Best Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump – Top 5 of 126 Tested – January 2024 Update

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Hi and welcome to the Sleep Studies’ guide on best Twin size air mattress with built-in pump – the December ’23 update.

My name is Bob Ozment and I’ll be your airbed industry insider for the day.

Not to brag (he said whille full on bragging) but this guide is one of a kind in a sea of generic information that exists out there.

Three reasons for that

  • One – it deals with ONLY one group of airbeds – Twin air mattresses with integrated pumps. This means it’s not generic information.
  • Two –  foundation are expert knowledge of the industry and the products. This means it’s not some random guy or journalist writing this.
  • Three – it’s all based on first-hand experiences, test results and a massive pool of data. This means there’s substance behind our picks.
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Last updated: January 2024

Why “insider?”

Because I spent the better part of my life working as Quality Assurance Manager with one of the bigger names in the industry.

Why read on

The 5 picks you’ll see are the top-rated models among 120+ we tested and reviewed.

That means we pretty much compared all the good blow up twin air mattresses on the market in all aspects that matter.

Data, data and more data

This guide is a result of over 5,750 work hours and over 41,000 user experiences we analyzed using our statistical model, and it’s updated every month.

Give Andy 30 seconds to go through everything you’ll see below…we did our best to make it simple.

Finding your way on this page

Best Twin-size air mattress with built-in pump – info & ratings of the TOP 5

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dream series twin air mattress
Dream Series

‣ Height: 18 "
‣ Capacity - 300 lbs


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serta twin
Serta Raised
Never Flat

‣ Height: 18 "
‣ Capacity - 300 lbs


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Additional label awarded:

most comfortable twin air mattress
camping series twin low
Camping Series
by SoundAsleep

‣ Height: 9 "
‣ Capacity - 300 lbs


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choices twin size air mattress

Bamboo Topper
Best Choice

‣ Height: 18 "
‣ Capacity - 300 lbs
‣ extra-long


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fox plush twin

Fox Plush

‣ Height: 19 "
‣ Capacity - 300 lbs
‣ extra-long


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What’s new in this update?

This is 9th update to this guide and we’ve seen very little change at the top. There are some new arrivals, but they’re only new to this guide. A case in point is the Serta, which got to the runner-up spot after a few Twin airbeds that used to better were either discontinued or we saw some quality issues.

Sadly, some of our favorite are not being made any more and will only be mentioned as honorary picks.

We’ve also looked at some ways to improve the ratinsg of the twin blow-up bed and their built-in pumps. We’re preparing a bit of an overhaul of the pump category actually. That update should be ready by the end of the year.

Growing pool of first-hand testing data

This update also brings in some major changes to our database. We have now addedd dozens of new Twin airbeds with pumps to the database. We’ve also included new categories based on personal testing. We’ve been working with some top industry exerts to quantify some subjective categories.

A few examples for that:

  • How each bed feels for one night vs. few vs. long-term use
  • How the built-in pumps retain air in the short and in the long-term (1, 3, 6-month mark and a year). In the cases where warranties are longer than a year, we based the tests to cover that.
  • How the satisfaction of the owners changed over the timespan.

Now, that mighht sound boring…

You don’t have to understand it all. The point is this – the quality ratings of twin air mattresseses and the pumps are based on first-hand experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll see that data interpreted as tables and, when useful, comparison charts.

Best twin air mattress with built-in pump – top pick overall – Dream Series by Sound Asleep

Since we first put this guide together about 22 months ago, the Dream Series has been the top-rated Twin-size air mattress that features a built-in pump.

Not much has changed in this update – if price was not a factor, things might be different.

But when it comes to the value for, it’s the king of the hill among Twin airbeds.

Here’s why…

What’s better about it?

  • Built-in pump 94% 94%
  • Air retention 93% 93%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Durability 93% 93%
  • User satisfaction 92% 92%
  • Value for money 92% 92%

The bottom line

Compared to some of the other airbeds that have been in the in the market for much longer, it’s fair to say that this is a young product – brought to the market in 2015.

