Etekcity air mattress review – ratings & comparisons

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Etekcity is one of the few air mattresses that can be considered a new arrival to the market, and that’s why we had to wait until we share have enough data to use for our statistical analysis and ratings.

It’s a part of the same product wave the started in 2013 with the arrival of SoundAsleep Dream Series  – you can see its review here, with both pump and materials improved.

The one add-on that we’re seeing is a big plus with Etekcity is a secondary valve, similar to that of the Fox Plush – you can see it here,  what puts this bed between the Dream Series and the Fox.

That’s why we’ll not only review what makes this air bed tick but we’ll also do a head-to-head comparison with some airbeds and similar price range and of similar type.

etekcity air mattress

Basic info and fact sheet of the Etekcity


  • 80 x 60 x 22 “
  • Max capacity – 650 LBS
  • warranty – one year


  • 75 x 39 x 18 “
  • Max capacity 300 LBS
  • warranty – one year
etekcity airbed structure illustration


User Satisfaction


Air loss issues

Materials and durability

The weight capacity of the Etekcity air mattress is higher than that of some of the best air mattresses – you can see our guide listing and reviewing them here.

With the weight capacity of six 650 LBS for the Queen, it’s one of the most durable and mattresses out there.

The Etekcity has been on the market long enough now that we can attest to the fact that they have a solid customer service and they stand behind the warranty policy.

This is a testament to the fact that the listed weight capacity is not just a number they came up with, but solid proof of durability.

Double stacking of the vinyl

The double stacked inner chambers are designed to increase the firmness of the edges, and keep the top surface flatter, even when sitting very edge of the bed.

etekcity airbed structure illustration

On top of that, the lifetime support promised by the company is nothing to be shrugged off, especially in the days when the policy of most companies is that, once the warranty period is over, you’re pretty much on your own.

The company makes a special point about the PVC used in non-toxic and adhering to the strictest standards of safety.


Apart from being non-toxic, the vinyl used is pretty the industry standard in terms of thickness (0.4 mm thick), and the construction is multilayered which makes it more stable. Etekcity calls this special PVC used for the bottom “skid-free.”

etekcity unboxing

It’s the stability that gives it that extra boost in needed for the company to confidently release such high maximum weight capacity.

The top is flocked and resistant to water, constructed of two-layer PVC (has slightly more friction to it to prevent moving or sliding).

“Refreshing” height

What we mean by “refreshing” here is that most models in queen-size are 18 to 19 inches high. Even those that used to be higher (like the aforementioned Fox) changed the design to a lower profile.

That’s one of the reasons that we like the design of the Etekcity – the profile height of the Queen-size.

Air retention of the Etekcity air mattress

Since we haven’t personally tested Etekcity, we can only speak based on the information gathered for our statistical analysis.

The user satisfaction rating of 85 out of 100 is solid and puts it in the top 10% of products we reviewed and tested over the past few years.

In terms of air retention and structural integrity, we saw about 6% of users mentioning it as an issue. That percentage is in a bit of a conflict with the overall satisfaction rate and we are looking forward to testing the bed and see what we were actually working with here.

The pump

The listed inflation and deflation time 5 minutes is somewhat slower than what’s an industry standard today (which is 3 to 4 minutes). The pump is similar to the box models, with the closed compartment for storing away the cable and sing shape of the knob the controls the firmness.

pump controls

The secondary valve

As we said, in terms of the inflation system, Etekcity similar to the Fox plush and features the same kind of secondary valve which allows for alternative inflation (like using battery-operated, leg or manual pumps).

manual secondary valve of the etekcity air mattress

It’s what makes it an option for camping. We do have enough data to reach conclusions and ratings in our five quality categories, but we don’t have enough to go on in terms of camping use.

So far, it seems that it is going to be one of the contenders for the top camping models. But unless it suddenly becomes more popular and we can gather more information about camping use, we don’t see it being a part of our guide on the top 10 best camping air mattresses for at least a year.


We did mention that this is one of the new arrivals that we haven’t personally tested and the ratings mentioned above are based on our statistical modeling of user experiences.

In those numbers, we saw a few conflicting stats, like the overall satisfaction versus the percentage of people mentioning air retention as an issue.

It’s our plan to get and test the Etekcity air mattress within the next year so that we can come back which more reliable information and complete ratings.

For now, this review is updated every three months to include new data into our statistical model.

Based on what we have now, we can see the Etekcity standing tall in the “battle” for spots in the top 10 models for home use.