Most Comfortable Futon – 10 Best Futons for Everyday Sleeping Based on Your Budget – December 2023 Update

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I t took about 9 months to put together this guide. Since then, it has seen 7 updates.. and for a good reason.

Choosing the best futon and sort it in price ranges was beyond our expertise so we had to bring a few  consultants to help us with the task.

We’ll try to be as diverse as possible and cover different price ranges and intended uses (with special emphasis on under $200 and $150) and use-related categories (for tall people, most comfortable, for everyday sleeping, etc.).

We had to help of five furniture refurbishment experts who made the initial 32 choices. We’d like to use this opportunity to thank them.

After narrowing down the list, we proceeded to do the statistical analysis of the user experiences and satisfaction with the futons. You can see the results of the whole process below.

pearington futon brown - the top rated and voted best futon of the update

Last updated: December 2023

What to look for in a good futon?

Best futon – comparison of 10 top-rated

Overall rating,
labels & links
DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

DHP Emily

‣ Firmness - Firm
‣ Materials - linen,
polyester and foam
‣ Size - 45 x 36 x 13 "
‣ Weight - 72.5 lbs

‣ Labels awarded:
‣ top value for money

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dhp hamilton best for everyday sleep

DHP Hamilton

‣ Firmness - medium
‣ Materials - suede,
‣ Size - 71 x 34.5 x 31 "
‣ Weight - 70.5

‣ Labels awarded:
‣ best for everyday

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emoor japanese futon set

Emoor Japanese
Original Futon

‣ Firmness - plush, medium
‣ Materials - cotton,
poly-fiber blend
‣ Sizes - Twin to King
‣ Weight - 13 lbs

‣ Labels awarded:
‣ best japanese futon

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Divano Roma dark gray Furniture-Collection-futon

Divano Roma
Tufted Splitback

‣ Firmness - firm
‣ Materials - tufted linen,
‣ Size - 77 x 31 x 31 "
‣ Weight - 150 lbs

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mainstay memory foam futon

MainStay memory
foam futon

‣ Firmness - medium
‣ Materials - suede,
memory foam
‣ Size - 71.6 x 33.5 x 32.5 "
‣ Weight - 60 lbs

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Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon blue

Novogratz Brittany
Premium Futon

‣ Firmness - firm
‣ Materials - cotton,
poly-fiber, foam
‣ Size - 81.5 x 34.5 x 31.5 "
‣ Weight - 84 lbs

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Paxson Futon Couch Bed

DHP Paxson

‣ Firmness - firm
‣ Materials - linen,
‣ Size - 78.5 x 32.5 x 32 "
‣ Weight - 84 lbs

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kodiak futon lounger sofa red

Kodiak Lounger

‣ Firmness - medium
‣ Materials - suede,
‣ Size - 72 x 33 x 31 "
‣ Weight - 84 lbs

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Modern Entertainment Futon Sofa Bed

Entertainment Futon
with cup holders

‣ Firmness - firm
‣ Materials - leather,
‣ Size - 66 x 33 x 30 "
‣ Weight - 61.7 lbs

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Pearington Pillow Top Bella - the top rated futon

Pearington Pillow
Top Lounger

‣ Firmness - Medium
‣ Materials - leather,
high-density foam
‣ Size - 70.9 x 37.8 x 34. 7 "
‣ Weight - 100.5 lbs

‣ Labels awarded:
‣ top-rated overall

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Last updated – 2023

What makes a futon good for everyday sleeping?

I’ll approach this question on two levels:

  1. The personal and direct
  2. The professional (we’ll get to this later in the guide)

What futons are better for everyday sleeping?

This is the simplest I can put it – it’s all about the size and the padding.

The futons that qualify as best for everyday sleeping typically feature a final layer of extra “puffy” foam thata llows your shoulders and head to align.

This is teh kidn of futon you wnat for small appartments and dorms, where you’d be both sitting on it and sleeping on it everyday.

You can usually tell these apart just by looking at them – for example, look at the futon in the image below. It’s layered so that the finish has extra loft. Pull on the covers and you’d never know it’s not a regular mattress.

The other side of that coin is a choosing a futon that will maintain that loft after 6 months, a year (or five) of sitting and sleeping.

I have oen specific model in mind taht I think does a great job in both those aspects…we’ll get to it in a minute. If you’re in a hurry, click here to skip my top futon pick for everyday sleeping.

