Best Air Mattress for Guests | Top 10 of January 2024 | [WireCutter data included]

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Hi, and welcome to our monthly update to the guide on best air mattresses for guests and everyday sleep, specifically those with with a built-in pump…the airbeds have the pump, not the guests…

Anyway, who am I to talk?

My name is Bob Ozment and I’ll be your insider for the day…to the industry of top inflatble beds.

And trust me, you really do need one.

With all the shady outsourcing practices and low-quality products flooding the market, the last three years have been especially baffling if you’re an average buyer looking to get a good inflatable bed.

We rated 118 air beds so far

Eighteen months ago, we set out to review over 100 airbeds and compile a list of products that are worth your buck.

The results you’ll see below are based on all of that data pooled together into concise ratings. Out of the 106 units, 70+ can be categorized as air mattress for guests.

Inflatable beds for everyday sleep are a whole different story…but we’ll get to that in a sec.

If it leaks, it’s worthless

In the short video below, Andy will explain how exactly to use this page to choose an air bed (and what to avoid at all cost).

Image of the currently best air mattress - soundasleep cloud nine

Last air mattress market update: January 2024

How to find exactly what you’re looking for

Take a moment to watch the video reviews of the air beds – these stress their PROs and CONs of each and should tell you all you need to chose right.

To do that, just click the red button in the table that says “See all quality ratings” to skip to the analysis of a specific product.

Best Air Mattress for Guests and Everyday Sleep – Top 10

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sound asleep cloud nine series queen
Cloud 9
by SoundAsleep


‣ Primary use: Home
‣ Available sizes: Queen
‣ Height: 19 "
‣ Weight: 25 lbs
‣ Capacity - 500 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


Click here to skip to video review and all ratings

SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen
Dream Series

‣ Primary use: Home
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 19 "
‣ Weight: 19.4 lbs
‣ Capacity - 500 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


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serta never flat pump pillow top blow up bed
Serta Never Flat
Pillow Top

‣ Use: home
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 18 "
‣ Weight: 20.5 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of the Serta Raised >

Best choice air mattress by airmattress com second best air mattress
Best Choice
Bamboo (discontinued)

‣ discontinued
‣ Use: home & outdoors
‣ Sizes available: 4
‣ Height: 18 "
‣ Weight : 26.9 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year

5 (provisional/temporary)

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fox plush high rise
Fox Plush
High Rise

‣ Use: home & outdoors
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 19 "
‣ Weight: 26.9 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of the Fox Plush >

SoundAsleep Camping SeriesSoundAsleep
Camping Series


‣ Use: camping
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 9 "
‣ Weight: 17 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of Camping Series >

read more on amazon
coleman supportrest double high

Coleman SupportRest
Double High

‣ Use: outdoors
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 18 "
‣ Weight: 6 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of this Coleman >

read more on amazon

LightSpeed Outdoors 2-person tpu

Outdoors TPU

‣ Use: outdoors
‣ Sizes: 79 x 55 "
‣ Height: 6.25 "
‣ Weight: 6 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of LightSpeed
Outdoors >

read more on amazon

coleman 4-in-1 quickbed

Coleman 4-in-1

‣ Use: outdoors
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 8 "
‣ Weight: 15 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of Coleman Quickbed >

read more on amazon
Coleman Airbed Cot Queen with side tables

Coleman Cot airbed
Folding Frame

‣ Use: outdoors
‣ Sizes available: 2
‣ Height: 22 "
‣ Weight: 20 lbs
‣ Capacity - 600 lbs
‣ Warranty - 1 Year


See our review
of Coleman Cot >

read more on amazon

Top air mattress picks by category – for guests, everyday sleep and outdoors

Last bet air mattress market update – January 2024

This month’s update brought some slight changes in the rankings, but it’s nothing to write home about – the blow up beds that were top-rated in previous updates continue to dominate in most quality categories.

Other news is that, in the winter months, we shift the ratings a bit to award the ability of the bed to keep the guests warm. Every test we’ve done on that usually involves a nice cozy blanket. If that sounds like something you might be interested for with your guest part, you can see the test results for the warmest blankets here.

Special attention to different types of guests

We’ve also made specific adjustments by guest type and looked to people who needed extra weight to be comfortable on their stay with you.

If the airbed and the cover isn’t enough – a weighted blanket might do the trick – you can see our tests results on heaviest and biggest weighted blankets here.

Significantly bigger data pool for the January 2024 update

We can confidently say that the amount of testing data we’re basing our rankings on is now second to none. We managed to ship out a significant number of products to field testers before the current crisis. The point here is that the ratings are still a “living” thing that changes to keep up with the market.

Most importantly, we took special care to identify any changes in quality of our picks. It’s a good thing when we don’t see disappointments there. It’s typically a sign of healthy market trends – solid new arrivals keeping the industry on their toes.

We also constantly add new categories to nmake the picks more granular – click the following link to see the latest addition to that portfolio our guide on the highest air mattress.

Best air mattress for guests overall (with built-in pump for home use)

Who will choose Cloud 9?

sound asleep cloud nine series airbed

Cloud Nine

by SoundAsleep is the best-rated air mattress for adults

  • Air retention 98% 98%
  • Comfort 98% 98%
  • Durability 96% 96%
  • User satisfaction 96% 96%
  • Value for money 97% 97%
  • Good for guests 94% 94%
  • Good for everyday sleep 93% 93%

* Most popular airbed for guests

– who’s the Dream Series for?

