About The Sleep Studies

If it’s about sleep, we’re interested!

Who are we?

The Sleep Studies is a website dedicated to all things sleep. Nine members of our core team come from different walks of life, from engineers and doctors to writers and moms.

But we have one thing in common, each of us was afflicted with some kind of sleep disorder at some point in our lives.

That’s why, today, we nurture an intense zest for the bliss of sleep. We do that by developing methods to reliably review sleep products. Instead of telling you, let us show you an example – this is a recent analysis of the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress.

We stay on top of everything related to sleep, from studies and research to the nitty-gritty like bedroom design.
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What we do

We write and research all things sleep. We interview sleep experts, report on studies, review sleep products…in short, if it’s about sleep, we’re interested.

We bring together experts in the fields to put together the most complete guides on a range of sleep-related topics, from wellness and disorders to matching the color in your bedroom.

Product Reviews

One of the more important sections of The Sleep Studies website are tests and reviews of sleep related products.

Over the years, we’ve put together a team of awesome products testers. We review anything from regular to air mattress, toppers and pads, crib mattresses, and all types of blankets.
Some of our latest guides:

fitted cooling pad stretched

We reviewed over 500 products to date.


94% of our readers found them helpful in making an educated choice. We add products to the list every week.


We currently have 42 testers helping us make our minds about the products we test. If you an analytic mind and have a blog or a website, you can apply to be the 43rd below using the contact page below.

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