Best futon overall and top pick for a tall person –  DHP Emily

dhp emily gray futon
More info - click to expand
Product details

  • Maximum weight listed 600
  • Color – gray
  • Available types – sofa bed and chaise lounge

Assembly – from what we’ve seen in the experience of owners the Emily DHP is pretty easy to assemble and we typically takes less than 3 hours. Most new owners choose to assemble this off on their own with the most likely reason being the fact that expert assembly costs more than the product itself.

Warranty – like all the HP products this sofa comes with a one-year limited warranty, starting from the purchase date


  • When full extended its around 70 inches long
  • With the chair (backseat) up it’s about 60 inches
  • The height of the seat is 15 in
  • The height of the back-rest is 32 “
  • Width – approximately 30 “

Main advantages: It’s fair to say that this is the best cheap futon bed. Compared to the other models on this list it’s inexpensive and costs under 200 dollars.

dhp emily gray futon

This is by far the most popular futon sofa. It has more user reviews with online retailers like Amazon than all the other listed models combined.

We see the balance between price and quality as the main reason behind its popularity.

It costs much less than a vast majority of the units we reviewed and it has no real competition in its price range.

It comes as a convertible couch, chair, or chaise lounger. The colors available are: black, gray, vanilla and navy blue.

It’s robust and has no headboards so it’s also our pick as THE futon for a tall person.

Style: modern, contemporary.

  • Comfort as sofa 90% 90%
  • Comfort as bed 88% 88%
  • Build quality 89% 89%
  • User satisfaction 90% 90%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Top two alternatives among futons in the lower price ranges – Naomi Home Tufted & Tyboatle 65“

In response to e-mails we received asking us to look into futons that cost less than $200 or $150, we paid special attention to these.

If you’re on a budget, we found two futons similar to DHP Emily that cost about 30-40% less.

The Naomi split-back might be your choice if you’re looking for something versatile you can sleep on.

If you like a modern futon with arms (and a USB port at that), don’t be put off by the weird name give the Tyboatle a look

Best futon for everyday sleeping (most comfortable) – DHP Hamilton

dhp allegra back futon bed

The Hamilton is our pick as the best futon for sleeping.

The comfort level is similar to that of the top-rated Pearington. Unlike the two models we mentioned above, the design of the Hamilton is universal and can work with most interior design styles.

What gives it a slight edge in terms of how well it sleeps is the fact that it’s completely flat, while the sides of the aforementioned Pearington are slightly raised.

DHP has a reputation for the comfort of their mattresses – if you already own a futon frame, you might be interested in our guide on top futon mattresses.

Design: classic, minimal.

Label awarded: best futon for everyday sleeping.

  • Comfort as sofa 91% 91%
  • Comfort as bed 91% 91%
  • Build quality 89% 89%
  • User satisfaction 89% 89%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Best Japanese futon Emoor Original

emoor japanese futon

If you are looking for an authentic Japanese floor futon, the Emoor Original has no real competition.

When we say that we’re primarily referring to the quality of the filling, versatility and, above all, authenticity.

It’s the only product that’s actually made in Japan from authentic materials.

On top of that, it’s the only product that offers the range of size choices (available in 7 sizes).

Style: traditional Japanese.

  • Comfort 90% 90%
  • Filling quality 94% 94%
  • Finish quality 92% 92%
  • User satisfaction 90% 90%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Divano Roma contemporary

divano roma split back
More info - click to expand
Product details

  • In the upright position it measures 77 x 31 x 31 “
  • When flat – 70 x 40 inches
  • The cushion of the seat is 70 x 19 inches hig
  • Height of the seat – 18 “

Divano Roma is one of the most well-trusted name sin the industry of sofas and futons.

What separates this eye-candy from the crowd are the vivid color choices and the lofty, tufted linen.

Apart from the basic black, light and dark gray it comes in vivid turquoise, orange and light purple.

Looks-wise, it’s our favorite.

Style: modern.

  • Comfort as sofa 90% 90%
  • Comfort as bed 91% 91%
  • Build quality 87% 87%
  • User satisfaction 88% 88%
  • Value for money 89% 89%

MainStays – second best futon under 200.00

memory foam convertible futon by mainstay

This Mainstay would probably be in the top 3 if it wasn’t for the plastic legs.

It’s not a durability issue – the listed maximum capacity is no lower than that of the other units. In fact, at 600 lbs (as listed in the instruction manual), the capacity is higher than most of the other futons we reviewed.

