Best Short Queen RV mattress (42 Tested) – 2024 Update

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When we set out to put this guide together, the idea was to include all sizes. In the process, we got some feedback from “RVers” indicating that it would be too broad and confusing.

So we decided to narrow it all down to the most sought-after size and present a list of our picks and reviews of the best short Queen RV mattresses.

We made an effort to diversify and include products that will fit different preferences and budgets. When we say “preferences” we primarily mean memory-foam vs. innerspring.

The ratings you’ll see are a combination of our statistical model and tips from bloggers living the road life, who tested the products first-hand.

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To get to the top 5 we analyzed 42 products and rated them in five quality categories.

From a statistical perspective, the analysis is intricate and includes quite a few subcategories but, for the sake of simplicity, we summed it all up into 5 ratings and one main number – the overall rating. Without much ado, let’s get right to it.

Best RV mattress short Queen – Top 5

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dynasty short queen rv mattress isolated on white

CoolBreze Dynasty


‣ Type: memory foam
‣ Dimensions: (")
75 x 60 x 10
‣ Warranty: 20 years
‣ Trail period: 120 days
‣ Price range: $$$


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travel happy short rv mattress

Travel Happy
by Premium Sleep


‣ Type: memory foam
‣ Dimensions: (")
75 x 60 x 8
‣ Warranty: 10 years
‣ Trail period: no
‣ Price range: $$


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rv short queen innerspring mattress by zinus

Zinus Innerspring


‣ Type: innersping
‣ Dimensions: (")
74 x 60 x 10
‣ Warranty: 10 years
‣ Trail period: no
‣ Price range: $$


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live and sleep ultra mattress queen short

Live & Sleep


‣ Type: memory foam
‣ Dimensions: (")
75 x 60 x 10
‣ Warranty: 20 years
‣ Trail period: no
‣ Price range: $$$


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zinus ultima queen short memory foam rv mattress

Zinus Ultima
Memory Foam


‣ Type: memory foam
‣ Dimensions: (")
74 x 60 x 10
‣ Warranty: 10 years
‣ Trail period: no
‣ Price range: $$


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Top-rated overall – CoolBreeze Dynasty

Dynasty obviously made the CoolBreeze to be a competitor to the highly-praised I-comfort Genius by Serta.

They even say so in the advertising by stressing that it delivers similar quality and comfort at a fraction of the price (at the time of the last update the price of the Serta Genius was well over $1,000).

The materials of the CoolBreeze are top-to-bottom premium – from the 4 foam layers (cooling open-cell foam for the top) to the soft removable cover that features a fire barrier and luxurious brown suede.

In other words, it ticks all the boxes a top-tier RV mattress at a much lower price.

dynasty short queen rv mattress coolbreeze
  • Comfort 97% 97%
  • Support 94% 94%
  • Longevity 96% 96%
  • Satisfaction of RV owners 95% 95%
  • Value for price 94% 94%

The most important part

The crucial part when investing in a product like this without going to a store and trying it out is the warranty and the trial.

The Dynasty CoolBreeze offers the longest warranty of all the products we listed.

More importantly, they offer a 120-days trial, meaning that you can get the mattress and see if it’s a good fit for you. In that time, you can return it no-questions-asked.

It’s the only mattress in our top 5 that offers a trial.

dynasty short queen rv mattress coolbreeze

Runner up – Travel Happy by Premium Sleep Products

Compared to the other models on the list, the Travel Happy is a fairly young product. Hence the delay in including it in our top picks.

Our statistical model includes what we call “a maturity factor”. In other words, when a product hits the market we wait before we consider it. The delay is either one year or a 100 experiences shared by owners, whichever comes first.

It’s a way for us to separate the wheat from the chaff, because not to products with high ratings are the real deal.

So, the first time the Travel Happy made it to the list was about a year ago and it did it with a bang. It’s shut its way right to the top 5, with an unparalleled owner satisfaction of 97%. You can see all the ratings below.

sleep products short queen mattress for rv

Bottom line

The owners we talked to keep stressing one thing about the Travel Happy – how much of a bargain it is.

There are models that match the quality, but they come with a higher price tag. This is what makes the travel happy a runner-up, both overall and in the “value for price” category.