3rd top-rated blow up bed - dream series

Dream Series

  • Air retention 93% 93%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Durability 93% 93%
  • User satisfaction 92% 92%
  • Value for money 92% 92%
  • Good for guests 91% 91%
  • Good for everyday sleep 82% 82%

Bamboo Best Choice – good but discontinued

best choice airbed with bamboo cover
Bamboo Best Choice


  • Air retention 50% 50%
  • Comfort 50% 50%
  • Durability 50% 50%
  • User satisfaction 50% 50%
  • Value for money 50% 50%

The ratings here are provisional as we wait for the potential return of the bed.

We don’t like recommending stuff that you can’t find, yet we are not comfortable of getting rid of this entry – let’s wait for a while and se if it comes back.

How we test and rate the air beds?

Our featured testers include people from all walks of life, from housewifes to avid campers, from laymen to Material Technology Engineers – 44 of them.

This month’s update saw a few minor tweaks in the way we rate the products, primarily as a seasonal response. When we say “seasonal,” we are referring to the fact that this time of year typically brings a higher volume and frequency of new arrivals.

Specifically, we lowered the number of minimum reviews for a product (what we call a maturity index) to make sure we don’t miss anything new that hits the market.

What’s Overall Rating?

To get the Overall Rating, we pool the tester ratings with what we call “user satisfaction %”, which is based on the existing air mattress reviews.

Currently, we pool that data from 7 separate sources. We keep tweaking the ratings in each update to make them more reliable.

We firmly believe that each new update makes this guide better. It’s an ongoing process of adjusting to the quality standards.

Also, a couple of online source carry more gravity than most – like picks from Wirecutter, Consumer Reports , and Reddit.

Best-rated air mattress with built-in pump – a closer look

Cloud 9 by SoundAsleep
Top-rated among the airbeds with built-in pump (pressure controlled)

Three main reasons why it’s top-rated:
  • Because it doesn’t leak – the highest air retention scores
  • Because of the Dual Pump – it comes with two pumps, one inflates it and the secondary pump adds air if pressure drops
  • Because it sleeps like a regular bed – the Comfort Coil inner structure eliminates that bouncy quality most other models have

Main PROs

  • Comfortable for guests – Comfort Coil technology minimizes pressure points
  • Peace of mind for the host – lowest leak % of all the air beds tested for this guide
  • Smart Dual Pump – the secondary pump controls firmness through the night
  • Multilayered heavy gauge material  – much less prone to punctures
  • Doesn’t slide or move – bottom material “sure-grips” the floor
  • Full 1-Year Warranty

Main CONs

  • Relatively short cord – 51 inches
  • The Queen size is  in not actually  80×60 inches, it’s a peg smaller – approximately 78 x 59 “
  • Faint rubbery smell on arrival – air it out for 2-3 hours before use

Is Cloud Nine right for YOUR GUESTS?

The quality is there, no question about it.

However, choosing the right air bed FOR YOUR GUESTS is a different story.

In the full review ( blue link below) we go in-depth about various needs – the analysis should conclusive tell you if Cloud 9 is the best choice for you.

You can check its current price by following the red button.

sound asleep cloud nine series queen

Best air mattress for everyday sleep – Ivation EZ

No airbed manufacturer will ever recommend to use their air mattreses as a permanent bed.

So, neither can I…

This is what I can do – tell you my opinion on which would be the best if you chose to do so.


What’s the best and why

The best air mattress for everyday sleep is Ivation EZ because you get more than the support of air. Out of 14 people we interviewed about this, 11 chose the Ivation or some other EZ. Generally, the problem with sleeping on it everyday arises from the air saging inside.

So, you need an actual frame…it’s prettty much the same thing as a regular mattress…and I don’t recommend only memory foam.

The main benefits for everyday support

Think of the frame as the springs – it gives you that additional support that an huge lump of air just can’t.

There’s also less pressure build-up for the seams and less air leaking. And when it does happen, there’s the adaptive pump that maintains the pressure. It also might be useful insight into why the products we mentioned are a good choice.

Moreover, the automatic setup and packing case make it an excellent option for small homes that can’t spare a dedicated space for a permanent bed.

Tests and results

We tested it – I slept on it everyday for two weeks straight and have seen no issues with my back pain becoming worse. In fact, it might be placebo, but it kind of subsided.

I heard the pump adding air 3 times in two weeks, but I’m a light sleeper. Most people won’t be bothered by this thing. And if you are, remember that it’s teh built-in automatic pump makes it good for everyday sleep.

But, the database of first-hand experiences is just as important as personal testing. Below are ratings based on results from our tests and data from our base of interviews with first hand users.

Image of the best air mattress for everyday sleep - the Ivation EZ front view inflated

Ivation EZ

  • Air retention 94% 94%
  • Comfort 96% 96%
  • Durability 94% 94%
  • User satisfaction 91.5% 91.5%
  • Value for money 92% 92%
  • Good for guests 96% 96%
  • Good for everyday sleep 94% 94%
read more on Amazon here

Best Choice Bamboo air bed review


Made by industry veterans but now discontinued – here’s what to look at instead

This bed is now discontinued and we’re keeping it on the list hoping it will come back However, it does seem that it’s gone for good because we could’t find it anywhere…and we obviously know all the places to look.