It’s the second highest-rated futon for tall people because it comes in full xl.

But, it’s still plastic, and that brought down the “build quality” ratings down a peg  – to 85.

Style: modern.

You can see the full review of the Mainstays futon here.

  • Comfort as sofa 91% 91%
  • Comfort as bed 89% 89%
  • Build quality 85% 85%
  • User satisfaction 87% 87%
  • Value for money 88% 88%

Novogratz Brittany

novogratz futon bed sleeping position
More info - click to expand
Body and legs of the futon

The legs are wooden and the upholstery is premium linen. It comes in 5 colors: green, blue, gray, pink and mustard. The legs are solid wood and oak-colored.

It’s very comfortable, mainly because with the fact that the back is soft and features a lofty ripped design.

The filling The filling of the cushions is a mix of foam and polyester. Weight and size It measures 81 x 81.5 x 34.5 x 31.5 inches and it weighs approximately 84 lbs.

What lowered the ratings of the Novogratz Brittany are two facts:

  • It’s costly
  • It won’t work with all spaces because of the vintage design

If those two factors are not an issue in your scenario, this Novogratz is more than a solid choice.

It’s one of the top-rated futons in user satisfaction ratings.

  • Comfort as sofa 90% 90%
  • Comfort as bed 89% 89%
  • Build quality 88% 88%
  • User satisfaction 88% 88%
  • Value for money 84% 84%

DHP Paxson

dhp paxson convertible reclined
More info - click to expand
Product details Weight capacity – this DHP is one of the few models that precisely list the weight capacity at 600 lbs Size

  • When assembled the measurements of the couch are 78.5 times 32.5 times 32 in
  • When reclined the sleeping services of the mattress 44 x 23 x 78.5 “
  • Weight of the unit is approximately 86 punds

In terms of design, the Paxson is similar to the Novogratz Brittany we mentioned above but the difference in comfort as both a futon and sofa is significant.

It will be the choice of people who prefer a firm sleeping surface.

If you like the minimal look of the Paxson but still want comfort, you’ll want to get a topper to use with it if the inteded use is everyday sleeping.

Style: classic.

  • Comfort as sofa 87% 87%
  • Comfort as bed 87% 87%
  • Build quality 90% 90%
  • User satisfaction 86% 86%
  • Value for money 87% 87%

Kodiak lounger – robust, cheap futon

kodiak futon beige couch
More info - click to expand
Positions & settings

This Kodiak can be set to 3 position: lounge, sit and sleep. It’s a solid choice for small apartment or a college dorm. It includes a tick comfortable mattress (about six inches thick).

The frame

The frame of the Kodiak is tick metal, powder-coated in black.

Size and weight details

  • Dimensions of the mattress 79 x 32 x 6 inches
  • Dimensions of the seat – 66 x 33 x 31 inches
  • The lounge position it measures 72 x 33 x 31 “

The look of this Kodiak lounger might be deceiving, because it looks pretty basic.

In reality, it’s one of the best futons in our quality ratings.

What brings down the overall rating is the price point – it’s the priciest item on the list.

With 25 colors to choose from (from classics like black and brown to intricate floral patterns) it might be the choice of people looking to add some pizzaz to their space and are willing to pay extra for it.

To be fair, we find the design to be a bit crude. When we say “deign”, we’re talking about the appearance. In terms of practicality and longevity (build) it’s second to none.

Style: classic.

  • Comfort as sofa 87% 87%
  • Comfort as bed 87% 87%
  • Build quality 90% 90%
  • User satisfaction 86% 86%
  • Value for money 87% 87%

Entertainment Futon with cup holders

modern faux leather futon sleeping position
More info - click to expand
Fact sheet:

  • The dimensions of the sofa are 30 x 66 x 3.5 inches
  • In a flat position it measures 38.5 x 66 x 13 inches
  • The maximum weight capacity is listed at 500 pounds

We’re not fans of the name of the company making this unit – “Best Choice products”.

But that’s only because it makes our job harder because our readers assume that it’s our opinion that they are “the best”. It’s confusing to say the least.

With that said, we like this sofa set for a very specific customer profile.

It will appeal to the younger crowd, makes a great addition for a dorm room or a “man-cave.”

Speaking on behalf of the male part of our team, it’s easy to picture a rainy afternoon of gaming on this entertainment unit.