It’s the only product on the list with an owner satisfaction rating of over 95%.

Zinus Ultima RV short Queen innerspring mattress

The Zinus Ultima Innerspring is the only product here that’s not all-foam. It’s a hybrid – innespring core and a foam pilow-top.

Obviously, the main difference between this Zinus  and the other products on the list is the structure.

Comparison between all-foam models and hybrid designs is borderline unfair, especially when it comes to prolonged use and shape retention.

Long-term, the support of an innersping can’t be compared to foam core, no matter how firm it is.

rv short queen innerspring mattress

Who’s it for?

The answer here is obvious, it will be the choice of people who prefer long-term stability and support of coils over memory foam.

We did analyze a few other products of this type, but the structure of this Zinus performs significantly better than other models in its price range.

The i-coil system consists of hundreds independently encased pocketed springs and stands tall, even when compared to products that cost 2 or 3 times more.

Live and Sleep Resort – Classic & Ultra

The Live & Sleep Resort classic boasts an intricate structure of the foam layers. The top layer is the one with the most significant impact on our ratings. The company calls it “the deluxe layer.

It’s infused with air to make it more breathable and allow it to conform better to the body of the sleeper. On the other hand, the core is high density foam which balances well with the cradling of the soft top.

The important part here is the balance between the two – it’s fairly common to see a thick comfort foam used for the top layer, especially in this price range. But, what we often see in models like this is the core lacking in support.

As a result in the long run, the surface can become too soft and lumpy without enough bounce for a comfortable night’s sleep.

beilzss microfiber thickened blanket

Who will choose it – Classic vs. Ultra?

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll probably find it to be worth every cent of the hefty price tag.

The breathability of the air infused top foam will make all the difference.

Going by the owner satisfaction as an indicator, it delivers on the bold promises made by the manufacturer.

It comes in two versions – the Classic (10 inch thick) and the upgraded Ultra (12 inches thick), which is a peg lower on the firmness scale (see the images below).

The Classic currently has over 2,000 reviews shared on Amazon, and the Resort Ultra has 700+.

Zinus Ultima (memory foam) review

Zinus dominates the category, with seven models on our broader list of 20. It’s also the only company represented with 2 products in the top 5 – both from the Ultima series.

The Ultima Comfort Memory Foam is a classic and there is a high chance you already heard about it.

We mentioned that the Travel Happy is the runner-up in value for money – it’s this Zinus that shares the top spot in that category with a rating of 94/100 (same rating as the Dynasty).

zinus ultima queen short mattress for rv

Who will choose this Zinus?

Zinus will be the choice of a conservative buyer looking to buy a top-tier product from a reputable company without breaking the bank.

Currently, it’s both the most budget-friendly solution and most popular, with over 6,000 owner experiences shared on Amazon alone.

zinus ultima memory foam - voted 5th best rv mattress short queen size

RV short queen mattress – sizing

Most of the products are approximately of the same size, and when there is a difference it comes down to one or 2 inches in length.

To be specific, three out of five recommendations we listed above are 75 inches long and two of them are an inch shorter.

When it comes to the thickness, most of the better ones are in the range of 10 to 12 inches. Obviously, the thicker ones cost more.

There are two products we listed here with the thickness of 12 “ and one of them is the highest-rated overall – the Cool Breeze by Dynasty. As we mentioned, this kind of comfort is only comparable to the Serta Genius.

Classic vs. short Queen

The difference between these two sizes is one of the most common questions. Again, the answer comes down to length – the former is 80 inches long and the latter is, obviously shorter – 74-75 “.

Most common materials – memory foam vs. innerspring

Majority of the models with highest ratings are entirely made of foam. There’s only one RV short Queen innerspring mattress that made it to our top 5 – the Zinus deluxe.

People who are privy to the manufacturing processes can probably guess the reason – it’s more intricate (read: more expensive) to manufacture the innerspring models, which amps up the price.

If we take a broader look and consider the models that made it to our list of 20 products labeled as best RV mattress short queen, there were only two candidates in the group. The Zinus is significantly more budget-friendly.

Update policy for our reviews and ratings

We regularly update the ratings and reviews to reflect any changes on the market.

Sharon questions or thoughts you might have in the comment section at the bottom. We strive to respond within 24 hours.

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