sewing, durability) to the more intricate facets like tactile comfort.

To make the choices you’ll see below we went through 25 products and analyzed owner experiences and satisfaction with the products from the few independent sources.

Long story short – by the end of this guide, you should have a clear picture of what to look for depending on your material preference and what size you’re looking for.

duvet cover for weighted blanket

Duvet cover for weighted blankets

Our top 5 picks (2024 update)


Basic info

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home smart duvet cover for weighted blanket gray 60x80 inches

Home Smart

– all season

– machine-washable

– size choices: 1 (60×80″)

– color/material choices: 7

hug bud tactile cover for weighted blankets

Hug Bud

– surface: soft tactile bumps

– machine-washable

– size choices: 1 (48 x 72 “, twin)

– color/material choices: 1

removable cover gray 48x78 inches


– surface: cotton

– machine-washable

– size choices: 2 (48 x 78 “, 60 x 80 “)

– color/material choices: 6

density comfort mint weighted blanket cover


– surface: bamboo

– machine-washable

– size choices: 2 (48 x 72 “, 60 x 80 “)

– color/material choices: 6

ynm 60x80 inches duvet cover for weighted blankets blue

YnM Cooling

– surface: bamboo

– machine-washable

– size choices: 5 (36×48 “, 41×60 “, 48×72″, 60×80″, 80×87”)

– color/material choices: 14

ynm 60x80 inches duvet cover for weighted blankets blue

Cute King

– surface: cotton

– machine-washable

– size choices: 1 – 80×87″

– color/material choices: 1

When we analyze products like this, we typically have more data to go on.

Since most blankets come with their own removable cover, they’re not as many separate products, and not all of them come in all sizes.

So we made an extra effort to diversify our recommendations with the sizing in mind.

For the sake of practicality (for those of you looking for a quick answer), we’ll list the product that we chose to be in our TOP 6 and explain shortly how and why these found their way to the top

In the second part of the guide (dedicated to the conservative buyers) we’ll dive into an in-depth analysis of what to look for.

Note: if you’re not loking for just the cover, a better read for you would be our guide on biggest and heaviest weighted blankets for adults.

You also might be interested in our guide on warmest blankets which you can see here.

Home Smart duvet cover for weighted blanket

We’re choosing this Home Smart product primarily because it’s a one-stop shop in the 60×80″ size, customer satisfaction and their warranty policy.

We want to stress the owner satisfaction here and explain one thing.

Clarity about the data

For most of the products we looked at, the covers and the blankets are listed on the same page and, at first glance, you wouldn’t know if the overall ratings you’re seeing apply to the cover only.

home smart cover folded

Why it matters

For us, this meant sifting through the data looking for the experiences pertaining solely to the cover.

In the case of this Home Smart, the product is listed as a standalone with most retailers, which means you can be sure that the owner satisfaction you’re seeing reflects the quality of the product.


What we mean by one-stop-shop is the fact that most of the covers we’ll look at have a unique texture. It’s either smooth two-sided polyester or padded or regular cotton, stitched velvet and tencel, with or without tactile bumps.

The Home Smart justified the name by offering an option for each of these types, meaning that whatever the kind of cover you’re looking for you are likely to find it among the Home Smart options.

Finally, the warranty policy is as clear as it gets and we have seen none of the “red lights” that can turn us away from a product.

If the warranty terms are unclear (read: there’s room for interpretation) or we see owners complaining about the customer service falling short, it’s a huge minus and possibly a deal-breaker.

We saw none of that with Home Smart. The wording is clear – they offer a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Through the years, we’ve analyzed 1000s of products in the industry, and this is as good as it gets.

If you already own a blanket, the option of getting the Home Smart in two materials (let’s say the bamboo for the summer and the padded velvet for the winter) seems like a get-and-forget option.

Hug Bud – 48 x 72” / Twin

The Hug Bud is one of the new arrivals to the market that we’ve been following because of the impressive owner satisfaction stats.

This type of duvet cover is what most people we’ll be looking for.

One side is soft and flat, while the other feature sensory bumps.

The bumps are substantial enough to offer some extra tactile calming and yet soft enough to be seamless.

home smart cover folded

Because of the extra padding, it can be used on its own. It is, however, specifically designed for the Hug Bud, which means that the ties that are supposed to secure it are distributed along the edges with the Hug Bud in mind.

There are 8 of these.

As we go along, you’ll notice a pattern – most of the blankets have the same number of ties and, again, most of them are on the corners and one in the middle of each side.

What this means for you is that if you get the sizing right, which is pretty straightforward, the cover can be easily attached and that’s a big plus.

Dream Com cotton cover for weighted blankets – 60×80″

If you are uncompromising when it comes to materials and you prefer the feel of cotton to anything else, then we’d recommend you give this one a look.

If you do visit their Amazon page (we’ll provide the link below), you’ll see that they do offer other options similar to some of the styles we’ve already seen.

But the one that caught our eye is the stylish zip-closure cotton in gray and light gray or the 4-piece set in blue (includes a sheet and two pillow shams).

The warranty terms are solid (30-day money-back and 12 months warranty).

home smart cover folded

For hot sleepers – Density Comfort and YNM

When we talked about the Home Smart, we mentioned that one of the reasons we choose it are the available choices that can cover different types of sleepers (hot or cold).

