Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed Review – 2023 update

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Rated at 93/100 in the safety category and  90/100 overall, The Shrunks Tuckaire has been the one of the top-rated product in its category since we first published the results of our 1-year testing.

It’s currently the runner-up in the category of top toddler travel beds, second only to Aerobed.

However, The Shrunks will not be suitable for everybody. Hopefully, after seeing the results below, you should have a clear picture onwhether this is the right bed for your little one.

shrunks tuckaire brown orange carry bag pump

Last updated: 2023

All quality ratings of the Shrunks Tuckaire

  • 92%
    Air retention - 92%
  • 91%
    Comfort - 91%
  • 89%
    Durability - 89%
  • 94%
    Safety - 94%
  • 92%
    Value for $ - 92%
two shrunks tuckaire beds side by side comparison
shrunks tuckaire age range

Shrunks Tuckaire – air retention

Designed with children in mind

Given its intended users (children of 2+ years), this air bed doesn’t really need a heavy-duty PVC in order to do the job. Children do like to jump on it, however, so it does need to take that into account.

The valve

Our main concern while testing it was the valve, actually. However, it has proven to be very difficult to unravel even after we put a considerable weight on the top surface of the bed. So, the valve will definitely not leak air and your child will sleep perfectly all night long.

shrunks tuckaire pump valve testing
carry bag original

Potential knock-offs

One of the ways to recognize the original product, according to the manufacturer, is the orange band around the valve.

This doesn’t seem very likely to us, though, since if somebody goes through all the trouble to replicate the mattress, the little orange band certainly won’t pose a challenge.

We’ll provide the link to the original product in the text below.

Air retention

Comfort of Shrunks Tuckaire

Even though The Shrunks Tuckaire puts emphasis on safety before anything else, this little bed is surprisingly comfortable.

The sturdy construction will also be heavier. In reality, the added weight and bulk are only an issue for air travel.

For example, the family model (ages 6+) weighs 10.8 lbs, while the Intex Kozy Kids weighs only 4.4. To put that into perspective, The Shrunks Tuckaire is lighter than its main competitor from Aerobed (11.2 lbs).

concept sheet fitting the shrunks


Value for money

We would have that yes, it could be a peg cheaper and it is more expensive than similar models from Aerobed and Intex. But when we say “more expensive” here we’re talking one or two Starbucks-Venti-with-extra-sprinkles more expensive.

If you put that into perspective of safety, the value for money rating is still a high 92/100.

It provides excellent safety features, and it’s specifically tailored for children, but the price simply pushes all that aside and makes you think about hard about your budget that month. In short, the price-to-quality ratio is leaning heavily in favor of the price.

Value for $

Main PROs and CONs of the Shrunks Tuckaire


  • Fun and imaginative design
  • The material is 100% BPA, lead and phthalate-free
  • Security rails
  • 30-second inflation
  • Portable and easily stored
  • Lightweight (5 lbs)
  • No air loss (high-quality valve)
  • Soft surface with fleece-flocked center
  • 2-year guarantee


  • Higher price compared to other kid airbeds
  • Limited color choices

Shrunks Tuckaire is right for you if…

If you want to keep your kids safe all night long, you’ll definitely love this little bed. It will never lose air or allow your child to fall over the edges. It can take a considerable beating and still function perfectly fine, as indicated by our tests.

Shrunks is one of those products that’s a constant and has seen minimal fluctuation or quality changes. It’s a stable product that stands its ground at the top of its class and, in most cases, a level above its price range.

This specific part of the market is not as competitive as that of the adult models and we rarely see anything even close to the Shrunks among the new arrivals.

That didn’t change in this month’s update and we see no indication of it happening any time soon (we’ve been following the product and the company for years, after all).

It’s main strenght remain – it is absolutely free of every toxic material you can think off and won’t put the health of your child in jeopardy. It’s easy to inflate/deflate and store when you don’t need it. It comes as no surprise that’s it’s been the best air mattress in it’s category.

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