Aerobed Opti-Comfort Queen Air Mattress with Headboard – review and comparison – 2023 update

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T his is a guide guide on Aerobed Queen with headboard air mattresses. It’s a selection of our top picks in the category.

It’s fruit of the work done over the past 22 months by 5 industry experts.

What it means for you

It means that the legwork is done for you. We’ve looked at all the important factor so you can make a good choice for your buck.

Here’s a resume for those in a rush

OptiComfort with a headboard is one of the top products in the Aerobed lineup type and its price range and Queen size.

aerobed opti-comfort queen air mattress with headboard

Last updated – February 2023

But this guide deals with more than this bed – it’s home to quality analysis of our top picks from the brand based on 8 quality criteria.

Below, we’ll present the results we’ve seen after testing it for 18 months and gathering data about from 8 separate sources.

We’ll take a look at its advantages and shortcomings as well as its ratings in 5 quality categories.

We’ll also compare it to the currently top rated model – you can see all our top air bed picks here.

Aerobed with headboard – Inflation and set-up of OptiComfort

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Quality Ratings of Queen Aerobed with headboard

  • 85%
    Air retention - 85%
  • 91%
    Comfort - 91%
  • 85%
    Durability & Longevity - 85%
  • 84%
    User satisfaction - 84%
  • 80%
    Value for $ - 80%

If there is one thing that we did notice with this bed that can be a CON, it’s the fact that it often goes out of stock. Now, we don’t know if it’s a manufacturing issue or simply going out of stock.

That’s why, below, we’re providing both the link to its page and what we believe to be the most similar product, both in terms of bed type and value for your dollar – a similar model by Intex.

Feature by feature

OptiComfort layer

The added lofty layer of fabric is soft to the touch yet extremely durable. The surface of the bed is upholstered with bonded (or nonwoven) fabric consisting of entangled filaments or fibers.

The manufacturer doesn’t tell us, though, whether the bonding process was achieved thermally, mechanically or chemically. The non-woven outer layer seems to be superior to polyurethane in terms of durability, and are definitely safer.

Potential harmful effects of PU included autoimmune diseases, asthma & allergies.

It’s the same material type like top models from the brand – you can see out top picks from Aerobed in Twin, Queen, King and Full size here.

side height measuring of aerobed opticomfort

90% more resistant to punctures, 20% lighter
& with 30% less PVC

We’re not overly fond of statements such as this one, and we would much rather see the actual numbers rather than percentages.

A true air mattress expert will wonder how they’ve managed to “shave off” 20% of the weight and how it affects the overall structural basis of the bed.

On the other hand, we do encourage less PVC in inflatable furniture, especially combined with the complete absence of polyurethane.

aerobed opti comfort queen top view

The material is stretch-resistant

This fact alone might save you a ton of headaches with your new bed.

This means that the air capacity won’t increase under pressure, the mattress will not develop structural deformities over time, it will not sag or lose its body support index due to frequent use.

What we’ve seen in our tests confirmes the claim that the materials stretchess less.

aerobed opti comfort queen top view
pump of aerobed opticomfort

Pump and Valve

The bed features a built-in Perfect Pressure air pump, a staple inflation mechanism for newer Coleman models as well. The pump is controlled via a remote want, allowing you to adjust your desired firmness without getting out of bed

Pressure indicator is something you don’t see too often in air mattresses. There’s usually a confusion when it comes to over pumping your air bed, and this model is finally putting a full stop to it.

How the indicator works

The indicator will simply light up when the mattress simply light up when the mattress is filled to capacity, and you can work your way from there

Compared to the top product in its price range – the Dream Series

Top of the class
Air retention
User satisfaction
Value for money
Sound Asleep dream series

read more on Amazon here
aerobed opti comfort front

read more on Amazon here

Othe considerations about the Aerobed Opti-Comfort Queen with Headboard

  • The Whoosh valve allows you to deflate the mattress in a matter of seconds, but also control the overall firmness using the firmness adjust button. Whoosh valve can also adjust firmness “mechanically” by letting the air out in short bursts
  • This model approaches regular beds with its 4-layer construction, specifically designed for comfort and reduction of motion transfer between the two sleepers
  • The mattress is guaranteed by the company to be 100% leak-proof
  • The approx. measurements of the bed are 78″ x 60″ x 18″ and the height is 18″, which makes for comfortable getting in and out of the bed
  • You standard size sheets will fit perfectly, and the bed is specifically designed to allow you to tuck them in
  • We don’t usually put much stock in headboards because of their common purpose of jacking up the features count and misdirect you from obvious problems. This is not the case here, so you can enjoy the headboard piece without wondering what kind of compromise are you making for it.
  • The design of the OptiComfort makes it a unique product on the market
  • Comes with a carry bag

Warranty information

The warranty issuer for this product is the Coleman Company itself. It offers a 2-year warranty for the pump and valve, and 1 year for the mattress itself. their warranty policy is pretty much the same for all their models.

During that period, universally, the company will repair or replace any part or product which proves to be defective under normal usage conditions.

In the unlikely event that a certain product or part cannot be repaired, Coleman will replace your product with a similar one of equal or greater value. There are new products hiting the market every month, but there’s still a handful of classic that stand their ground.

Note that this warranty is non-transferrable and it applies to the first purchase from and authorized dealer.

Final thoughts

With such an impressive background and list of features, this air bed is definitely something to keep in mind the next time you feel like having the overnight guests, going on a camping adventure or simply reclaim some space in your house/apartment.

As with every product, there’s always some space for improvement, but the fact that the extensive warranty policy offered by Coleman covers any potential problems you might experience is a big plus when it comes to purchasing a product with confidence.

woman sitting on Queen Air Mattress with Headboard AeroBed

Bottom line

Overall, this is an excellent inflatable, on par with some of the significantly more expensive models.

It’s also one of the most popular among buyers with over 200 reviews on Amazon alone. We mentioned that the one issue that we have been seing recently is the bed going out of stock. That’s why we included the two alternatives – a similar model and a classic model in its price range.

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