There was so much fuss about this bed for the past few years that we actually waited for it to hit the market (a few years back) to be able to test it and include it in this guide. It did take them long to design it and start production, so it is a pity they’re not making it any more. It used to be one of our top picks in two major categories:

blue air mattress side profile
frontal shot of the bamboo pillow topper airbed

Bottom line

This firm, sturdy air bed was not for everybody, that’s for sure.

The problem – we think they’re not making it anymore.

Honorary mention – Fox Plush Elevated – digest review

If air beds were superheroes, Fox would be the Hulk.

Fox products are made using vinyl that’s about 40 % thicker than the industry standard (it’s 0.6 mm thick). However, the sheer thickness of the material is not what makes this Fox so tough.

Thick vinyl would be useless if the seams were “leaky”

We sent out 8 samples of seam strips (2 from each side of the bed, both top and bottom) for 3rd party tensile testing lab in Phoenix, and the results were just what we expected based on what our testers are telling us.

The seams are as tough as the material itself. You’ll see the complete results and comparison to other similar models in the full review below.

3rd top-rated - fox airbed elevated
Current rating

Main PROs

  • Thick, heavy-duty vinyl used to make it one of the most heavy duty & durable airbed on the market
  • Comfort – the extra layer of air-flow chambers at the top makes it comfortble and eliminates cold air rushes
  • Resistant to punctures – with 0.6 mm thick vinyl, chances of pinholes or punctures are very low
  • Cat-proof air mattress – the few Fox models available are THE choice if you have cats or dogs running around
  • Highest weight capacity available – it’s our pick for people on the heavier side (weight limit 750 lbs for the Queen)

Main CONs

  • Heavy – Queen size weighs 35.8 lbs
  • The height of 25 “ can be a problem getting on and down from it for senior and elderly people
  • Bulky – doesn’t pack as small as the moodels we talked about thus far

THE MAIN UPSIDE of this Fox is the thickest material and the highest weight capacity in the indystry. The durability and high weight capacity come at a “price” and that price is bulk and weight of the bed.

fox queen air-flow chambers

For easier navigation, the rest of the guide is divided into sections.

Click the button that best describes the air bed you’re looking for.


Reference info, other types & picks

Runner-up – second best air mattress for guests and guest rooms

Serta Raised Never Flat & Serta EZ

Why are two different air beds our picks for guests & guest rooms?

Because getting air bed for a weekend visit from your cousins from Connecticut is not the same as choosing an air bed for that guest room you want to be proud of.

top airbed for guests - serta raised never flat pump pillow top
For guests – easy to set up and move as you please

Our pick for guests is Serta Raised Pillow Top.

It’s an inflatable mattress that’s easy  set up and down, store, move and fit wherever you want.

The Never flat pump eliminates the risk of your guest waking up on the floor (more on never-flat pumps in a minute).

Runner-up airbed for everyday sleep

Serta EZ is the best blow up bed on the market in terms of looks and style. It looks like it belongs on the cover of Home & Garden magazine.

It’s the runner-up to Ivation because of the slightly lower testing numbers.

It also includes a Never Flat pump.

Recommended for guests
Serta Raised Never Flat

Your main concern when welcoming guests

If you are getting an air mattress for guests, your primary concern should be the “risk” of your guests waking up in a half-deflated air bed or even worse, on the ground.

The Never Flat Pump technology that’s included in the Serta Raised eliminates that risk.

What is a never-flat pump?

It features two pumps and one of them (the Never Flat ) stays plugged-in, tracks the pressure inside the chambers and adds air if the pressure drops.

This Serta also comes as a pillow-top version, which makes it more comfortable. It is THE choice for guests.

Recommended for guest rooms
Serta EZ bed

What is an EZ bed?

EZ beds are high-end products that come on self-deploying steel frame & legs.

Most of them also include the mentioned Never Flat Pump that doesn’t allow the bed to go soft. It’s equiped with sensors that trigger it if there’s change of pressure inside the bed.

Easy to set up and down

Setting them up and down is not only easy, since everything happens automatically, but is actually fun to watch.

As you plug the bed and the chambers start filling, the frame and legs unfold and lock into place, like a spider coming out of its egg…or like a bulb flower in the spring, whichever of the two you choose to see.

What about the frame & legs?

The folding frame of this air bed works just as smoothly and packs neatly into a convenient carry case with wheels.

Are EZ beds portable?

They are bulky but pack neatly into a wheeled suitcase that comes included. So, yes, in spite of the steel folding frame and legs, they are portable.

Special note

Make sure that the dimensions of your space and Serta EZ are a good fit. For complete sizing details and quality ratings see the review on the right.

serta ez bed packed carry case

Best air mattress for outdoor use

Compiling a well-rounded list of best airbeds for outdoors is not an easy task.

So, we’ll make an effort to present a few main types of air beds for outdoorsand our picks in those categories, but the decision about which type is a good fit for you comes down to your needs. It’s a cliche but it’s true.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing:
  • Do you need it for backpacking or other outdoor use?
  • Do you have access to power on the site?
  • Do you need a built-in, battery-operated or a rechargeable pump?
  • How big is your tent bed?
  • What is the type of your tent and how does that affect the profile height of the air bed that will fit?

To see the full list of Top 10 click below.

Top-rated outdoor air mattress among high-rises

If you want the comfort of a high-rise airbed, our reccomendations are the Coleman Cot with side tables and the Coleman Supporrest.

The later, Coleman SupportRest Double High is the official airbed of the National Park Foundation, which says a lot.

national park foundation stamp

Coleman Cot airbed with side tables & 4D Pump

Two main advantage of the Coleman Cot airbed is the elevated steel frame and it’s versatility.