But it didn’t take much for it to become the most popular among users.

Within 6 months it outranked some of the well-known industry seniors, both in terms of customer satisfaction and the sheer number of people buying it.

We believe that the main reason is the lower percentages of air leaks and superior material – multilayered vinyl (15 gauges thick).

The 15 gauge vinyl translates to 0.057 inches, which is approximately 40% thicker and that the industry standard off 0.04 inches.

In short – it’s the top value.

dream series twin size air mattress profile
unboxing of dream series

Who will choose it?

All the latest advancements in airbed the technology are incorporated into making the Dream Series. It’s backed up by a one year limited warranty and allows for maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

The pump is not your run-of-the-mill pump and the technology used for it is patented by the company, with the main difference being the fast inflation/deflation and the fact that it’s 20% quieter compared to the competition.

That’s why the price tag that’s somewhat lower compared to the competing models is a surprise.

Over 20,000 owners have shared their experience with the Dream Series, you can see them all by following the link below.

 Most comfortable twin air mattress with built-in pump – Serta Never-Flat

 (If you’re buying an airbed for the first time you might not be familiar with the term “never-flat”.

The never-flat refers to the pump used for some of the better Serta models.

In fact, it’s two pumps – the main one (which inflates and deflates the bed) and the secondary that the tops it off during the night if the sensors notice a drop in pressure.

The technology is probably one of the biggest milestones the industry has seen in the last two decades.

Best Twin airbed for everyday use (and most comfortable)

We’re awarding this Serta two additional labels – best twin-size airbed for everyday use and most comfortable in its price range.

It’s the pump that makes all the difference in those two categories.

serta twin pump close up instructions
  • Built-in pump 94% 94%
  • Air retention 93% 93%
  • Comfort 95% 95%
  • Durability 93% 93%
  • User satisfaction 88% 88%
  • Value for money 93% 93%

Who will choose the Serta Raised?

This Serta will be your choise if you prioritize comfort.

Also, if you want to be certain that you are your guests won’t be waking up to a half-deflated mattress, Serta Raised will be the way to go.

Compared to other air mattreses that feature this pump technology, this Serta costs much less.

In its price range (an a few above), it’s the most comfortable Twin air mattress. You can read more about it below.

serta never flat twin airbed

Fastest built-in pump in a twin-size airbed – KingKoil

If you’re looking for a low-rise or space-saving camping air bed in Twin size, the top pick is the Camping Series by Sound Asleep.

It’s not only one of the best in the size, it’s also one of the top-rated camping models overall.

The technology used in the more expensive home models of the company are also the basis for the Camping Series.

The difference is the reinforced vinyl designed to be more durable and meet to the challenges of outdoor use.

camping series twin airbed front

Best Twin-size air mattress among low-rises for camping – Sound Asleep Low

If you’re looking for a low-rise or space-saving camping air bed in Twin size, the top pick is the Camping Series by Sound Asleep.

It’s not only one of the best in the size, it’s also one of the top-rated camping models overall.

The technology used in the more expensive home models of the company are also the basis for the Camping Series.

The difference is the reinforced vinyl designed to be more durable and meet to the challenges of outdoor use.

camping series twin airbed front
  • Built-in pump 92% 92%
  • Air retention 94% 94%
  • Comfort 90% 90%
  • Durability 88% 88%
  • User satisfaction 89% 89%
  • Value for money 90% 90%

Bottom line

The Camping Series might be right for you if you’re looking a a bed for outdoor use or if you prefer a low-rise over the elevated models.

If that describes your needs, you’re in luck, because it’s also one of the 2 top-rated products in the category of “value for money”.

Twin blow-up mattress – two honorary mentions

(beds that used to be contenders but are now discontinued)

We’ll allow ourselves a bit of nostalgia here and mention two airbeds that used to be in the top 10 of this category and one of our favorites but have since been discontinued.