Style: modern, entertainment.

  • Comfort as sofa 84% 84%
  • Comfort as bed 82% 82%
  • Build quality 85% 85%
  • User satisfaction 85% 85%
  • Value for money 84% 84%

Honorable mention – Pearington pillow-top

pearington flat futon
More info - click to expand


The upholstery is a bonded leather and the cushions of the pillow top are foam (high density)

This lounger is a bit heavier than the other products we looked at and it weighs approximately 100 punds

Dimensions – 70.9 x 37.8 x 37.34.7 inch

besides being the top-rated overall, we feel it’s accurate to say that this is one of the most comfortable futons among the products we looked at. In our comfort ratings it received a high 93 out of 100.

This futon hits the sweet spot between comfort, style and functionality. More importantly, we have seen this model maintain the high standards and have seen no significant changes in the quality ever since we compiled this guide, including this month’s update.

What makes it different above anything else is the quality, density and thickness of the foam used for the cushions.

In sofa mode it’s unparalleled in terms of comfort and flexibility. On the other hand, it’s not as universal as some of the other top-picks design-wise. It works best with contemporary spaces, especially because of the glossy finish of the legs.

On the other hand, the design with the slightly raised edges is not usually optimal for sleep. But, when in a flat position, the thickness and loft of the foam turn it into a flat sleeping surface.

It comes in black, brown and gray.

Style: modern.

  • Comfort as sofa 94% 94%
  • Comfort as bed 92% 92%
  • Build quality 92% 92%
  • User satisfaction 91% 91%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Reference info

waltz sofa bed futon gray

Reference – choosing the best futons – getting the most comfortable futon couch / futon sofa bed

We do our best to keep track of any changes in the futon market and include new arrivals in our analysis. In the text above, we summed it all up into a  concise list. So, if you are looking for quick answers, the rest of this page might be a tad too much of reference information on how we made our picks.

The rest of this guide is for the conservative buyers, the people who like to know more about what we look for when we analyzie futon quality or simply if none of the models above caught your eye.

Futons and couches are both a great choice for small spaces. Both can be used as day furniture to sit on and are easily converted to a bed when needed. Let’s say, you’re living in a dorm, a small apartment or need extra sleeping space for your guests, friends or relatives but you’re short on spare rooms.

This type of furniture could very well be the answer to your problems. The dual function of these pieces means that they can be used in a playroom which can easily be transformed into a guest room at night. You could even use it in the office if you find yourself working long hours.

But how do you know which ones to choose? In the rest of the guide, you’ll find out more about these types of sleepers and hopefully, it will make your choice less difficult to make.

First things first – how does one define a futon?

A futon is a flexible, foldable mattress originating from Japan. Traditionally, it is placed onto tatami, a type of rice straw flooring, and set up as a regular bed with a pillow and a duvet. When not in used, it can be rolled up and stored or taken out to air and beaten to prevent the filling from forming into hard lumps.

The modern, Western-style models differ greatly from their Japanese counterparts and resemble more a low, wooden sofa bed. They correspond to the dimensions of western mattresses and are often set up on a slatted bench like frame which can be wooden or metal.

The frame folds down and converts into a bed. The thickness of the mattress varies from soft to very firm, so there is something for everybody to choose from.

Material of the filling

The mattresses are made from compressed layers of materials which range from organic cotton, latex, and wool.The layers are tufted into place to keep the batting secure and ensure the longevity of the mattress. With proper care and a regular turn over, a good futon can last you between 8 to 15 years.

Since they’re so light in weight, they make a great bed for small households as they can be easily moved around, folded and stored away when no longer in use. One drawback of this type of daybed is that it is not very comfy when folded upwards into a sofa position. Oftentimes they can feel lumpy and difficult to get up from. But don’t let that discourage you, there are many more positives sides to owning one than negatives.

Budget-friendly – best cheap futons under 200, and even 150

Even the best futons couches (beds) are very budget friendly (our top inexpensive pick costs under $200) and the mattress can be removed and replaced. They cost far less than a couch and are much easier to maintain. To keep it clean, you only need to remove the fabric cover and machine wash it. When it becomes worn out, it’s much easier and cheaper to replace than having to reupholster an entire couch or buy a new one.

To get the biggest bang for your buck, opt for a thicker mattress or consider adding a mattress topper. Most often, the thinner, cheaper ones end up being too uncomfortable to even sleep on, completely defeating the purpose of getting one of these.

