Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Durabeam Airbed – 2023 Review

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Why pay attention to Intex Comfort Plush?

In this month’s update, this money-save pushed through and is now highest-rated in the “value for money” category.

More importantly  – this is the bed with the lowest price among our current top 15 models – you can our top-rated picks here.

The othe two airbeds rated higher in value for money are high-end models that cost 2 and 3 times as much (and one of them is a camping bed).

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Durabeam 22 inch

Bottom line – if your need for a budget-friendly airbed that you’ll only use ocassionally, you’ll want to look at our testing results below. This Intex might just be the bed for you.

Ratings of the Intext Comfort Plush Elevated

  • 88%
    Air retention - 88%
  • 87%
    Comfort - 87%
  • 84%
    Durability & Longevity - 84%
  • 86%
    User satisfaction - 86%
  • 94%
    Value for $ - 94%
What this means for you

It means that if your needs come down to weekend sleepovers, this Intex should be on your shortlist.

As you’ll see in our testing and review below, the Intext Comfort Plush Elevated is the only airbed in its price range that advanvced technologies featured in the design (like Durabeam and Fibertech).

We’ll explain what those terms mean in a moment.


Overall Rating


User Satisfaction

PROs & CONs of the Intex Elevated Durabeam

Main PROs

  • Very comfortable and plush sleeping surface
  • Flocked top holds the bedding in place
  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Holds air for 3-4 days without topping off
  • Good bottom grip – no sliding
  • Thicker PVC for the top

Main CONs

  • Loud pump
  • Rather heavy (21 lbs)
  • The top is prone to attracting dust when use without bedding
  • The 22 inches of height can be a problem for the elderly (in terms of getting on and off of it)

This month’s quality ratings of the Intex Plush

Air Retention – 88 /100

Air retention of Intex Plush Durabeam

How long it holds air?

The air retention ratings came back in what we can say is “upper average” range, and again, this includes inflatables that cost many times over.

After 3-4 days of constant use, we’ve noticed it did start to lose air. So, if you’re using it as a camping solution, keep that timeframe in mind.

Can it be inflated with manual / 3rd party pumps?

NO, the pump is built-in and electric, which means it’s primarily designed for home use.

It works pretty well, produces a standard vacuum-level of noise and has a long-enough cord for most spaces.

Takes around 3.5 minutes for full inflation/deflation.

pump of intex comfort plush

Comfort ratings of the Intex Eleveted Durabeam

It stands shoulder to shoulder in Comfort ratings with models like Insta or Serta Ez that cost about 400-500 % more.

We keep stressing the price tag because we are still surprised by it.

OK, we do know that Intex is made in China and all that, but so are the other Intex models that cost the same and some of them are basically just beams of vinyl filled with air.

Comfort stats of Intex Plush Elevated

two people laying on the Intex Plush Durabeam
What makes it comfortable?
  • It’s high – 22 inches measured at the side when fully inflated
  • Plush top flocking keeps bedding in place and feels very smooth (also collects dust like crazy if you’re not using linen)
  • The support of the sleeping surface is surprisingly stable – beds in its prica range have that “wobbly quality” you want to avoid…not this Intex
    Stability of the mattress
  • The edges are softer than the center, but still firm – this means that if you sleep on it a few consecutive night without adding air, you’ll start to feel some sinking
  • Solid floor grip – the bottom is not just plain ol’ PVC, but a mix of vinyl and rubber that keeps it from moving or sliding

Durability and Longevity of the Intex Eleveted 22 inch

How thick is the material?

The PVC is 16 gauge (0.06″) thick on the sides and bottom, 20.8 gauge (approx. 0.01″) at the top.

This is a golden standard for home products.

So, while Intex Comfort Plush Durabeam CAN be used for camping, it was not specifically designed for it.

Comfort stats of Intex Plush Elevated

illustration of fiber tech
What is Fiber-Tech Construction?

A fancy wording for thousands of super-strong fibers connecting horizontal inner chambers to the top.

The strings are made of extremely strong polyester, and provide structural stability.

There’s also an “auxiliary” air beam encircling the entire side-surface for additional stability.

fiber tech durabeam

Fibertech sounds simple enough while it’s anything but.

It is what makes this Intex better and it’s the best thing that happened to Intex air beds in the last two decades.

User satisfaction percentile of Intex Durabeam 22″

Satisfaction percentile of Intex Plush Durabeam

What’s user satisfaction?

It’s a number we get when we plug in the feedback from the reviews of our testers with existing user reviews of the Intex Plush into our proprietary rating system.

Sounds complicated, right?

It is on our end, but we did our best to make it simple for you, our reader.

reviewer laying on intex elevated plush

The simplest way to look at it that’s still fairly accurate is that the User Satisfaction is the % of people
that rated this Intex with either 4 or 5 stars.

Vaue for $ rating of the Intex Plush 22 inch

What do you get exactly?

This was the rating that definitely took the cake. If this airbed was in the 150-200$ range, the category would sport a much lower number.

However, with the current price tag, this is by far the mattress with the best price-to-quality-to-performance ratio we’ve ever seen.

Below we list the type of people and needs this Intext will be a good fit for.

Satisfaction percentile of Intex Plush Durabeam

Intext Comfort Plus Elevated is right for you if:

  • You need a cheap-but-comfortable solution
  • Guests are coming and there’s no extra bed
  • You son/daughter is coming from campus and you need a bed…stat
  • The budget is tight or you simply want to spend as little as possible and still get a reliable bed
  • You’re traveling and don’t want to use hotel beds
  • You’re moving and need a quick temporary sleeping solution

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