If you happen to like these, drop us a comment because we’re currently gathering data and two similar picks in mind. These new picks are yet to stand the test of time and data volume, but based on what we’re seeing, they’re just as good.

Best firm Twin air bed with the bamboo topper and a built-in pump

[discontinued and not available on Amazon or their site]

This one was confusing, it used to be called “best choice” – as in that actually used to be the name of the product.

We must say that we were never huge fans of the name they chose for it, because it’s confusing for our readers – but we didi like the testing results and user satisfaction we’ve seen with this product…until it was discontinued.

The most obvious difference was the fact that this is an XL, which means that it is a peg longer than a classic Twin.

It’s 80 inches long compared to the 78 inches that the industry standard in this size range, which was a nice touch for the extra tall. If that sounds interesting, you can see our current top picks in the extra long category here.

choice twin size airbed blue
unboxing of the twin airbed
  • Air retention 94% 94%
  • Comfort 92% 92%
  • Durability 95% 95%
  • User satisfaction 87% 87%
  • Value for money 89% 89%

Who it (used to be) for?

Before it was discontinued, this used to be a his is a firm air mattress, probably too firm for most people. But it was a viable choice for people who prefer a sturdier sleeping surface.

The robust construction was somewhat balanced out by the bamboo topper that comes included – the combo makes a great choice for people with back pain issues.

The 2 inches of extra length might be a factor for tall people or those who plan to use it by placing it in the middle of the room (not against the wall), because you are less likely to “chase the” pillows.

Another consideration here is that the topper is attached to a skirt that covers the vinyl sides, so if don’t you don’t like the look of a classic air mattress.

Fox Plush – used to be one of the best inflatable Twin beds – it’s now discontinued and we found an alternative

This one is an honorary mention and a hopeful keep. As in, we hope it comes back.

There are a few things that stood out with Fox Plush Durabeam.

First of all, there’s the fact that this it’s one of the toughest inflatable twin beds we know – around the office we used to call it “the beast”.

The vinyl was 0.06 mm thick – which is about 43% thicker than the industry standard.

The top features what Fox calls “airflow chambers” – it’s an added layer of air-cells that make the bed more comfortable.

It used to be one of the two models on the list featured both “best with built-in pump” and with standalone pump, which made it an option for camping.

fox airbed twin
  • Air retention 93% 93%
  • Comfort 92% 92%
  • Durability 94% 94%
  • User satisfaction 88% 88%
  • Value for money 88% 88%

Did we find it anywhere?

No, it seems that Fox is definitely discontinued for good. And believe you me – if someone knows where to look, it’s us.

We’re keeping it on this page for now and if it comes back, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can look at similar beds in our guide on most heavy-duty airbeds here.

couple lying on twin air mattress

Best twin inflatable mattress – reference info and how we chose

twin airbed by sound asleep side view

Analysis of the Dream Series – the best twin blow up mattress

The built-in pump

The pump is fast and efficient -it inflates and deflates the bed in under 3 minutes.

It is what you call a two-way, which means that it’s used to both inflate-deflate the bed – no need for pushing the air out manually. You simply switch from the off position to the right to inflate and to the left to deflate the Twin air bed.

As we mentioned above, the pump used for Sound Asleep product is specifically designed to complement the inner construction and patented by the company. In terms of noise levels, it is about 20% less noisy than pumps used in sub-par blow-up mattresses.

Top surface

The surface of the top of this Twin inflatable is extra thick, waterproof and flocked with a material that resembles felt.


Having in mind that the this Twin air bed weighs under 14 pounds and comes with its own carry bag, we give it full five-star for portability.

Coils and weight distribution – how the top twin sizes felt and tested 

What launched the company to the top tier of the industry can be summed up into a few things and one of the most important is the way the coils distribute to weight. They’re not only sturdier, but there’s more of them – for the Twin size the inner chambers includes 21 coils.

They do their job in a way that’s similar to that of an innerspring classic bed.

