Best Mattress Toppers and Pads – 2023 Update

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Who reviewed the toppers and pads?

We were lucky enough to have contacts among people most competent to speak about both the quality of the products.

There is no doubt in our mind that this is the most well-rounded guide on choosing the best mattress topper or pad out there.

21 testers & reviewers

3 of our testers are Material Technology Engineers, 2 are chiropractors and 16 “regular” people.

testing top rated mattress pads and toppers

Last updated: 2021

For easier navigation, this guide is divided into sections.

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Mattress Topper vs. Mattress Pad

Who should choose a topper?

A topper changes your sleeping experince much more than a pad.

They are thicker, more supportive, add more comfort and usually cost more.

Side-sleepers, people with back pain problems and thoose who want their mattress to feel like it’s new again will go with a topper.

Who should choose a pad?

If you just want to add a bit of extra comfort and loft to your mattress, a pad might be enough.

A pad will also be a better choice if you just want to protect your mattress or cover existing stains.

It doesn’t have the support of a topper, so it’s not going to change your sleep as much as a thick topper.

TOP 3 best mattress toppers

In this section of the guide we’ll take a short look at the main PROs and CONs of each product.

These are just excerpts, you will see a link to the full reviews of the best mattress toppers in each section.

Image of the best mattress topper  - Bamboo Cooling

Bamboo Plush
pure-green 100% natural latex-topper

Pure Green
Latex Topper
best price 4 inch memory foam mattress topper

4-Inch Topper
by Best Price

memory foam
0.75 "
1-3 "
4 "
1 Year
30 days
5 Years

TOP-RATED – Bamboo Fitted Extra Plush mattress topper review

Fact sheet:

  • Filling material – bamboo rayon RevoLoft – loftier than regular fibre that’s used for most toppers
  • Finish material – 50-50% cotton and smooth polyester, the added polyester makes it gentler to the skin
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% hypoallergenic – resistant to mites, bacteria and mildew
  • Mattress fit – fits up to 18 ” thick mattresses
  • All sizes available – Twin to California King
Image of the Bamboo Mattress topper - down filling

It’s right for you if:

  • You are looking for a topper of medium firmness
  • You put quality above all and don’t make compromises when choosing a product your’ll be using for years
  • You are a side-sleeper and you weigh under 220 lbs

It’s not right for you if:

You are looking to address a specific issue like back pain or if you’re on the heavier side (over 220 lbs)…because this topper is about comfort rather than support.

If this is you, you are much better off with the next candidate on the list, the Pure Green Latex which is also our reccomendation as the best mattress topper for back pain and heavy people.

2nd best mattress topper – Pure Green natural

Fact sheet:

  • 100 % natural Latex – 0% syntetic latex, 0% fillers
  • Dense but plush – at 4 lbs/cubic feeet, it offers solid support and eliminites pressure point at hips & shoulders
  • Thickness – available from 1-3 ” thick
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & anti-microbial
  • LGA quality tested – one of the few toppers tested by a professional third-party, TÜV Rheinland
  • ECO Institute tested for any chemical fumes off-gassing
  • Meets the OekoTex Standard for absense of harmful substances
pure green organic latex topper

It’s right for you if:

  • You are looking for the a topper that offers both supprt and comfort
  • You are health concsious and don’t want to worry about harmful fumes and chemicals
  • You have back pain problems
  • You can spend a bit more for a high-end natural material like latex

It’s not right for you if:

You prefer your sleeping surface to be very soft – firmness raring of this latex toper is 20 ILD which makes it a “medium” on the firmness scale.

It’s the thickness and the nature of the latex used that makes it the most supportive topper on the list.

If this is you, you’ll find the Bamboo fibre to be a better fit – you can see it here.