Budget-friendly – best cheap futons

How is it different from a couch?

Couch (also called a sofa bed) is a type of furniture that pulls out into a bed. Usually used as a daybed, it contains a folding mattress, partially hidden inside the bottom of the couch.

The foam of the mattress can be quite thin and soft since it is designed to fold and fit into to couch.

A sofa bed can easily pass under the radar and you won’t even know from the appearance of it that it can transform into a bed. They come in many sizes and colors and can be the centerpiece of the room.

It is easy to find one that perfectly blends with room decorum and ties in with the rest of the furniture to create a stylish environment. Unlike the futon, which is more casual, there many different styles of sofa beds to chose from, both formal and informal.

How is it different from a couch?

Easy to set up – crucial for everyday sleeping

They take a little more effort to set up than their simpler counterpart, which can be a drawback if you’re elderly or not particularly strong. To transform it into a bed, remove the cushions and pull out the tri-folding metal frame that contains the mattress. Many couches have a strap in the middle which you can pull on to take the frame out. Once that is done, you can then proceed to set your bed as you see fit. When not in use, the mattress folds back into the storage area and once again turns back into a couch.

A couch can be a fine choice if you’re someone that doesn’t have guests over too often or don’t plan on using it as a regular bed. Keep in mind that a good couch can be quite high on the price point and eventually they all give out and become uncomfortable to use.

This is due to the nature of the mattress, which is not removable like the mattress of a futon bed. With regular use, the mattress will become worn out and many begin to sag and lose shape after being used too many time. Over time you’ll be able to feel the metal bars and hinges underneath.

Easy to move and clean

Unlike the futon which is light and easy to move around, clean and disinfect, the sofa bed likes to stay put. Its metal construction and mattress makes it bulky and difficult to move around and transport

But it’s not all so bad. Coaches make great center points of the room and a comfy place to lounge in and watch TV after a long day. Keep in mind when buying to spend a little extra to make sure the mattress quality is up to par and won’t give out too soon.

Types of futon bodies, frames and mattresses

futon frame wooden

Bi-fold frames are made from two panels which create the whole body of the futon, the Sitting cushion, and the Backrest cushion. They fold into the sleeping position, lift up the sitting cushion of the futon.


These are also known as the Space-saves and rightfully so, as they are the smallest of the frames. They come with an additional part for the legs that can be tucked away into the frame to maximise space. A twin-size Lounger is large enough for two people to use comfortably and takes up 45’’ inches of wall space.


These are additional parts that can be included with the frame. A dropleaf frame has two side panels that serve as small side tables.


Fairly new on the market, the memory foam mattress is quickly becoming a popular choice among the people looking for something affordable but cozy at the same time. This is because they offer equally support and comfort no matter the sleeping position. Compared to other types, foam mattresses tend to last the longest.

Spring foam

Reasonably priced and durable, these mattresses use quilt covered coils to create firmness and stability. On the downside, they tend to be quite heavy and difficult to fold. If you’re someone that uses their futon every night, consider a more flexible option.


Quite rare, but oh so soft and luxurious. Since wool is excellent at retaining heat, a wool mattress is an ideal choice if you’re someone living in a colder climate or get very cold, long winters.


Budget-friendly and perfect in almost every way possible. They’re lightweight, flexible and hold their shape without sagging. Keep in mind that they might not last as long as a memory foam mattress would and will wear down sooner.

Foam and polyester

Blended types of mattresses most often offer the better sidess of both world when it comes to comfort and budget. The top polyester layer makes the mattress firm and supportive and since there is no cotton used, the mattress is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Foam and cotton

The plus side of this blend is that makes the mattress more supportive and more durable than it’s plain cotton counterpart. But on the other hand, they’re not as cheap.


These closely resemble a traditional innerspring mattress. The innerspring coils offer extra padding as compared to other types of mattresses and absorb the pressure points of the body. This means restful and relaxed sleep and superb comfort.

Other considerations

Think about the purpose your daybed will need to fulfill. Will you need it often or just sporadically? How much space you do, or better yet, don’t have?

Measure out the space available

This is the most important part and it will determine the shape and the dimensions. You will want enough space for the sleeper to be able to lay out completely flat without touching other furniture. You will also need extra space to walk around and be able to freely lay in and get up.

How often do you plan to use it?