Stability and edges

The air coils are also the main “culprit” behind the fact that the edges don’t have as much “give” compared to 95% of inflatables we tested. The edges are sturdy enough to sit on without compromising the integrity of the structure and sinking in. Having tested over 100 inflatable beds so far (in all size combined), we can report this is one of the products with the most stable sleep surface and lowest percentage of people who report sinking-in towards the middle.

Height of the Twin blow up mattress 

Sitting it 18 inches high, it’s at the sweet spot to emulate the “feel” of a classic bed. We are stressing this because it might be a factor for the elderly and people with back pain problems. With twin-size inflatable beds the of-lower quality you’ll see more swaying and movement. The incidence of this kind of complaints in our testing of this products was lower than 2%.

Quality of the vinyl

In our experience what makes or breaks a blow-up-mattress is primarily the quality of the vinyl used. For the Dream Series Twin, the vinyl is manufactured by multi-layering. It is 15 gauge thick, which translates to about 1.45 mm and 0.0 57 inches. What’s better about multilayered vinyl is that it doesn’t stretch as much. This means that less force is exerted on the inner chambers and the seams.

The better weight distribution and the lowered stress levels on the seams and chambers, combined with the heftier material, results in a bed with one of the lowest leak percentage is we’ve seen in our tests.

One of the best twin-size inflatables for everyday use

Few of the Twin size airbeds are actually good for everday use.

I’d say very few.

Soundd Asleep is one of the few that passes that test – courtesy of the air retetntion and weight distrubution. Combine those and you get one of the most comfortable beds in the size.

In my opinion, it’s the only twin airbed without a never-flat pump that’s good enough for everyday sleeping.

Slipping and sliding – results from our test

The incidence and %s of uncomfort caused by the bed moving or sliding across the floow surface puts it in the top 3 highest-rated Twin airbeds we looked at.

bag of serta twin

More about the Serta Raised – best blow up twin mattress for everyday use

This Twin size air bed comes from one of the most well trusted companies in the industry – Serta.

But that’s not what earned it the place and the top five – it’s more about the balance between support and comfort and

More importantly, the never-flat pump is as reliable as any.

Comfortable and good for everyday use

Finally, it takes the cake in two additional categories – most comfortable and best for everyday use in the Twin size category, and that’s no small feat.

It goes without saying that none of the brands will actually recommend sleeping in a twin infoatble mattress everyday. I’m saying that, if you do, this one will be the comfiest.

Again, it’s all about the built-in pump.

How does a never-flat pump work in Twin size air beds?

If this is not your first time buying an inflatable or you’ve already done your research you probably understand how the secondary pump works.

The technology is based on sensors that “notice” any fluctuation in the pressure of the chambers and silently turn the “smaller” pump on to add a bit more air and compensates for the loss of pressure.

It’s now been over 7 years since I conducted my first hands-on test of this bed.

Year in, year out, it scores high across the board – especially in comfort for everyday sleep.

Pump specifics of the firm Twin air mattress (based on our first-hand experience and tests)

The main pump is your classic built-in, electric and uses 120 V. The frequency is 60 Hz and the power is 105 W.

We measured these listed specs first-hand and awarded points to teh beds whose built-in pumps were accurately descfibed in the specs.

That might sound commonplace and it’s anything but – there’s more than aa few inflatables that fell below the red line precisely because of the results in these tests.

To be specific

We excluded any twin airbed when we masured innacurate power specs and frequency.

It’s a deal breaker because it means you’re paying for something that’s not there.

Auto shut-off function

In this price range of Twin airbeds, combination of a smart, sensor-equipped pump and a shut-off function is very rarely seen.

That’s what allows this Serta to face the technological advancements of the new arrivals in the industry, stand its ground and remain popular among users.

It costs only about 20% more than similar Twin sizes, including the ones in on this list.

This is why the ratings in the “value for money” category are currently 93 out of 100 and compare only to that of the Dream Series.

