SoundAsleep Cloud Nine air mattress review – July 2017 update

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Deer in headlights moment

When Cloud Nine by SoundAsleep hit the market towards the end of 2016, it was a deer in headlights moment for those who know the landscape of the air bed industry.

The deer were the competing companies, including the the industry giants and we were the squirrel in the tree curious to how this top of the line model will face real life.

sound asleep cloud nine airbed

Digest of user satisfaction stats

Below are a few numbers from the pool of data we collected from our testers and retailers that carry the Cloud 9.

  • 1 in 128 owners saw an air leak or a pinhole developing within a month and 1 in 88 within 6-month (the warranty of the Cloud Nine is 1 Year)
  • 98% of our testers described the Cloud 9 as comfortable
  • 78% of those who already owned or tested 2 or more airbeds in the past said it was “the most comfortable” model they slept on
  • Current user satisfaction % with the Cloud Nine (people who rated it with 4 or 5 stars is 96 %)

Rated 9.7/10 overall with a 96% user satisfaction

The SoundAsleep Cloud Nine Series air mattress is the first model to have this kind of numbers, both in our testing and in the user reviews.

The best part is, things settled in and Cloud Nine is still standing the test of time. If the beginning of this review reads like a Teleshop ad that’s because this airbed deserved it with hard stats that you’ll see further down in the review.

SoundAsleep Cloud Nine queen

Overall Rating


User Satisfaction

PROs and CONs of the Cloud Nine


  • Lowest air leak % in the industry at the 1 and 6 month mark
  • Comfortable and sleeps like a real bed – the 40+ chambers distribute weight and make a stable sleeping surface
  • Smart dual pump eliminates the risk of the airbed deflating, even if there is a pinhole
  • Fast and silent inflation – the main pump inflated the best in under 3 minutes, and the secondary pump is quiet, which is not always the case with smart pumps
  • Extra thick flocking, air beams and slightly raised edges
  • Non-slip bottom material – no sliding or moving
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Price – costs about 20 % more than the competitor model with similar features
  • No size and color choices – only comes in Queen size and blue-beige combo
  • Only available for the US market

Our lifespan projections for the Cloud Nine

(in years, based of frequency of use described below)

Occasional Use

Frequent Use

Everyday Use

These projections are based on our proprietary algorithm and do not represent views of the manufacturers

Why is Cloud Nine the best?

What SoundAsleep did with the Cloud Nine is take everything that was still keeping some of the other models in the race with their Dream Series model, make it better and include it in the Cloud Nine.

Air retention of the Cloud Nine

What models like Serta Never Flat had on the Dream Series (also made by SoundAsleep) was the Never Flat pump.

This pump kept the bed inflated through the night by silently adding air.

The response from SoundAsleep came in the form of including the Dual Smart Pump in the Cloud Nine, which pretty much does the same thing. This pushed the model to the very top, making it the best air mattress in our ratings and reviews.

Air retention rating of the Cloud Nine

Combine the advantages of the Comfort Coil Inner design
and the I-beams that were already there and showing
superior results in terms of not loosing air.

Comfort of the SoundAsleep Cloud 9 air mattress

Comfort was never an issue with SoundAsleep models, but Cloud 9 is a whole different beast.

The new pump that maintains firmness levels (three of them you can choose from) and the extra flocking added to the top, made the Cloud 9 one of the few air mattresses that sleep like a real bed.

It’s currently rated at 98/100 in the Comfort category.

Comfort rating of Cloud 9

Forget the confusing tech terms

No need to remember any of these tech terms – as much as the companies do their best to describe the innovations with names and terms that sound like they belong on a space mission, you don’t need to understand it.

In fact, it’s best if you don’t deal with what any of those terms are but let us put it in plain terms.

What Comfort Coil, I-beams & Dual Smart Pump
mean for you?

The first two mean no bounciness and a flat and stable sleeping surface with no sinking to the middle.

The later means there’s practically zero chance of you or your guests waking up to a deflated bed.

Durability and longevity of the SoundAsleep Cloud 9

Durability rating of the Cloud Nine

What Fox Plush and a few other models had on the Dream Series was the durability of the PVC and the extra thickness of the top.

The response from SoundAsleep is making the PVC of the Cloud 9, multi-layered and “puncture-resistant”.

Why is “puncture-resistant in quotes?

We’re putting the puncture-resistant in quotes because we never liked the terms because it’s relative and doesn’t really mean anything.

If that’s how you judged airbeds, every single one of them would be great just because it says so its fact sheet.

How are things in real life?


We’ve already seen the 2 most important numbers – percentage of leaks or pinholes developed after 1 month and 6 months of use.

Both of the numbers are very close to the most heavy-duty air mattresses out there, the Fox Plush and the Best Choice Bamboo.

Bottom line – so far it seems every bit as durable as the toughest models out there.

Final thoughts and takeaways

There’s no going back

Cloud Nine bests the competing models in what are supposed to be their stronger suits.

Honestly, we don’t see any space for improvement in terms of quality while keeping the price under $200.

The only way we see the Cloud 9 not being at the top anymore is if somebody made it at a lower price.

Knowing what goes into making this kind of airbed, we don’t see it happening.

carry bag of the cloud nine series by soundasleep

Cloud 9 is here to stay as the best-rounded and balanced model (quality vs. price).

No airbed on the market comes close.