Couches don’t bode well when it comes to frequent use and will soon become uncomfortable to sleep on. The frequency of use will also determine your budget. If the bed won’t be in use so much, consider a basic or a mid-range option.

Think about the material you would want your couch or futon to be

Wood and metal are two of the most common types of material used in furniture making. Keep in mind that futon covers are interchangeable and easy to clean while that’s unfortunately not the case with couches and you will be stuck with the choice that you’ve made.

Keep in mind your preferred sleeping position

While a side sleeper will choose something softer to sink their shoulders into, someone that sleeps on their back will prefer a firmer bed.

Couches come in a pullout variety and “click-clack” sofas. The dimensions of the pull-out sofa will also determine its style. Wider sofas will tend to have a shorter mattress, while smaller ones will be longer. The click-clack sofas are by far the easiest to operate. Think of more like a mattress with legs that can be folded up into a couch. The plus side of the “click-clack” coaches is that most often they will have storage space underneath intended for bedding and pillows.

The mechanism

Before buying either, make sure to check the mechanism and how easy or difficult they are to operate, set up, and change position. Inexpensive furniture may be light on the budget but it can also come with mechanisms that break easily and/or are difficult to use.

There isn’t much to choose from regarding mattress quality or thickness when it comes to coaches. Generally, they’re all equipped with thin foam mattresses that fold easily and aren’t expected to take a lot of wear. Futons, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of mattress styles and thickness as well as the materials used in the filling. Cotton filling tends to weigh less and will hold it’s shape nicely. For an even lighter mattress try going for a cotton-polyester blend. Not are they ultra light but also very flexible.

Cotton + wool

If you always wanted to know it’s like to sleep on a cloud, go for the cotton-wool blend but keep in mind they’re not as easy to fold. For an adult, consider a mattress that is a minimum of 6 inches in thickness.

Washable covers and cushions

Invest into washable covers and cushions – not only will they protect your furniture, but they’ll also add a fashionable touch to the room.

Best futon couch

To choose the best futon couch (if your primary use is seating), you’ll have to do a bit of math and adjust the choice to your weight and size.

Top picks among couches usually featured a tufted lofty filling with the proper support underneath.

If you have a sofa in your house right now or if you can think of one that fits your needs, it’s smart to measure the height of the back-seat and the width of the seats.

Then, you compare that to the dimensions of the unit you have your eye on and can draw conclusions what the best couch among futons might be for your specific needs.

Best futon bed for sleeping

Choosing the best futon bed for sleeping is a peg more complicated because there are more factors involved.

The best futon beds are usually filled with foam rather than poly-fiber or cotton, and have thick pillow-top cushions. In rare cases, they feature an innerspring mattress.

The pillow-top models allow for better weight distribution and eliminate potential pressure points. This is especially important if the sides are raised – in this scenario the cushioning of the bed will have to be thick enough to flatten the sleeping surface once fully reclined.

The obvious advice is not to go with units that feature fixed armrests and factor in your height. The later is crucial for back-sleepers – you don’t want your feed dangling from the bed.

Japanese futons

The traditional Japanese futons are also known as shikibuton and they don’t anything like our top pick (Emoor). They are slim, stuffed with cotton and they are close to what you can imagine if you know anything about the Japanses culture of minimalism and simple living. Unlike the Emoor, they are not a standalone. They’re too thin for that. Instead, they are placed on a traditional Japanese mat called tatami. To make the whole setting more comfortable, the Japanese usually cover them with duvets and pillows.

FAQs about the best futon couches & beds

About the Pearington lounger

How do you work the recline mechanism?

To recline it you first have to disengage the lock mechanism. Once you do that you simply drop it back into horizontal position.


The bonded leather is pretty durable and tightly stitched so we’d say that the lifespan of this recliner will be a higher than most models. What makes it special is the high density foam of the cushions. The likelihood of any structural issues is substantially lower compared to the poly-fiber and foam filling.

Is it good for  heavy and tall people?

In our research we didn’t see any potential issues for people on the heavier side but any person taller than 5.9 feet sleeping on it will probably have the issue of the legs going beyond the bottom base of the futon, is they are a back sleeper.

The feel of the leather It’s made of PU bonded leather which is not what you would call “real leather” and we wouldn’t expect that in this price range. What makes a difference here is how well the PU leather is made. You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference just by looking at it. It’s also known fact that PU is more durable and easier to clean than natural leather.

About the DHP Emily

Where is it on the firmness scale?