The fact that it’s mounted on a steel frame means you’ll be sleeping well away from any pesky buzzard that might otherwise crawl up the sides of a regular bed.

On the other hand, the blow up mattress is not attached to the frame but to the fabric sleeve.

This is handy for a few reasons:
  • You can only pack the inflatable bed and leave the bulky frame at home
  • You can take the whole thing to the site but detach the blow up mattress, pack it into a backpack and go for an overnight hike
  • The Cot is sleeping surface itself, so you can separate the two on the site and get two sleeping surface. Each of these can accomodate 2 people and up to 600 lbs.
coleman airbed cot with frame outdoor use

Buyer beware – you’ll need to make sure that you have enough room in your trunk for the whole cot-airbed combo.

To see the full sizing details and how well it faired with the elements in real life situations, see the full review by following the link below.

Runner up – Coleman SupportRest Double High air mattress

Being the official air bed of the National Park Fooundation among 100s of inflatables is no small thing. The Coleman SupportRest is an industry classic and has been of of the best outdoors air mattresses for years.

It deserved the title by being better in pretty much every aspect that matters, from air retention and support to a stable and firm sleeping surface.

best high rise for the outdoors - coleman supportrest double high
Features that stand out:
  • No sinking to the middle of the bed – support and firmness ensured by what Coleman calls ComfortStrong inner coild construction
  • No air loss – Coleman’s proprietary AirTight System with a double-lock valve
  • Heavy duty material – multi-layered PVC is much less likely to be punctured and doesn’t stretch as much as regular PVC which puts less stress on the seams

Top outdoor pick among low-rises

Camping Series – best outdoor air mattress among low-rises

Compared to the Coleman models above, this is a “young” product.

It hit the market in the spring of 2015 but it wasn’t long before it became toprated in user reviews and had the highest % of user satisfaction.

Current rating 9.4 / 10, the highest among outdoor air beds

This bed one of the 3 entries from SA in our TOP 10, which is more than any other brand, including the industry giants.

Our testers tell a similar story. To see the full review and real-life experinces follow the link below.

SoundAsleep Camping Series battery operated
camping series queen twin inflatable bed


Below are our picks among two main types of sleeping pads. Click the button below the images to see how they were tested and what our camper testers had to share about them.

Open cell foam

Thearm-a-Rest BaseCamp

Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp self-inflatable pads

Picks for kids & toddlers

Best air mattress for kids and toddlers is one of the categories we had to get help for. We found it in the awesome community of Mom bloggers.

We sent out 12 airbeds for kids to 12 and moms and asked for their impressions.

The results are clear – by far the best blow up mattresss in the category is the Shrunks Tuckaire, with the Intex Kidz being the runner-up.

Shrunks airbed review

Two main reasons for that:
  • Safety – it’s rigorously tested and completely free of any harmful chemicals like BPAs or phthalates.
  • Design and versatility – other inflatable mattresses for kids are designed either for home use or travel and sleepovers, while the Shrunks covers all scenarios.
Fact sheet:
  • Inflated dimensions: 60 x 37 x 9 “
  • Age – 2+
  • Time of inflation/deflation – 30 seconds
  • Side rails keep the child safe
  • No harmful chemicals (Phthalate, BPA & Lead-free)
the shrunks tuckaire toddler travel bed with pump

Best inflatable bed reviews – by size

If you already have a size in mind, the process of choosing is simplified by a factor of 10.


Because the 2 best blow up mattresses cover all the sizes except single and twin. The Cloud Nine comes in Queen while  the Bamboo Choice comes in 4 sizes, starting from Twin Xl. Our pick in Twin size is the model that 4th in overall ratings – Dream Series by SoundAsleep.

See our reccomendations sorted by size below.

Our picks by sizes:

Bamboo Best Choice review

best choice bamboo cover best-in-twin xl full queen and king sizes
Fact sheet:
  • Extra sturdy support makes it a great choice for side-sleepers, heavy people and anybody with back pain issues
  • Materials: laminate-reinforced vinyl
  • Minimal air-leaks reported
  • Bamboo-based hypoallergenic topper
  • 1-year warranty

The story about this blow up bed always starts with the reinforced PVC, which makes it more durable, much less prone to air leaks and popping of internal seams.

Our choice in single size

Zaltana Navy Blue air bed review

This category of best blow up mattresses is dominated by Zaltana and their Navy Blue (otherwise known as Duke Blue) models.

The dimensions of both models are 73 x 29 x 7.5 inches.

zaltana navy blue best single air mattress
The two versions:

The difference between the two single models is that one comes with a battery-operated pump (4D cell), and the other comes without a pump

However, any standard hand or leg pump will work for both.

What’ better about these two single air beds is the fact that they feature a chambered inner designe which you don’t see often in this price range.

Best twin air mattress reviews

SoundAsleep Dream Series

According to reviews of our testers, the best twin air mattress is the Dream Series by SoundAsleep. Rated at 92.2/100, our pick in Twin size is the product that’s been by fast the most popular over the last few years.

Image of the best air mattress in twin size - SoundAsleep Dream Series
Dream Series vs. Cloud Nine

The difference between the Dream Series and Cloud Nine and (both coming from SoundAsleep) comes down to the pump and price.

The Cloud Nine includes a Dual Smart Pump, while the Dream Series comes with a regular built-in pump.

Oh, and yes, The Cloud Nine cost much more – almost 70% more to be precise.

