Aerobed One-Touch Comfort Queen review

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Over the past few months, we’ve been going back and forth trying to decide whether to do a separate review for the Queen size of this air mattress, since we already did one for the Twin – you can see it here.

What finally triggered us to review this one separately is the fact we’ve seen significant differences in terms of user satisfaction between the two beds.

We’re glad we did since it does deserve it as one of the more popular models from the Aerobed brand – click here to see the full Aerobed guide.

aerobed one touch queen airbed front

Main advantage of the Aerobed One-Touch Comfort Queen

This Aerobed comes with many handy add-ons like the handheld wand, but that’s not what we want to address first.

We’ve been reviewing air mattresses for over three years now what our statistics tell us is that most people are primarily interested in the “substance” like comfort, safety and air retention.

That’s why we want to address the issue of safety first

While it is true that most modern airbeds do have to adhere to the strict guidelines set by the ASTM and are considered safe, this Aerobed takes it one step further.

Here’s what we mean by that

The PVC is treated during the manufacturing process to make it more resistant to germs and odors.

This might be an important point for people suffering from allergies since the development of mildew or mold is practically a non-issue here.

Support and spine alignment

Aerobed has patented what they call a “stability base” in order to offer more support in their newer models.

What this means is that the bottom of the bed is reinforced both in terms of stability and the grip of the floor.

The former minimizes sideways movement and swaying in the latter prevents the bed from sliding.

aerobed one touch queen left side view

35 coils

Apart from the extra sturdy base, this air bed features 35 air coils which is higher than 75% of air mattresses in Queen size that we reviewed.

It’s a well-known fact that the higher the number of coils, the better the bed will be at minimizing pressure points at the hips & shoulders and aligning your spine.

That’s what’s puts it in the top 15% in terms of toughness – you can see the complete list of most durable and heavy-duty air mattresses by clicking here.

Pump efficiency, deflation and storage

Like most models in its price range, the Aerobed One Touch Comfort Queen comes with a one-piece pump that’s combined with an air-release mega valve.

pump close up valve closed

Inflation and deflation times

If we were only rating the efficiency of the pump and the time it takes to inflates and deflate the bed, we would probably see 5 or 6 Aerobed dominating.

While the industry standard is 3 to 4 minutes, Aerobed does it much faster by utilizing the mega valve (also known as Whoosh).

pump close up whoosh valve open

The downsides

This is where you “it gets real” because we look at some of the downsides.

Structural issues

It’s not uncommon to see air loss issues in this price range; it’s only a question of the percentage in which they occur.

This % is higher in the Aerobed One Touch Queen than 25% of air mattresses we reviewed.

To be fair, the sample of data that we had to work with for our statistical model here was somewhat smaller, since the number of user experiences we could gather is lower than what we usually go with.

antimicrobial top surface of aerobed one touch queen

An exception to the rule

In fact, we were so eager to see how the Aerobed One Touch Queen fares against similar models that we made an exception to one of the rules we have.

We have a threshold of minimum data to collect before we do a review of an air mattress, but we made an exception for this one. In our defense, that threshold probably won’t be reached within the next year or so and we’ll make sure to revisit this review once that happens.

But let’s get back to the structural issues that you mentioned.

We’ve seen experiences of people reporting development of air leaks, most of them coming from the area surrounding the pump.

This usually happens in two scenarios – the more common one is a sub-par quality of connections and seams, but we don’t think that’s the case here.

In our opinion, the more likely scenario is that the construction of the pump is too robust for the thickness of the vinyl. If that’s the case, this Aerobed is an exception because the quality of the vinyl is not an issue we commonly see with mattresses coming from the brand.

Again, we are stressing that this is just our opinion based on experience. We’ll be able to reach a more reliable conclusion once we get more information for the statistical analysis.

Summary and review updates

We are very interested to see what happens in the next update of this review.

The main reason for that are the differences we mentioned that the very beginning – between the Twin and the Queen size mattresses that are supposed to be the same.

While we wait to collect more information for the updated review (that will probably take 10 months to a year) we will also try to contact both the company and the seller and see if they have comments.

It’s only fair to hear out their side of the story, especially because we are fond of classic brands like Aerobed.

It would be good for the market and, in turn, for the consumer to reinvigorate the competition between the new arrivals and products like this…coming from the industry giants.
As always, please do share your opinions and questions in the comments below or by contacting us directly.