Respecting the fact that sleep preferences are highly personal, we think it’s fair to say that this is a supportive and firm piece of furniture. People used to soft surfaces like memory foam might find too firm.

Are there other materials and colors available?

DHP in grey linen is not only one product in the series. Others include colors like vanilla, white and black faux leather.

Surfaces of the sides and back

All the visible surfaces are grey while the back is matte black.

Size compared to a regular mattress

In the flat position the dimensions are somewhere between a twin and a full-size and closer to the later.

How good is it for sleeping?

If you like sleeping on a firm of surface this DHP will be just right. If you’re used to a softer surface (like memory foam) an add-on (topper or pad) might be a good idea?

About the Divano Roma

How high is the top surface?

According to our measurements the legs are about 5.50 in high which makes the sloping surface sitting at approximately 7 inches

The company doesn’t precisely list the maximum capacity allowed but it is sturdy product and it’s rsd estimate that the maximum capacity is 500 to 600 lbs.

Are the legs interchangeable?

The legs can’t be replaced, if you want something higher you might think about looking into some of the others models on the list.

Materials of the back and bottom

The fabric used for the back and the bottom of this divine aroma is the same as those used for the top.


It is shipped in in one box that’s pretty large, so if you leave with Louis an apartment that’s not on the floor first floor you might need two people to carry it up

Is it possible to use it in the travel trailer?

The door opening of trailers is usually in the range of 24-26 ” so the box that it comes in should have no problem going to the doors. Once inside, it’s pretty easy to assemble and doesn’t require much space.

Is the design split back?

By looking at the image you might get the impression that and the sides don’t recline but in fact both sides full recline into a flat position.

Sitting vs. sleeping

Cushions are pretty lofty, but most experiences we’ve from users tell the story of a sofa that’s better used for sitting than for long-term sleeping.

What about comfort?

Again the image of this piece of furniture can be deceptive because it looks pretty soft, but in reality it’s very firm and, for long-term sleep, you might need some sort of a topper to make it better for sleep. Throw pillows that come with it are Square in shape and measure about 12 x 12 “.

About the Novogratz Britanny


For it to snugly fit against the wall (when in a flat position) you will need to place it around 1.5 feet from the wall surface (measured from the top or the back seat).

Thickness of the cushions

The cushions are lofty and are just under 5 inches thick.


The company doesn’t offer expedited shipping services and it usually ships within 10 days of ordering.

A common issue – missing side-arms

We’ve seen reports from people saying that their box arrived without the sidearm. In reality, the issue is most commonly attributed to the fact that the seat cushion and sidearms are packed together. You’ll need to turn the cushions over, unzip them and take the side-arms out.

The weight limit

Like with most models on this list,the manufacturers don’t precisely list the maximum weight capacity, so we decided to contact them directly. their response was that the max capacity of the futon is 600 lbs.

Height of the seating area

Measured from the floor to the top surface of the cushion it’s about 8 inches high, which is a bit higher the most models on this list.

Thickness and durability of the legs

Although the legs might seem fragile the fact there that they are solid wood and the weight is distributed between 6 of them makes the frame durable, which goes back to the question about the weight limit (600 lbs).

About the Paxson

How sturdy is it?

It’s designed for two sleepers so the wooden legs are pretty sturdy. One issue that we’ve seen people reporting is the risk of it tipping over if not pushed against a solid surface (wall).


When it comes to sleep the user satisfaction rate was about 80% and we think it’s fair to describe it as one of the comfiest futons out there.

How well does it work for tall people?

Based on the measurements we would say that person taller than 6 feet might not be comfortable on it. It’s described as two-persons sleeper but we have to say that that description is accurate for two people of average height and weight.

When reclined it’s approximately the size of a full mattress which means that it’s peg smaller than some of the models we’ve seen on the list.

About the Kodiak Lounger


When measured from the floor the height of the frame is approximately 10 “, which means that (combined with the mattress) it’s about 15 to 16 inch high.

Material of the body is a blend of cotton and foam (80% cotton and 20% percent foam).

Colors available The only futon on the list that comes in this kind of color range from plain grey & black to bolder patterns like zebra or a range of floral. How good is it to sleep on? Unlike the other futons we mentioned, the Kodiak is intended for one sleeper. The maximum weight is not listed by the manufacturer but based on our experience and that of our expert consultants would say that the weight limit for the Kodiak is ~ 400 lbs.


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