After hitting the market in 2013, Dream Series took it by storm, blowing the competition away in the process.

It currently has over 14,500 user reviews (Twin and Queen combined) and a staggering 91% satisfaction rate in consumer reports.

Review of best Queen air mattress

SoundAsleep Cloud Nine

This inflatable mattress is currently highest -rated overall and it’s, naturally, our pick in Queen size.

Current gap between the Cloud Nine and the runner up is a hefty 0.4 and, looking at the reviews and test results, we don’t see that gap closing any time soon.

Current Rating

sound asleep cloud nine series queen
We already talked about the Cloud Nine and listed it’s main advantages and downsides.
To skip back the full analysis click the button below.

Air mattress size chart

Reference sizing info

Now that we’ve covered the highest-rated models in each size let’s go a bit deeper and provide some reference sizing info.

We’ll look into the dimensions and top-rated blow-up beds in each category.

We’ll also list the heights, pump type and weight limits of the beds.

air mattress size chart


Dimensions of inflatable beds in this size range are typically 73-75 x 38-39 inches, while the profile height ranges from 9 to 25 inches.

Our pick in the size is also one of the 3 top-rated blow-up mattressses overall.

To see the complete reviews & comparison of our Top 5 picks in the size click the link below.

Image of the best twin size air mattress - SoundAsleep Dream

5 top-rated inflatable mattresses in the size category

Dream Series
17 "
300 lbs
Serta Raised
18 "
300 lbs
Camping Series
9 "
300 lbs
Bamboo Topper
Best Choice
18 "
300 lbs
Fox Plush
19 "

Reccomended air mattresses in double size

Dimensions of a double size air bed are 75 x 54 inches , while the profile height is in the range of 8 to 25 inches.

The top-rated double-sized model is the Best Choice Sky Blue.

You can see complete review and the other Top 5 choices in the size by clicking the button below.

Image of the top-rated full size airbed - Best Choice by airmattress dot com

Best air mattresses in Full (Double) size are:

Bamboo Raised
19 "
600 lbs
Fox Plush
25 "
700 lbs
SS-58RF Full
18 "
600 lbs
Coleman QuickBed
Single High
8 "
600 lbs
Intex Comfort
Plush air mattress
13 "
not included
600 lbs

Top-rated in Queen

Dimensions of a Queen air bed are  60 x 80 inches, while the height ranges from 8 to 22 inches.

We adjusted the choices here to only include models in the range of up to $150.

You can see Top 5 picks in the size below – follow the link for complete reviews of the inflatable beds.

Image of the sound asleep queen blow-up bed - highest-rated model in queen size

5 best air mattresses in Queen size

Dream Series
17 "
600 lbs
Coleman Cot
19 "
600 lbs
Serta NeverFlat
22 "
600 lbs
Best Choice
Queen Bamboo
9 "
600 lbs
Intex Plush
22 "
600 lbs


Length and width of air beds in this size category are  80 x 76 inches and profile height ranges from 8.7 to 25 inches.

The choices here are scarce because there’s no significant market demand, but with diligent research you can still get your money’s worth.

You can see our top 5 pick in the size below and a full analysis of top 3 by folowing the red button link.

Image of the Aerobed King Elevated

5 top rated air mattresses in the size

Weight limit
Bamboo Topper
Raised air mattress
19 "
600 lbs
& Camping
Fox Raised
25 "
750 lbs
Fox Premium
memory foam
air mattress
25 "
750 lbs
14 "
600 lbs
Intex Classic
air mattress
8.7 "
600 lbs
& Camping

As you can see, not much has changed in the ratings in this month’s update. The only new arrival to the list comes from Aerobed.

Other sources we looked at – Wirecutter, Consumer Reports and Reddit

There are some sources in the industry that we value highly. In this update, we’ve included that as a standalone factor in the ratings.

Wirecutter air mattress

Wirecutter’s best air mattress at the time of the last update to this page is also one of our top value picks – the Dream Series.

That speaks towards the reliability of our rating systems.

The runner up air mattress on Wirecutter is the interesting part – they went with a good ol’ Coleman. We’ll have to dig deeper into that in the next update.

Here’a link to their analysis.

Consumer Reports air mattress

Consumer Reports’ air mattress picks are for their members only so we can’t disclose them here.

One thing is for sure – with all the great testing the good people over there are doing, it’s worthy resource…even when it means paying for a membership.

This is their dedicated page.

Best air mattress Reddit

Air mattress reddit picks is something we awlays have our eye on. And for a good reason – it’s the direct experiences of the owners.

Why the Reddit air mattress community is a great source

Furthermore, it’s often the people who had bad experiences withother models reach out to the Reddit air mattress community….if such a thing exists…you know, the people on the site that have experinbce with airbeds.

We even offer advice on the site when we feel we have something usefull to contribute.

Reddit’s verdict: most popular picks on the site are cheaper models like Intex or some of the popular ones – the mentioned Dream Series and the like.

Here’s one of the more recent threads.

Air bed height explained

Let’s address the “blurry” topic of profile height by looking at all the terms brands are using to describe the height of their models.

Eever since we first published this guide, we’ve been receiving questions about this. So, let us take a moment here and be as precise as we can about height and the way different brands describe it.

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Low profile

Low profile air bed is a general term used by most brands.

Profile height – 5-9 inches.

Single high – the term “single-high” is used by Coleman & Intex to describe some of their low profile models (like the Quickbed single-high).

