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A shoutout to truck forum members

We had significant help in the process of choosing a truck bed air mattress that would be worth your buck and.

It came from the good people over at TruckForum, GMTrucks, and SileveradoSierra forums.

Thanks guys, we could not have done it without you.

It took about 6 months

It did take about 6 months to gather all the relevant data we need for all the ratings that we rate the inflatables in.

We worked closely with 7 truck owners, 5 of them already had the mattresses and we provided 2 for the purposes of this review.

Green truck bed air mattress on a blue truck

1 minute video summary

It wasn’t a close competition, really

On the other hand, it was clear pretty much within week one that the choice was going to come down to one of the two truck airbeds from AirBedz PPI (either the Lite or the original version).

By week 2 of gathering data, it was clear that the AirBedz Lite PPI is coming out on top in pretty much every category we are looking at, from air retention to comfort and user satisfaction, especially in the value for money category.

In terms of the ratings, it’s right up ther with top products – you can see the list of our top picks among classic airbeds here.

It’s also one of the best air mattresses for camping – you can see the full list here..

Fact sheet of the Airbedz Lite PPI

  • Size – two versions available – for short and long truck beds (6-8’)
  • Pump – electric, external, corded (16 ‘ cord)
  • The top air platform goes over the wheel wells
  • Side inserts available – this means it can be used as both as standalone in your home and as a truck air mattress
  • Inner structure – Coils and chambers (Comfort Coil system for even weight distribution)
  • Dimensions of the inflated truck air mattress – full size (76x63x12”), short size (72x55x12”)
  • Weight – 13 lb
  • Automatic deflation using the included pump
side inserts pittman for airbedz lite

Overall Rating


User Satisfaction

All category ratings of the AirBedz Lite PPI truck bed air mattress

  • 90%
    Air retention - 90%
  • 91%
    Comfort - 91%
  • 92%
    Durability & Longevity - 92%
  • 91%
    User satisfaction - 91%
  • 94%
    Value for $ - 94%

Air retention of the AirBedz Lite truck bed air mattress

The 7 truck owners who participated in rating the air mattress on the testing side reported very low percentage of air loss and development of air leaks and punctures.

To be precise

We only one person say that they have seen air loss that’s significant enough they had to add air every day on camping trips that lasted more than 3 days.

To be fair

We don’t have enough data to make a confident judgment on how it behaves when used with the inserts and on the ground.

That’s because the 5 testers who already owned the bed only used it in their truck and the 2 testers we sent samples to had only six months, so the sample is not big enough yet.

Air retention ratings of the Truck Bedz Lite PPI

AirBedz PV203C PPI unboxing

The important thing is that we have seen ZERO punctures or pinholes developed on the sample of seven
Airbedz Lite tested.

Durability and Longevity of the AirBedz Lite

Among the 7 people who own this inflatable, there were no cases of the bed developing a structural issue (like bulging or caving) and no cases or the truck air mattress being punctured.

It’s not abouty the thickness of the PVC?

Anybody who knows anything aboyt the technology and materials used to make air mattresses for trucks knows that, although counterintuitive, the thickness of the PVC is not the most important factor contributing to how tough the product is.

Kids laying on Lite-truck airbed
Lite Green Truck Bed Air mattress

That especially goes for longevity

Longevity describes how long a truck bed air mattress is likely to last.

In terms of durability (which described how much “abuse” it can take at one moment), the thickness and quality of the PVC does play a more significant role, but the lifespan of a truck inflatable is all about inner construction and weight distribution.

Bottom line – the coil-chamber inner design doesn’t allow stretching of the PVC and minimizes the stress on the seams.

The result is a product that doesn’t leak air.

AirBedz Lite truck bed air mattress – Comfort rating

Apart from the price, this is the category that we believe made the most difference between the Lite and the AirBedz Original version (image below).

air mattress airbedz original on truck
Airbedz Lite vs. Airbedz Original

The two version of the truck bed air mattress are very similar (the main difference is the pump, which is built in Original and external in the Lite).

When we say “main” above, we mean the most obvious. But there is a more substantial difference between the two in terms of comfort.

Lite is the more comfortable one

The Original version seems tougher and sturdier ( we say seems because we haven’t tested the bed and only have second-hand info).

Based on what people who own it told us is that the toughness of the material makes it too sturdy to be comfortable and the feel of the material used for the top against the skin can’t compare to the soft flocking of the Lite version.

airbedz lite vs original
Bottom line – most people will find the AirBedz Lite to be the more comfortable of the two which makes it the most comfortable truck bed air mattress on the market.

User satisfaction

Our user satisfaction rating comes from pooling the data from our testers and the users we contacted with all available reviews sources.

We combine the numbers using the proprietary algorhytm we develop and tweaked over the years.

What it means?

The formulas we use to come up with the ratings in the quality categories are somewhat complicated.

To put it simply

To simplify it – look at the user satisfaction rating as the number of people who used and tested the truck bed air mattress and rated it with either 4 or 5 stars.

unboxing camping series air bed

Value for money

Airbedz Lite PPI was better or equal in all the quality categories we rate the products in but costs less then the competing models, significantly less.

Summary and future updates

We update all our reviews and guides on either monthly or bi-monthly basis, depending of much information we have coming in.

The one aspect that we are eager to see with this airbed is what the next few months of testing will bring in terms of how it “behaves” when used outside of the truck, on the ground at a campsite.

As we mentioned, our 2 testers did use it on the ground a few times, but as the sample grows we’ll be able to make a more accurate judgment on how it fares against the elements.

But we don’t see that changing anything in terms of the TruckBedz Lite PPI being the highest rated truck bed air mattress.

Bottom line – we don’t see any air mattress for truck beds that can come close in ratings to this product.

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