Test results for the built in pumps of the twin airbeds

Based on our tests, the top twin-size beds and their built-in pumps also performed in most other key aspects – from comfort to air retention.

The top picks feel comfy and retain air and we and our testers slep well on each of those.

sound asleep pump

More about the Camping Series

The initial model from Sound Asleep hit the market in 2013 and we already said multiple times that it has taken over like a force of nature, outranking some of the products that have been reigning to the category for years before that.

The reasons for the high ratings of the Camping Series are similar things to those that gave the edge to its “older cousin” – the Dream Series.

The chambers use the same weight distribution technology of coils to minimize sinkage stress, air leaks and incidence of the structural integrity being compromised.

Dream vs. Camping Series Twin

When comparing the two, the most obvious differences are the pump and the craftsmanship of the top surface.

While the pump of the Dream Series is electric and built-in, this model uses one that’s rechargeable and battery-operated.

Initial charge on arrival

The battery included has enough power for about 2 full inflations. After that, you perform the initial charge, which is crucial for the battery life in the long run and should be about 12 hours.

Compared to camping Twin air beds with rechargeable pumps, we found the battery used here is in the top 3% in terms of charge-hold.

This might not be the big deal if you’re using the inflatable at home, but it certainly is for campers, especially those on prolonged camping trips. In real life, this means that you can safely take it on the trip without worrying about the battery dying loosing power on the campsite.

Safety from overheating

Based on what we’ve seen in our tests and reviews, we put this pump into the top 7% in terms of safety from overheating.

It automatically deactivates if the motor reaches a certain temperature.

Having in mind that takes about 3 minutes to full inflation and about 6 minutes of straight running for the pump to get into the overheating mode, it’s safe to say that you won’t be seeing this happen very often.

In our tests and experiences, we’ve only seen this happen in about 3% of users.

The most likely scenario is the car motor not providing enough power or not compatible with the inner circuitry of the batteries. But, as we said, the pump works well even when used with the car outlet and the incidence of these scenarios is minuscule.

Compatibility with other inflatables

The package arrives with a few nozzles and we’ve seen many people asking about the smaller one.

That’s one is included so that the pump is compatible with other airbeds.

Durability and capacity

This Twin size air bed is designed to be used for the maximum weight of 300 lbs, while the same model in Queen size has a capacity of-500 pounds.

Quality of the cord

The cord used to charge the pump is approximately 12 inches long and, when not used, you can shuffle it in into its own unit (integrated into the side of the bed).

We have seen no other quality issues or structural damage to the court with prolonged use.

Chemicals and off-gassing

The vinyl is environment friendly which means that, as per the company, no harmful chemicals like phthalates or heavy metals are used to treat the material.

The percentage of complaints about the initial plastic odor was one of the lowest – top 5%.

unboxing best choise twin air mattress

More about the Best Choice with intergrated pump and bamboo topper

We explained why we had the high expectations as soon as we learned that the website that used to be dedicated to selling other brands is making a product of their own.

It’s safe to say that we were not disappointed since this bed is one over our top picks in most of the sizes.

There are few products out there with the warranty terms that are as flexible as those provided by the company behind this product.

New owners enjoy a 1-year warranty and, what will be probably more important for most users, a 6-week return guarantee.

This means that you can use the the bed for two months and if you’re not pleased with what you got you simply get a full refund.

Customer Service

We know the industry pretty well and we have seen claim claims like this before but in real life it gets a bit more complicated.

Companies that are not as trustworthy tend to track drag out the process and have you on the phone for days asking for explanations about the return.

That’s why we decided to test their warranty claim ourselves.

After getting the airbed we made a phone call asking for a return and a refund. The responsiveness of the customer service can only be described as impressive.

Of course, we didn’t end up actually returning the product; it was more about testing whether the company truly stands behind what they say.

We’re happy to report that, in this case, they do.

The trust factor (TF)

This is a big deal for the ratings that you seen above because over the years we tweaked the formula we use to rate the product to include what we call a “trust factor”.

