Coleman Queen Airbed Cot Review – 2023 Update

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What’s special about the Coleman Cot airbed?

Coleman Cot airbed with side tables and a battery operated pump is 4th on the list of our picks among camping models.

It will be the choice of campers who like to sleep raised above the pesky crawlers that might find their way up with regular camping inflatables.

In other words – it’s the only model on the TOP 5 list that comes with frame and legs.

This update brings only slight changes in the ratings.

colemancot airbed with frame legs queen

Last updated: 2023

Ratings of the Coleman Cot airbed

  • 89%
    Air retention - 89%
  • 88%
    Comfort - 88%
  • 92%
    Durability & Longevity - 92%
  • 90%
    User satisfaction - 90%
  • 89%
    Value for $ - 89%
Features that give the Coleman Cot a competitive edge
  • A sturdy frame with reliable folding mechanism
  • “Fluid” design, adept at being used both outdoors and indoors
  • Frame stability (especially on uneven ground)
  • High weight capacity (600 lbs for Queen, 300 for Twin)
  • Compatible with camping most tents – (22 inches high)
  • The blow up mattress cat be detached from the cot, turning the bed into two sleeping surface
  • Packs compactly into an included carry-case
  • 1 Year warranty
two people on coleman airbed cot in tent

Overall Rating


User Satisfaction

Main PROs & CONs of the Coleman Cot airbed


  • Versatily – good both for camping and indoors use
  • More “real-bed-like” sleep compared to other camping beds – elevated from the ground on a steel frame
  • Mattress can be separated from the cot for extra sleeping space
  • Durable construction – holds up to 600 lbs
  • Minimal air leaks – proprietary AirTight System
  • 1 Year guarantee


  • The frame needs manual unfolding
  • The pump is battery-operated only (not rechargeable)
  • The cup holders couldn’t be attached to the frame in some instances
  • Advertised as Queen-Size, but it’s slightly smaller

Air retention of the Coleman Cot airbed

Air retention ratings of the Coleman Cot Queen

coleman queen framed airbed cot
Though where it matters

This is the strongest suit of Coleman cot airbed, as revealed by our tests and countless user reviews. Bearing in mind that this IS a camping bed as well, airtight construction definitely makes a difference.

We’ve seen a confirmation of this in the experinces of people using it.

What does this mean for you?

Coleman Cot will NOT leave you flat on the ground, whatever its other misgivings might be (to be discussed later). 1-year regular guarantee period also instills additional sense of security with this purchase.

Is Coleman Cot airbed comfortable?

man laying on twin coleman airbed cot

Comfort ratings of the Coleman Cot

Best of two worlds

As we mentioned before, balancing a piece of “furniture” between the harsh outdoors and home environment is not easy.

More comfort spells less durability. Sturdier construction equals more weight… These two worlds are in constant clash.

So, I have to make a choice?

Basically yes.

We do have to set our priorities straight, and decide what we need to face the elements outside.

man laying on twin coleman airbed cot
Coleman Cot is “comfort-smart” –  AirTight System makes sure the bed “remembers” your firmness preference.

Durability and Longevity

carry case of coleman cot queen air mattress

Durability rating of the Coleman Cot

How reliable is the material?

Coleman Cot Airbed Twin can handle up to 600 lbs of weight, which puts it a 100 lbs above other products competing for this spot.

We’ve tested it with 30% more weight than that for a week, and the AirTight System definitely does the trick.

There were no leaks, structural deformities or any other unwanted results.

detacheable sleeve
Is the PVC thick enough?

Theoretically no, practically yes.

The thickness Coleman decided to go with was 0.4mm, which translates to 0.01″, instead of standard camping thickness of 0.6mm.

Surprisingly enough, the combo between good design and execution made this framed cot airbed with side tables a sturdy force to be reckoned with.

What about the cot/frame?

The construction of the cot is very sound and stable.

We’ve tested it against rocks, tree roots, sand-covered terrains, and it was like set in stone. There’s even enough room underneath for a couple of things you don’t want hogging all the tent space.

Unfortunately, it’s not self-folding, which means it needs to be set into shape manually.

frame and legs of coleman cot

You can use it with another mattress after the original one runs its course, upping the “replay value”, as we like to call it.

The mattress cover is sewn to the cot, and cannot be removed without structural damage, which really puts the whole washing issue into perspective.

Is Coleman Cot airbed worth the money?

Durability rating of the Coleman Cot

Nothling like it ou there

If it was only up to us we’d say that this Cot airbed is probably the best value for money out there.

But, our propritery formula for the ratings include both the impressions of our featured testers and existing user reviews.

That’s what brough the rating in “value for money” category brought down a peg to its current 92/100, which is still one of the highest ratings in the category.

Let’s just take a moment to think about the options it offers:
  • Airbed on top of the cot (optimal comfort)
  • Airbed separate from the cot on a hiking trail (small and light enough for an overnight hike)
  • Cot separate from the bed – the surface of cot is more than comfortable enough to be used separately
  • If the airbed fails for some reason – you can simply choose an inflatable of the same dimensions and replace it

Yet, the price tag of this Coleman Cot and airbed combo is pretty much the same as a regular camping airbed.

If that’s not value for money we sincerely don’t know what is.

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