It also allows you to cover the whole year if you get two versions.

Now, for hot sleepers, you’ll want to go either with bamboo or regular cotton, with the latter approach being less active in cooling.

Let’s put Home Smart aside for a second.

There are products in the market that are specifically designed to be more breathable than others. These are typically referred to as “cooling.”

home smart cover folded

In this aspect, no material does a better job than bamboo.

In this category, we like two products. When we say like, we mean that the numbers are there for us to stand behind these two.


We’ve chosen two because of sizing issues. Our first pick, the DensityComfort only comes in two sizes: 48×72 “ and 60×80 ”.

The other comes from YNM and is available in 4 sizes: 36×48”, 41×60”, 48×72”, 60×80” (queen) and even the scarce 80×87”.

Don’te be confused by the terms

We’ve already gone over the fact that terms like queen or king size here are not universally applicable.

Among “regular blankets” and throws, say, king size would mean that it’s 108×90”. When that terminology is used here, it described what bed size the product is meant for.

To put it simply, you’re better of by looking at the precise dimensions than the descriptive terms.

So, let us get back to the two products we mentioned.

We tried to separate the wheat from the chaff here by only looking at the products that would be suitable for hot sleepers, and these two stood out, primarily in terms of how satisfied the owners are.

We dug deeper and found that these two have a lower 5 of customer reporting problems like durability issues, shrinking, not being true to size of being damaged on arrival.

The main difference between the two is that YnM has more of silky quality to it.

You can see all the comments owners had about these two by following the links under the images.

80×87 size category – Cute King

In the 80×87 inches size, the choices are scarce, and we had to do do some extra work and bend some of our statistics rules to find at least one more product (apart from the YnM above) that’s available in 80×87 size.

The one that made it to our list of Top 6 comes from Cute King. It’s 100% cotton and (as per the company) works with any weight.

It’s likely to be a good fit because the attachments are standard (8 ties). It features a generarously-sized zipper and, like all cotoon options, it is machine-washable.

We have to stress that we didn’t have as much data here as in the other sizing categories. This one was closest – biggest data volume to feed into our statistics and has “matured” enough so that we can trust the data.

home smart cover folded

Choosing a weighted blanket duvet cover – Q & A

In the following section, we’ll hopefully satisfy the more cautious – people who want to know more about how we choose the products on the list above and what should you look for if you don’t like any of these.

Sizing is paramount

One question that we kept seeing is:

Can I use my regular duvet cover?

The answer to that is yes. However, because of the extra weight, you might find it moving around or the weight shifting, which defeats the purpose. It’s smarter to get one that’s designed for this purpose alone and enjoy all the benefits.

Now, what do we mean by “designed”?

First of all, your regular cover is likely to be bigger than the blanket, and you’ll find yourself in a constant battle with extra material flapping around.

Even if you happen to hit the nail on the head with the size, there will be less movement, but it will move.

The reasons are the ties/snaps

Let’s get straight to the point – the optimal scenario is getting a cover that attaches at all the right places.

That probably sounds more difficult than it is.

The reason is the fact that (again, in most cases) the cover is attached to the inners using ties. In most sizes, there will be 8 of them, one on each corner and one in the middle of each side.

The two rules of thumb would be:

  • Make sure that the sizing is correct
  • Make sure that the same method of attaching is utilized both in the blanket and the cover

Alternative attachment methods

We are mentioning “method” because there are blankets out there that feature snaps or buttons and are meant to be used with a cover from the same company.

You can poke holes in the removable cover and do some sewing to make it all work, but why would you do that if you’re already spending money.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll like the product that you get to be what we call “get-and-forget.”

If you get the sizing right – the rest is mostly a matter of preference, provided of course that you don’t get a sub-par product.

Most common materials

Tencel, velvet, regular cotton, bamboo…there is a range of materials available and even the sythetic ones are often so soft that you can’t tell the difference. So, if you’re strict about what comes in contact with your skin, pay close attention to the label (of the fact sheet if you’re shopping online).

Most common sizes

Our picks are made with most common sizes in mind, which are: 60×80, 48×72 and 54×72 (in inches).

With the less popular sizes like 50×75, 48×78, 80×87, 41×60, 40×60 & 70×50, we tried to do the best we can to offer at least one product. It’s fair to mention that sizing versatility is one big plus for the YnM.

Why shopping online for a cover has its advantages

In a store like, say, Target, you can touch the product and see if you like how it feels against your skin, but there’s no way to know if the ties tend to fall off, how good is the stitching and how well it stands the test of time without changing.

The last one is crucial (at least it proved to be in our analysis), especially size-wise. You’ll want a cover that’s easy to maintain (machine wash and dry) and doesn’t shrink or bleed color.

Future updates

Our picks are updated bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on the market circumstances.

By that we mean the volume of new data we have to feed into our statistical model.

We keep up with the market to make sure that the information we’re providing here is up-to-date and reflects any potential quality changes of the products listed or the arrival of new duvet covers.

If you have any questions or just experiences you’d like to share, drop us a line in the comment section below, and you’ll hear from us within 48 hours.

If you have personal experiences to share, that qualifies you to be our contributor and gain entry into our annual giveaway of sleep products to the tune of $1000.

Stay smart and choose wisely,

The Sleep Studies Team


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