The maximum Trust Factor is 1.

With companies whose customer service is not as efficient, we adjust the ratings to reflect that. In our book, this company has a maximum TF of 1.

Unboxing and storage

This Twin airbed arrives in a box with the following the dimensions – 16.5 x 12.75 x 9.25.

After use, you pack it into the carry case (included) and the folded size is a bit smaller than the box it comes in.

The topper

Since this is a very firm bed, we feel like it was a good idea to include the topper to balance out the firmness and minimize the pressure points. On a secondary note, it’s pleasing to the eye, it’s that important to you.


Most inflatable beds will be best suited for people who prefer medium firmness and what we mean by versatility here is the fact that you can even add an extra pad to make it loftier.

For those who find most inflatables not to be supportive enough, this product might be the answer.

Quality of the vinyl

When companies in the airbed industry talk about the vinyl they use phrases like “durable” and “puncture resistant.” For an average customer, this is too vague and doesn’t mean much.

With this bed, the claims made about the vinyl are substantiated with precise definitions about how it’s made and what’s in it.

The main advantage in those terms is the fact that this is the only product out there that explicitly says that the vinyl is virgin (meaning that it’s not recycled).

fox durabeam twin xl front

More about Fox Plush

What Fox Plush has going for it is the unparalleled toughness.

As you can see in the images that we share here, the material is 0.06 mm thick which is slightly over 15 gauge.

It’s also nice plus to have the option of using the extra valve with an external pump.

True to size ratings

Another factor that we’re using is our statistical analysis is whether the airbed is true to size. It’s not uncommon to see models that are a bit shorter or not as high as the listed dimensions.

With Fox, what you see in the listing is exactly what you get. According to our stats, the incidence of complaints about size is lower than 1%.

2 extra inches

The Fox is one of the products in this guide that’s actually more accurately described as Twin XL. While most Twins are 76 to 78 inches this Fox is 80 inches, and that’s measuring only the top surface.

Another thing that we don’t like to see in the industry in the company listing the dimensions of the further-most edges – this is it especially an issue with airbeds designed with “bulges”.

For example, if the design features “bulging” sides and the company list the dimensions at, say, 78 inches without precisely defining which length the referring to (sleeping surface or the outer measurements) you can end up with a smaller product than you expect.

Based on what we’ve seen, Fox doesn’t engage in that kind of trickery with its customers and the measurements listed are actually those of the sleeping surface.

FAQs about the the Twin airbeds

FAQs about Dream Series Twin air bed

Can it be used with a battery-operated pump?

No, the pump is built-in, electric and runs on AC power.

We would not recommend trying to inflate using a rechargeable pump, even if you use a converter.

How often do I need to top it off?

The question about the frequency of adding air is important. But it’s also relative and it depends on how often you use the bed and the weight of the sleepers.

For reference purposes, we would say the say that adding a bit of air once a week is the scenario most commonly reported by our testers.


Since this is a high-rise and the one-piece model, we would go with fitted sheets in the same size The ribs that run horizontally around the mattress will keep the elastic band safely in place.

How good is it for everyday use?

As per the company, the product is designed to be used every day and doing it might void your warranty. With that said, in our experience, people who use it frequently reported it to be comfortable and not cause any issues like back pain.

Does it have to stay plugged in?

We’ve seen this question a few times and the source of the confusion is probably people mixing up this type of pump with the never-flat. This is a regular electric pump that you plug in, use and then store it into the dedicated chamber.

Storage size

What’s important here is the pump is efficient in draining every last bit of air, so the bed can be folded into a relatively small package. According to our measurements, that’s approximately a roll of about 15 inches in circumference.

The cord length

Measures from the body to the very end of the cord, the length is approximately 49 inches, which is much longer than most beds.

This puts this Twin air bed in the top 4% in terms of cord length and usability.

