Northwest Territory Air Mattresses – 2024 Review & Comparison

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We finally gathered enough information to statistically analyze, rate and do a reliable review of the Northeastern air mattresses – both the low-rise (Twin and Queen) and the Queen Raised.

We did make a small exception in terms of the data for statistical analysis, because we usually wait until we have a bigger data sample to work with.

We’re making an exception because we heard good things about the brand and are eager to see what makes it tick.

Last updated: January 2024

northwest territory queen raised airbed

Northwest Territory air mattresses vs. SoundAsleep Camping Series

What you’ll see below are its ratings in five quality categories and comparison some of our top picks in its price range and type. So without much ado, let’s get to it.

The Northwest Territory is available in two sizes – Twin & Queen, and the airbed will choose to compare it with the Sound Asleep Camping Series. The camping Series by sound asleep is a long-standing member of our list of 10 top-rated air beds – you can see the full guide on best air mattresses in the reviews here.

The two are similar in dimensions, intended purpose (both primarily camping products) so let’s compare them side-by-side.

Northwest Territory air mattresses – a more in-depth look


  • size – 74 x 39 x 9 “
  • weight 4.6 LBS
  • inflation time – 2 minutes


  • size – 80 x 60 x 9 “
  • weight 9 LBS
  • inflation times – 2.5 minutes

The first thing that caught our eye about this inflatable and the number of coils which significantly higher than most inflatable beds it’s in its price range (32 coils for the Twin size and 48 for the Queen).

We are used to seeing beam-based inner structure in this price range and it’s refreshing to see the high number of air coils in this budget-friendly product.

That’s probably its main advantage.

The downside

What we like to see when analyzing air mattresses are specific and accurate descriptions of the products in the advertising listings

We wouldn’t characterize the fact sheets that we found about the the brand as “specific”.

Let us explain what we mean by that.

If you take the example of the SoundAsleep that we mentioned above, the company is very specific about what makes the material more durable (thickness).

All the listings we found included wording like “durable” and “resistant”. For the average buyer that you to the market, these words wont mean much.

The user satisfaction

This is probably one of the more important ratings because it incorporates how the owners experience the airbed. It combines quality aspects like durability and air retention with the price tag.

The percentage of satisfies users is fairly high. In fact, the 83/100 places the brand in the top 20% among 120+ air beds we’ve reviewed over the past few years.

We couldn’t find reliable info on where it’s made

One of the things that we look at in the ratings is the manufacturing – especially whether it’s outsourced overseas and if it is, what specific facility.

Outsourcing is not a bad thing per se and most of the products in the industry are in fact made overseas.

What we find helpful in painting an accurate picture about a specific product are the manufacturing practices of specific outsourcing locations.

We’ve been doing this for so long now that we can separate the locations that are reliable from the shadier ones.

Let’s make it clear that we’re not making any specific claims, we’re just sharing that we don’t have that piece of information to include in the review..

Value for money

The brand is one of the most budget-friendly solutions out there but you shouldn’t take the price at face value.

The main reason is that it doesn’t come with the pump, which is sold separately and costs about $20. This lowered the value for money rating a peg.

Weight limit

Another piece of information that we couldn’t find is the weight limit.

In our opinion, this is serious omission because it’s a crucial piece of information for anybody considering the product, especially people on the heavier side.

Percentage of air leaks developed

Based on the stats of gathered from the experience of owners, about 10% of people have seen issues with air leaks.

This is significantly higher than what we’re used to, but to be fair, most air beds we test cost more than the products coming from the brand.

couple laying on northwest territory queen raised

It can work with generic/universal pump

The point we made about the pump not being included becomes a non-issue if you already own one.

The good news here is that the two models from the brand do work well with generic and universal pumps.

The inflation and deflation time are short, even compared to some of the more expensive models.

For example, the two minutes it takes to inflate the Twin can only be compared to the efficiency of an Aerobed pump that you see in products like Aerobed classic.

The side-by-side comparison that we did above was weight on inflatable mattress the costs more, so let’s do the same thing and compared this Northwest territory to a product that’s closer in price.

Northwest Queen Raised versus Aerobed Classic

The pricing of this model is not as low as the low-rise that we looked at above, which gives us more leeway for a side-by-side comparison with the Aerobed Classic.


  • size 83 x 64 x 23 “
  • inflation time – 6 minutes

Aerobed Classic

  • 78 x 60 x 18 “
  • inflation time 3 minutes
northwest territory queen
  • Air retention 73% 73%
  • Comfort 76% 76%
  • Durability 72% 72%
  • User satisfaction 74% 74%
  • Value for money 80% 80%

Overall Rating

lazery sleep queen
  • Air retention 85% 85%
  • Comfort 91% 91%
  • Durability 78% 78%
  • User satisfaction 84% 84%
  • Value for money 86% 86%

Overall Rating

Conclusions of the Northwest Territory air mattress review

As a mentioned, the main reason we decided to do a review of the brand is the fact that it’s one of the most budget-friendly solutions out there and , in those terms, it did live up to the expectations.

It’s a solid bang for your buck, especially if you don’t plan to use it frequently and only need a temporary extra bed for guests and weekend sleepovers.

We typically update our reviews and ratings every 2- 4 months, but that’s probably not going to be the case here and we’ll wait until we gather at least 150 user experiences before we revisit this review.

Feel free to ask us anything in the comments below or simply shoot us an email with any dilemmas you might have.


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