Soundasleep Camping Series Air Mattress Review – 2023 Update

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Top-tier in ratings

SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress has been the top rated model for our outdoor use both among the low-rises and overall for 4 updated now.

Below are the most important stats from our tests that paint a pretty clear picture about the Camping Series.

SoundAsleep Camping queen air mattress

Most important stats

  • 1 in 105 people have seen an air leak within the first month of active use
  • 1 in 71 have seen an air leak within 6 months
  • 1 in 54 have seen an air leak within 1 Year
  • 95 % described the Camping Series as comfortable

All ratings of the SoundAsleep Camping Series

  • 95%
    Air retention - 95%
  • 93%
    Comfort - 93%
  • 94%
    Durability & Longevity - 94%
  • 91%
    User satisfaction - 91%
  • 95%
    Value for $ - 95%
No low-rise comes close

In terms of testing results among low rise for outdoors use, the it’s only rivaled by the Lightspeed 2-Person TPU. That especially goes for the categories of Air retention, Comfort and Value for Money.

It also has by far the highest User Satisfaction rating of 91 / 100.

dimensions of the camping-series by sound asleeep in queen and twin


Overall Rating


User Satisfaction

Main PROs & CONs


  • Comfort – advanced comfort technologies (ComfortCoil, I-Beam), no noises while moving or turning, firm edges, no sinking
  • Durable– High-gauge puncture(and pet)-resistant material
  • Low air loss percentages
  • Pump – Silent, battery-operated – inflates the bed in under 3 min
  • 1 Year guarantee


  • No indicator lamp to tell when the pump is fully charged
  • Can’t be ordered without the pump even though it’s not integrated
  • Fitted sheets don’t really fit in terms of height (the bed is 9″ high)
  • Not available outside the US

Quality stats

Now that we have a picture of what makes the Camping Series superior in terms of statistics and the results we have seen in our testing, let us move on to the nitty-gritty.

Let’s make things clearer by going over the 5 quality ratings and explain what they mean for you, the potential user.

Let’s kick things of with stats about air retention.

unboxing camping series air bed

Air retention


Air retention rating of the Camping Series
Hard Stats
  • 1 in 105 users reported any kind of leakage during a period of 1 year (time covered by warranty).
  • Considering it’s made to withstand heavy outdoor “abuse”, a result like this shouldn’t come as a surprise.
What this means for you?

It means that, right off the bat, we can check two items on our list of must-haves; no leakage, paired with a decent warranty period.

1-year guarantee is an ample time frame for protection from any hidden flaws.

Bottom line – it means minimized risk of your air bed starting to loose air on the camping site.

pump of the camping series


Tougher PVC paired with chambered design

Balancing tougher materials with unhindered comfort definitely took serious engineering skills.

Comfort stats

  • 95% of our in-house/featured testers would describe this model as ” comfortable”.
  • 71% of our campers, described it “the most comfortable camping mattress” they’ve used.


Comfort rating
side view camping series by sound asleep

What tipped the scales in favor of the SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress

  • ComfortCoil Technology is a proprietary tech designed by to provide better air distribution throughout the mattress, which spells better body support
  • Inner coils distribute the sleeper’s weight evenly throughout the entire top surface
  • Flocked top gives a good cushion and prevents sheets from slipping
  • Ribbed top design as featured in their new Cloud9 Series, proved to be a superior solution for good night’s sleep after arduous activities. It also deals better with pressure points and joint pain
  • Firm(er) edges “lock” the sleeper in place instead of giving in under pressure
  • Adjustable firmness, which (as oppose to home models) is not commonly with camping air beds


Product stats

500 lbs is the maximum weight capacity.

vs. real-life testing…

We’ve tested two of these extensively, and the process included encumbering them 30% over the prescribed weight.

No structural failures whatsoever were noted after a full week of tests.

i beams illustration
What is I-Beam?

A number of vertical “walls” heat welded to the bottom and top chamber layers would be the simplest answer.

They limit the mattresses’ outward expansion, which saves it from losing its shape or developing bulges and uneven surfaces.

How thick is the PVC?

We found little info listed in the specs, so we had to do our own measuring. The overall thickness of the material is 20 Mil, which translates to around 0.02 Inches.

Just as a reference, a piece of standard paper is 4 Mil thick, a business card equals 10 Mil and a dime 50 Mil.

User Satisfaction with the Camping Series


Percentage of users satisfied
What does this stat mean?

The user satisfaction % is a number we get when we pool our data with existion online reviews of the Camping Series.

These are our stats – 93 % of people who ever got in touch with this model gave it a 4 of a 5 star rating.

This puts it at the very top among models for outdoor use.

Convenient car-plugin pump that actually works

We’ve heard about this problem way too often – the pump that’s supposed to work reliably when plugged into the car adapter simply not working as advertised.

It’s can either be too slow (which is the better scenario) or the voltage and the power simply don’t match> the later one can actually ruin the pump if you don’t know how to recognize it.

If you notice even a hint of burning smell, unplug the thing right away or you’re simply going to ruin the pump.

No such problems with the Camping Series

This is one of the few camping models whwre we’ve seen no reports or issues with the pump being used with the car outlet.

SoundAsleep got the voltage to power ratio just right with the Camping Series and it simply works as advertised.

Thich is a big plus.

pump of the camping series car plugin

Value for Money Rating

Not cheap but worth it

This is by no means a cheap 20$ camping bed from Walmart. It comes at a bit heftier price, but it pays its dividends in spades.

Better value for money than the competing models

It’s  still well within the range of what we can say are “conservatively priced camping inflatables.

We’re saying that with all the added features it comes with in mind.


Value for $


If you haven’t read the complete review, below is a digest of what we believe should be the main takeaways.

  • Around 11.5 – 12 pounds when deflated
  • Everything about the wireless pump (they say it can inflate the mattress 6 times but it’s really only 4; charges for 6 hours).
  • Doesn’t need electricity but can be hooked up to a car charger in a pinch.
  • Comes with wall and car charger(around 8 ft long)
  • PVC story, plasticizers-free
  • Material thickness. Can also be used indoors as a pet-resistant bed
  • Secondary valve prevents air from going out before the cap is screwed on
Bottom line

The SoundAsleep Camping Series air mattress is the highest-rated model for the outdoors.

It’s a reliable product that’s likely to meet the needs of the most demanding camper in all aspects that matter. The pricing is fair, especially having in mind that it sports features very few camping airbeds do.

It’s a well-engineered combo between the comfort of the SoundAsleep’s models designed for home use & multi-layered PVC designed to withstand the
challenges from the elements.

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