FAQs about the Serta Raised and it’s intergrated pump

The pillow-top

The Serta raised is available as a pillow-top version made of poly-fiber with a cotton finish and fitted band that grips the side ribs of the mattress. The basic model doesn’t include the topper and it’s an add-on the new that you can choose to get.

Initial stretching

It’s the nature of the material and it’s not unusual to see to see stretching and adjusting over the few first day of use. To the untrained eye, it might seem like the bed is losing air.

We would advise not to jump to conclusions here and reach for the phone right away

If the air-loss is only slight, he most probable cause is the stretching. After the few days the bed sets in and you’re not likely to see the issue.

Can it be used for camping?

In theory, yes. But that doesn’t mean that the pump has the autonomy to be used without power

The option you have here is using it at the campsite that offers a power outlet or driving to the site with the airbed already set up (we are aware that not many people will do that).

Cleaning the Twin air mattress

We’ve seen a range of methods of cleaning the top which tends to collect lint when used without the topper. Most people clean it using a handheld vacuum with the “for hair” brush attachment.

FAQs about the Camping Series Twin

How often should you read charge the pump?

What we’ve seen with frequent use is that the pump holds the charge for multiple weeks, depending on the frequency of use.

If you don’t use the bed for months at a time, it’s advisable to do a full charge every 3035 days to keep the circuitry of the batteries in its optimal “shape”.

Is the car charger included?

Yes, the pump comes with both a car and a wall charger. In case you lose the car outlet plug-in, what might work is a converter of 12 volts DC 110 volts.

Can the Twin size be used for two people?

The Twin is not large enough to comfortably fit two adults, and even if you do squeeze in, keep in mind the weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Can you use standalone batteries?

The pump is a one-piece and is built-in, there’s no need for battery replacement.

Can I use with a leg or manual pump?

There is no alternative valve that would fit a nozzle of a leg or manual pump.

FAQs about the Twin size air bed with bamboo topper

Can I use an alternative power source?

To use it you need a 110 V outlet. The current is 15 amps, and to use anything else you would need a converter.

Is there an out of shut-off feature?

No, there’s no out of shut-off safety, you just turn off the pump when the bed is inflated to your desired firmness.

Can I use batteries?

The pump is electric and can’t be used with batteries, but for campers, the important part is that it comes with an extra valve for a manual or leg pump and the appropriate nozzle.

Weight capacity of the Fox Plush Twin explained

We did say that this is the toughest inflatables in Twin size out there. This doesn’t mean that the weight capacity of the size is significantly higher than that of similar models.

The gauge of the vinyl comes into play in larger sizes (like Queen or King) and weight capacity limit for the Twin is still 300 pounds.

Reference info

Sizing of Twin air mattresses

The size of Twin air mattresses can range from 73-80 inches long, 38-39 inches wide and 6 to 25 inches high – depending on the brand. In terms of height you can find them described as single-high or double-high but, with most brands, the description will be low or high-rise.

Weight capacity of Twin air beds

Vast majority of Twin air mattresses have the maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.


Twin size inflatables for home use usually come with an integrated, built-in pump, while those for camping and outdoors typically run on a rechargeable or battery-operated pump.

Self-inflating options

There are some self-inflating Twin size air mattresses. These are based on open-cell foam technology and can be as slim as 4 inches. It’s more accurate to describe them as pads or mats.

Top brands

We’d say that the top 6 brands of Twin size air mattresses are Sound Asleep, Serta, Fox, Intex, Coleman and Aerobed.

Where to buy them

Twin air mattresses are widely available for purchase both in-store and online in places like Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Final thoughts and future updates

To keep the information presented relevant, we update this guide quarterly.

The exception to that rule can happen when we see the user satisfaction percentages fluctuating with some of the products listed.

If this happens, we do an unscheduled update to the ratings for the specific product

With the time behind us we believe that we have a list here that accurately represents the market. It gets more accurate with each new update, as the pool of data we use grows.

You can always use the comment section below to reach out – you’ll see a response from us within a day.

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