AeroBed Classic – Rating & Quality Analysis

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Among inflatables, the brand used to be what Coca-Cola is among fizzy drinks – a measuring stick used to assess the quality of any new arrival.

Yes, for many people, the brand is still a synonym for the products itself.

aerobed classic double high queen

But things have changedover the last decade

Aerobed Classic used to be among the TOP 10 best air mattresses, but we haven’t seen in there in 12 updates.

We update our guides and review on bi-monthly basis so that more than two years since we last saw this eye-candy among the top models. The Aerobed Classic, along with the Opti-comfort with a headboard has been one of the top models from the company for years.

The new arrivals from young companies like SoundAsleep with their Dream Series and the Cloud Nine, have set new standards and not much has changed.

So, we witnessed a steady decline from the TOP 5 (when we first started reviewing all those years ago) to below the TOP 10 line.

However, it still one of the top-rated models from the brand – click here to see top-rated Aerobeds.

How Aerobed Classic fares against the currently top rated model – Cloud 9

sound asleep cloud nine air mattress

aerobed classic double height queen compare

2015 was the year that changed the landscape of the industry

It’s the year when the SoundAsleep hit the market and set new standards in most quality aspects.

Not only did the new arrivals were game-changers but we saw a swift reaction from some of the older companies (like Serta). They rushed to improve their design and remain competitive in the fast-changing market.

We saw no such reaction with the Aerobed Classic.

Aerobed did adjust with some of their newer models, but the Classic is pretty much the same bed we knew, loved and still do.

AEROBED Classic unboxing

All ratings and features review of the Classic

Materials and pump

Materials used

Heavy-gauge, puncture-resistant PVC vinyl with an oval coil construction that makes sure the body weight is evenly supported and a flocked surface which will keep your sheets from slipping away and will add some extra comfort.

Inflating and deflating

A powerful electric pump is included and it will fill up your air bed within minutes.

When you don’t need the mattress anymore, the patented Whoosh valve will help deflate the bed easily.

A carry bag is included for fuss-free storage.

aerobed classic double high

Main PROs and CONs of the Aerobed Classic


  • Comes from a reputable company
  • Fast inflation and deflation – patented “Whoosh” pump
  • Soft flocked surface makes it comfortable
  • Stable – Oval Coil inner structure
  • Versatile – patented
  • High-quality PVC used
  • Cheaper than models of similar quality


  • Cold rushes – when the micro currents inside the bed hit the top surface, you might feel a cold rush. Cold sleepers might need to add a blanket of a topper
  • The pump is not built-in, deflation is manual, no auto shut-off feature
  • A noticeable plastic smell out of the box that can linger for days

Frequently asked questions about AeroBed Classic Air Mattress

How large is the box for these mattresses?

The AeroBed Inflatable mattress comes with a drawstring nylon storage and carry bag. If you neatly fold the mattress and put it into the nylon bag, it is about 16″x12″x12.”

It is surprisingly light given its sturdiness and is very easy to carry and stow.


Will this stay inflated through the night with 2 people on it?

According to the customers, yes, they do stay inflated throughout the night with two fairly heavy people on them with no noticeable air loss.


Is the pump built in or separate?

The pump is separate, you attach it to fill the mattress with air and then put it away when not in use.


What is the weight capacity of the Classic?

The max weight ranges from 300 to 600 lbs, depending on the size.