A single high blow up bed is 5 to 6 inches high.

One more name used solely by Coleman.

There’s only a handful of “extra-high” inflatable beds.

The only one really worth mentioning here is the Coleman Quickbed Elite Extra High.

Its profile sits at 9.5 inches.

Raised  or high-rise

Like the low-rise, a raised airbed or a high-rise is a universally used term.

It’s where most beds we’ve been looking at belong. The profile height range can be anywhere from 18 to 25 inches and are generally much more comfortable.

Intex is using the term mid-rise for some of their models that are between a low and a high-rise.

If you see an airbed with the words mid-rise in the name it’s safe to assume the bed is 13-14 inches high.

Top-rated mid-rises from Intex:

  1. Durabeam Mid Rise
  2. Comfort Plush Mid Rise
  3. Deluxe Mid-Rise Pillow Rest

Again a term used by Coleman used to describe their models (like the Quickbed SupportRest Double-high).

A double-high air matress is within the height range of 17-19 inches which practically puts it in the category of high-rises.

Elevated – you’ll see the term “elevated” used by Intex for a few of their models.

Examples – Intex Elevated Durabeam we mentioned a few times or the Intex Foam top elevated air matress.

These beds belong to the category of raised airbeds, and their profile height range is 18-22 “. The extra height, as we mentioned, makes them more comfortable.

Air mattress weight limits

How much much weight can an air mattress hold?

Weight capacity of an inflatable bed depends on two factors – the size and whether it’s used by one or two people.

These are the weight limits of an air mattress:

Mattress size
Weight capacity
300 lbs
for 1 person
450 lbs
between 2 people
600 lbs
between 2 people

Other types of inflatable beds

Memory foam – superior comfort

Memory foam airbeds, like the Fox Premium, are our reccomendation if you are looking an airbed for everyday use.

These models includes a memory foam topper which is either attached with a zipper or comes separately. They are generally considered to be the most comfortable.

They are also a solid choice for heavy people and the best air mattress for side-sleepers or simply those looking for comfortable sleep.

Based on user reviews, the highest-quality product among memory foam inflatable mattresses if the Fox Premium Gel.

Pillow top air mattress

Image of coleman premium pillow top - runner up among beds for heavy people and side sleepers

A pillow top model comes with extra padding on the sleeping surface of the bed.

The quilted padding can be attached or removable (fitted or zipped). Along with memory foam, a pillow top is the best air bed for heavy people & side-sleepers.

Our 2 picks for the best pillow top air mattress category are the Serta Never Flat & the Coleman GuestRest. Follow the link bellow to see the full analysis of the two.

Air mattress with a headboard

This type of airbeds include a headboard that’s also inflatable.

They are a solid choice to be used as a permanent bed because it solves the “slipping-pillow” problem for restless sleepers.

Our choice is Aerobed air mattress with headboard – Opticomfort Queen.

aerobed opti-comfort queen air mattress with headboard

Luxury air mattress (adjustable)

Image of sleep number luxury adjustable airbed i8 split king

Adjustable beds ARE NOT air beds in the traditional sense of the word.

We’re talking Sleep Number & their competitors here – the most luxurious mattresses you can get with a price to match.

An adjustable air bed is a combination of extremely durable and practically impenetrable air chambers and layers of latex and memory foam – There is nothing quite like it for a good night’s sleep.

Sleeper sofas

Our choice – Legget & Platt Air Dream

Sleeper sofas usually come with an inflatable mattress core.

The whole system works until the blow up bed attached to the hide a bed sofa starts leaking air and needs to be replaced.

Luckily, there is one product that fits the bills perfectly – it’s the Air Dream by Legget & Platt.

It’s currently rated at 9.2 / 10.

Legget & Platt sleeper sofa airbed

Low air loss and alternating pressure

How do medical air mattresses work?

Low air loss and/or alternating pressure air mattress helps prevent or treat wound ulcers & bed sores that appear as a result of constant pressure.

How we researched

We talked to 8 caregivers (both from hospitals and geriatric institutions) about their experiences with low air loss and alternating pressure beds and overlays.

drive medical medaire low air-loss-alternating pressure air mattress

Recommended products

The most trusted brands among low air loss and alternating pressure mattresses and pads are: Drive Medical, Vive and Invacare. To decide which one is right for your situation, you can see top products compared in the full guide (link below).

Our picks for vehicles


Airbedz lite PPi air mattress for-truck-beds-and-tents with wheel well inserts

Air mattresses for pickup truck beds and truck tents are one of those custom-made types we mentioned.

The choices for pickups are limited, and our pick is the Airbedz Lite PPi.

The sizes it comes in fit most trucks beds – from Ford f150, Chevy to Dodge and more.

Jeep air mattress

These are custom-made to fit the back of JKUs (Jeep Wrangler Unlimited), Jeep Grand Cherokee & others.

These models for Jeep are very scarce, and the choice comes down to one product – Napier Sportz.

The Sportz Jeep by Napier fits the back of the vehicles perfectly, precisely hugging the wheel wells.

napier sportz blow up mattress for jeep wrangler

RV air mattress

Innomax ForeverAire rv sofa replacement

Replacement for a hide a bed RV sleeper-sofa – our pick.

This was probably the single most time-consuming category we researched.

It WAS NOT easy, and we had a lot of help from the good people from the RV community forums.

We did find one product that offers the highest quality if you are looking an RV air mattress replacement – Innomax ForeverAire (image on the left).

