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The thickest PVC

Fox Plush High-rise along with a few of its “cousins” is the only home use airbed that’s made using a 0.6 mm thick vinyl.

Just for reference, the industry standard is 0.4 mm, which makes the vinyl used for this Fox about 50 % thicker.

Does the thickness make a difference in real life?

It absolutely does.

From everything we’ve seen in the data gathered from our testers and user reviews of this Fox, it makes all the difference, both in terms of durability and longevity and air retention.

fox air mattress plush high rise

Last updated: February 2021

Most important stats of the Fox Plush air mattress

  • 1 in 133 owners of this Fox reported an air leak within the first month of use (0.78%
  • 1 in 97 and 1 in 72 saw this Fox developing a leak within 6 months and 1 year of use respectively
  • 93 % of users described it as “comfortable”

All quality ratings of the Fox Plush

  • 93%
    Air retention - 93%
  • 92%
    Comfort - 92%
  • 97%
    Durability & Longevity - 97%
  • 91%
    User satisfaction - 91%
  • 92%
    Value for $ - 92%
fox plush high rise queen airbed front

Overall rating of the Fox Plush High rise


User satisfaction percentage

Pros and Cons of this Fox air mattress


  • The toughest and most durable – about 50% thicker material used
  • Highest weight capacity in the industry – 750 lbs for the Queen and King
  • Air flow chambers make it comfortable – solid motion isolation, pressure point relief and no cold air rushes
  • Secondary valve for inflation using a standalone (battery operated or rechargeable pump)
  • 90 day return warranty


  • Heavy – the Queen size weighs close to 40 lbs
  • The profile height of 24 “ can prove to be a problem for senior sand elderly people in terms of getting on and off the airbed
  • The pump cannot be used with a car adapter

Lifespan projections for the Fox plush high-rise

(in years, based of frequency of use described below)

Occasional use

Frequent Use

Everyday Use
These projections are based on our proprietary algorithm and do not represent views of the manufacturers

How well Fox Plush holds air

With the rating of 93/100 in the category of air retention, Fox Plush high rise is in the top 5 highest rated inflatable beds in the category.

The thicker vinyl plays two roles

The fact that materials used is much thicker than in other airbed beds not only makes this Fox tougher and much harder to puncture but relieves some of the stress the seams suffer.

In spite of popular belief, most air mattresses give in not because they are punctured by a needle or a cat claw but because of stretching that puts stress on the seams.

Air retention ratingh of the Fox Plush air mattress
Why is this important?

Because the thicker vinyl doesn’t stretch as much, the incidence of air leaks is much lower compared to similar models.

Comfort of the Fox air mattress

The air-flow chambers make all the difference

We’ve seen durable and tough airbeds that are uncomfortable and we’ve seen the opposite, comfy airbeds that give in within a month of use – this Fox is built to last and to be used long-term.

Balancing between toughness and comfort is the its main forte

Each air mattress we have in our top 10 has some sort of system in place to balance out the two.

With the Fox Plush air matress, it’s the air-flow chambers layer added to the top that makes all the difference in terms of comfort.

If the air-flow layer wasn’t there, this would probably be an uncomfortable bed.

Here’s why:

Comfort rating of the Fox Plush
  • Cold air rushes – a common issue with inflatable of lower quality is the air circulating inside the bed. When the cold micro-currents of air hit the top, they can be so intense as to wake you up. The independent extra layer of top chambers of the Fox Plush absorbs these temperature changes.
  • Weight distribution– if the air-flow chambers weren’t there, the ultra-tough construction would be too “stiff” for the bed to be comfortable. There would be nothing to allow your hips and shoulder to sink and align your spine.
  • Motion isolation – again, the air-flow chambers act pretty much as an added topper or pad would. They localize the movement and isolate it to one half of the airbed, allowing for a comfortable 2-person sleep.
The sweet spot between support & comfort

The air-flow chambers layer of the Fox plush high-rise are what balances out the sturdiness on the bed, distributing weight, isolating motions of two sleepers and eliminating cold air rushes.

Durability and longevity of the Fox

No airbed compares to Fox in terms of durability

As you could see both in the stats and the projected lifespan, this is one durable air mattress.

Again, what makes the most difference in terms of difference of durability and longevity is the thickness of the PVC and how well the sturdier material distributes weight across the sleeping surface.

It’s current durability and longevity rating is an all-time-high of 97/100

The projected lifespan numbers are the highest of any air mattress we’ve ever reviewed and that’s over 100 air beds so far.

Durability rating of the Fox Plush

Is the Fox worth your dollars?

We are free to say that, for the quality of the materials and the inner construction, the Fox Plush offers top value.

Compared size-to-size, the Fox Plush costs about 10-15% than most competing models, but it’s a one-stop-shop. You don’t need to buy extra toppers to make it more comfortable or protect it.

side view fox plush air mattress

Value for money rating of the Fox Plush

These small add-ons like toppers or skirts is where “they get you”. You buy a cheap airbed and you need to buy extra stuff to make it work for you.

As-is, Fox Plush is one of the 3 best air mattresses out there. With all that in mind, it’s fair to say that it’s a bargain.

Value for $

It’s currently rated 92/100 in the category of “value for money” which puts it in the top 3% of air mattresses we ever tested.

FAQs about this Fox

Below are some of the questions we’ve received about the Fox Plush, they are collected from the emails we’ve received over the years and comments section (both on this page and the page that lists the best air mattresses).

What is the weight limit of this Fox air mattress?

The listed weight limit of Plush is the highest in the industry – 750 lbs for the Queen. It’s what makes it our top choice for heavy people.

Does the pump shut off automatically?

No, the pump is standard and you shut it off manually once the bed reaches the firmness that’s right for you. This means that it might take a few uses so that you can find the sweet spot.

Once you do, we recommend that you measure the time it takes to reach it. It’s smooth sailing from there.

How long does it take to inflate this Fox airbed?

Depending on your desired firmness level, it takes about 3-4 minutes to inflate a Fox air mattress.

How high is this Fox?

The top sleeping surface sits at 24 inches high, making it the highest airbed we know.

If the Fox Plush true to size?

Fox air mattresses are one of the very few air mattress brands that are absolutely true to size, no shenanigans like with most other brands…like where you should measure.

The actual sleeping surface of the fox example, Fox King air mattress measures precisely 80 x 76 inches.

Can it be used outdoors?

In theory – yes. In real life – only if you are driving to the site.

It’s a bulky and heavy airbed and not meant to top be carried in a backpack.

The main pump runs only on 110 V, but there is a separate valve that can be use to inflate it with a battery-operated, rechargeable or even a leg pump.

Will the pump work with a 12V car adapter?

No, you inflate the bed either by using the electric built-in pump or by using the secondary valve and a standalone pump.

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