Car and travel (for SUVs & minivans)

The use of these is two-fold – as a travel inflatable mattress or for cars.

Among the few good products available, by far the top-rated is the WolfWill Mobile Cushion.

Primarily designed to fit almost all SUVs, it also fits the bill as a minivan air mattress.

Image of Wolfwill cushion travel SUV and minivan dedicated - green

Backseat air mattresses

winterial black backseat inflatable bed for suv and trucks

As you can see in the image, this backseat air mattress is custom-made to fill the space over the backseats of cars, trucks, SUVs & Minivans.

The highest-rated among backseat air beds, based on user reviews, is the Winterial Travel.

Seee the full review & sizing options by clicking the button below the image.

Who makes the best air mattress?

The industry is changing fast but, judging by the product ratings, the most trusted airbed companies today are: SoundAsleep, Aerobed, Coleman, Fox, Serta and Insta.

On the other hand, you have companies like Intex that are more oriented to being budget-friendly. You can see our top picks among Intex air mattresses here.

Better Business
Bureau Rating
Top Model
Warranty Type
Aerobed Classic
1-Year Limited
Coleman SupportRest
Double High
1-Year Limited
not listed
Dream Series
1-Year Full
Best Choice
1-Year Limited
Fox Airbeds
not listed
Fox Plush
90-day full,
1-Year Limited
Serta Raised
Never Flat
2-Year Full
not listed
Insta Never Flat
1-Year Limited
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Other brands
Below is a list of other brands worth mentioning grouped by primary intended use of their products – home use & outdoor use.

Home use
  1. Airtek
  2. Air Comfort
  3. Air Cloud
  4. Bestway
  5. Lazery Sleep air mattress
  6. SleepNumber
  7. Smart Air Beds
  8. Simply Sleeper
  9. Swiss Gear
  10. Swiss Lux
  11. Innomax
  12. Personal Comfort
  13. CSA SuperbAir
  14. Altimair
  15. The Shrunks
  16. Pure Comfort
  17. Comfort Boulevard
  18. Jilong
  19. Ivation
  20. Wondersleep

Best outdoor air mattress & sleeping pads brands
  1. Klymit
  2. Therm-A-Rest
  3. Browning
  4. Sea to Summit
  5. Sportz by Napier
  6. Stansport
  7. Texport
  8. East Majik
  9. Lightspeed Outdoors
  10. Naturehike
  11. Ozark Trail
  12. Pittman Outdoors
  13. Big Agnes
  14. Zaltana
  15. Airlite
  16. Kelty
  17. Amazon Basics
  18. OutdoorsmanLab
  19. Teton Sports
  20. Fox Outfitters

Top products by main brands

  1. Insta-bed raised air mattress with never flat pump
  2. Insta ez bed queen
  3. Insta air mattress bedding (6 piece)


Coleman has a long history making some of the best camping air mattresses out there. Below are a few of their top models.

  1. Coleman Queen airbed Cot with side tables and 4d battery pump (framed, also available in Twin)
  2. Supportrest Queen (Double High, Grand Lit abd Elite)
  3. Quickbed 4-in-1 Quickbed Elite (Double High)
  4. Premium Double High Pillow Top
  5. Coleman air mattress pumps (4 D Battery QuickPump)

  1. Opti-Comfort Anywhere with headboard (double high)
  2. Classic
  3. Luxury collection queen pillow top (available at Costco, Walmart, Target and Amazon)
  4. Extra Raised with built-in pump (Double High)
  5. One Touch Comfort
  6. Pakmat
  7. Quilted with Memory Foam Topper

  1. Serta raised with never flat pump (twin, queen, pillow top or with headboard)
  2. Serta EZ bed queen
  3. Serta raised with Insta III pump
  4. serta Perfect Sleeper with headboard and never flat pump

  1. Soundasleep Cloud Nine
  2. Sound Asleep Dream Series air mattress with comfortcoil technology & internal high capacity pump (available in Twin and Queen, you can buy it from Target or Amazon)
  3. Sound Asleep Camping Series

Note: Sound Asleep Dream Series is only available for the US market

Fox air beds
  1. Fox Plush High Rise
  2. Fox Signature Memory Foam
  3. Fox Premium Memory foam gel

  1. Simply Sleeper SS-58RF Raised
  2. SS-89Q Premium Ultra Tough Raised
  3. SimplySleeper SS-47T Ultra Tough Twin
  4. SS-54Q Queen Premium
  5. Simply Sleeper SS-83Q

Simmons BeautyRest
  1. Simmons BeautyRest Double/Full Hi-loft
  2. Simmons BeautyRest Queen air mattress
  3. Simmons BeautyRest Queen PlushAire 17-inch
  4. Simmons Beautyrest Fusionaire 18 “
  5. Contour Aire Express by Simmons

  1. Ivation EZ-bed (vs. Frontgate)
  2. Ivation with Dual Sleep air-coils
  3. Ivation Self-inflating air bed

  1. Bestway air mattress Raised
  2. Comfort Cell Premiere

Frontgate ez bed
  1. Frontgate ez bed (vs. Ivation)

Repair, patch kits, maintenance tips & FAQs

What we'll look into

In the section below we’ll address everything we get asked about in comments and emails in a concise way.

We’ll go over everything – from the the right way to find, through patching and repair to replacement parts and valve adapters. We’ll also adress some of the frequently asked questions about inflatable mattresses.

To open the sections, just press the + sign.

Locating a leak

To locate an air leak or pinhole in your air bed follow these steps:

  • Inflate to capacity
  • Water-down some dish soap, spray it over the area where you suspect the leak is and look for bubbles
  • Start by inspecting the valves and seams – they are the most common leak sources
  • When you locate the leak mark it using a pen, deflate and proceed to repair

Image of bubbles on a leaking inflatable

Patching & Repair

To patch a leaking air bed, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the blow up bed is fully deflated
  • Place it on flat surface and iron out any creases with your hand
  • Thorougly clean and dry the area
  • If the leak is located on the flocked surface or at the seam, you’ll have to use fine-grade sandpaper to get to the vinyl
  • Apply the sealant as described in the instructions

patching repair of a blow up bed

Vinyl patch and repair kits for air mattresses differ in methods of application – make sure to follow the instructions that are always printed on the packacking of the kit.

Air bed patch and repair kits
These are the vinyl patch and repair kits that we recommend:

  • Coghlan’s AirStop Sealant
  • Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl kit
  • Boxer Adhesives Repair Kit
  • Blue Magic Patch

Image of the best vinyl patch kit - Coghlans Airstop Sealant

Maintenance & good use practices
  • To get rid of the rubbery smell, inflate the bed to capacity and leave it to air out for a day
  • Keep in mind that the listed weight limit (starting from single and up) is for two-person use.
  • To make an air bed more comfortable add a blanket beneath the linen. The better alternative is getting a blow up bed that already comes with a memory foam or a pillow top.
  • If you have dogs or cats get a heavy-duty, cat-proof air mattress like Fox Plush Premium (made of thicker vinyl). You can see the full analysis of this cat-proof model here.
  • If you are looking for an air bed your dog or other pet, don’t go with classic models. There are dog air mattresses specifically designed for pets. One of the canine blow up beds we reccomend is the Aerobed Luxury Collection for small and medium dogs.

How to clean an air mattress?
To properly clean an air mattress, follow these steps:

  • Fully inflate it before cleaning
  • Leave it out in the sun. It will dry the mold, relax the vinyl and open its pores. This will make getting rid of smells much easier.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the dust off
  • Clean it using a damp microfiber cloth and do not wash it by submerging it into water

bottle of simple green vinyl cleaner

Cleaning stains, mold and getting pee smell

These ones are tricky to clean. See our full guides below.

  1. Cleaning mold from an inflatable bed
  2. How to get pee out off an air bed- (get rid of the urine smell)

Replacement parts
We receive at least 2-3 questions about getting a replacement plug or cap and finding a valve adapter for an inflatable bed every week.

We’ve even received messages from people saying that the plug is missing on arrival. We address the issue below.

Plugs and caps

The set of plugs and caps that we recommend is the Solstice Replacement Boston Valve.

air mattress replacement plug-and cap by solstice for Intex Coleman and Ozarktrail

It comes in four versions and is most likely to solve your problem. Most questions in this area are about Intex, Coleman & Ozark Trail replacement plug.

The Solstice plug & cap set will work for most models from Intex, Coleman to Ozark Trail if the original plug is missing.

Valve adapter

Valves on inflatablemattresses are not universal, and if you get a product that doesn’t come with a pump or the pump breaks, you’ll need to make sure that the replacement pump fits the valve.

If you have a number of blow-up beds with different valves, getting a valve adapter will make your life much easier.

So, we thought we’d mention one that we know works for most models – AirHead AirDaddy.

It works on most blow up beds, including those with stem, Boston, Halkey-Roberts and Leafield valves.

This is what we went over in this guide:

  • Best air matress overall
  • Best air matress by inteded use (home or camping)
  • By type (memory foam and pillow top air matress, hospital bed air matress, for RV and sofa beds)

What are air mattresses made of?

Air mattresses are usually made of Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC which is a form of flexible plastic. As an alternative, blow up beds marked as “pvc-free” are made of TPU fabric (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is considered to be completely non-toxic.

pvc vs tpu air mattress

While the safety concerns of the materials have been strictly regulated not to include the chemicals that were a security risk (like phthalates and BPAs), if you want to be completely at peace about using a blow up mattress, you might choose a PVC-free product made of TPU fabric.

Conclusions & Updates to the guide

on top air mattresses for guests

About our reviews

What we tried to do in this guide is make a most well-rounded list of best air mattresses out there, both for home use and outdoors.

We update once a month

We stay on top of things by updating the reviews with new impressions and rating once a month.

We’re also adding a guest-focused metrics all the time and body of data grows. A few examples of metrics like that are:

  • guest satisfation when used for the weekend,
  • guest comfort for 3+days of use
  • convenience for guest rooms (cord ans storing options)
  • perceived change from “regular” bed
  • sleep depth of guests compared to regular bed (this one will recuire more time because it involves tests and sleep trackers, all performed by our featured testers and our in-house team)

We couldn hot have imagined this data scope just a few short years ago….because this started out as a general guide and, based on what people were asking, evolved to be all about welcoming guests.

If we helped, we’ll sleep well tonight…

Well, except for Bob who drinks half a dozen Red Bulls a day. Yes we know, we’ll have to do something about that, Editor of a sleep website becoming an insomniac doesn’t look good.

Ask us whathever comes to mind

If you still have questions on your mind, shoot us an email or use the comment sections to share them so that other people with similar questions will benefit from the answers in the future.

We’re a small team, but we take special care to respond to all correspondence and comments within 1 day.

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