3rd best-rated topper –
4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Fact sheet:

  • 2 foam layers – dense foam topped for support topped with memory foam for comfort
  • Responsive active suspension – better at isolating motion than a vast majority of similar toppers
  • Full 5-Year Warranty
  • Mesh zipped cover included
  • Comes in all sizes
  • CentriPUR-US Certificate of safety
4 inch memory foam mattress topper

It’s right for you if:

  • You want a topper that combines support of a dense foam with the comfort of memory foam
  • You’re a side-sleeper and have or are experincing lower back or neck pain
  • You want latex-like support at a lower price

It’s not right for you if:

  • You live in warm climate and your bedroom is not climate controlled – it’s not as breatheable as latex.
  • You don’t like the feeling of sinking into your sleeping surface

If this is you, you’ll be more comfortble on the Pure Green Latex – see it here.

TOP 3 best mattress pads

Below, we’ll take a concise look at the 3 top-rated mattress pads, their fact sheets and digest reviews.

Below each digest you’ll find a link to the full review.

Image of the best mattress pad - Hanna Kay Clein collection

Hanna Kay
Clyne Pad
Beckham Hotel Collection Premium mattress Pad

Beckham Hotel
Premium Collection
pinzon cotton mattress pad

Microplush Pad
storm goose
down alternative
loft polyester
10 Years
30 days
30 days

The best mattress pad – Hanna Kay Clein Collection

Fact sheet:

  • By far the best-rated pad in user reviews
  • Highest ratings in our “value for money” category
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Material – poly-cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Hight temperature resistant – which means it can also be machine dried
Image of the best mattress pad - Hanna Kay Clein Collection

Why is it the best?

  • By far the best-rated pad in user reviews
  • Highest ratings in our “value for money” category
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Material – poly-cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Hight temperature resistant – which means it can also be machine dried

2nd top-rated pad – Beckham Hotel Collection Premium Microplush

Fact sheet:

  • By far the best-rated pad in user reviews
  • Highest ratings in our “value for money” category
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Material – poly-cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Hight temperature resistant – which means it can also be machine dried
Beckham Hotel Collection mattress Pad

3rd best mattress pad – Pinzon Overfilled

Fact sheet:

  • By far the best-rated pad in user reviews
  • Highest ratings in our “value for money” category
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Material – poly-cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Hight temperature resistant – which means it can also be machine dried
image of 3rd best mattress pad - Pinzon Overfilled

Cooling Pads

Hot sleepers and people prone to heat rushes will want to look into cooling mattress pads that are specifically designed to address the issue.

The most well known technology used in cooling pads is called Outlast. The names of the technologies used by different brand vary but the way the work is pretty much the same.

The best of the cooling pads proactively manage heat and don’t just wick the moisture.

cooling gel mattress pad

Heated Pads

Best heated mattress pad reviews

People we talked to who got a heated mattress pad can barely contain their excitement about how much a heated pad changed their lives.

The problem it solves

A large % of people don’t want to be cold at night but, at the same time, they don’t the feeling of stale warm air.

If this you, a heated mattress pad is the perfect solution.

sunbeam quilted polyster heated pad

The heated pad that we recommend is by far the top-rated in the category.

It’s the Sunbeam Heated Pad and it uses what’s known in the industry as ThermoFine technology.

Plainly speaking – it “senses” the temperature and adjusts to deliver consistent heat that you picked before going to bed.

full review

Best mattress toppers by filling material

The reccomended pads and toppers above and the top-rated overall based on the reviews and ratings of our testers. What we will sink our teeth into in this section is the type of filling material used.

Memory foam mattress toppers

Memory foam toppers are known for comfort and pressure relief, the non-certified carry a risk that harmful chemicals are used making them.

On the other hand, Latex is a natural material known for being healthy, supportive and durable but not as comfortable as memory foam.

Memory foam vs. latex toppers

Memory Foam
memory foam
No harmful chemicals
No chemical off-gassing
Sleeps cool (heat dissipation)
Support and spine alignement
Pressure relief
Blood Flow (weight distribution)
Lowers sleep interuptions

An obvious choice

With memory foam outperforming Latex as seen in the chart above it will be the preffered choice for most people.

But the inherent risk and thoughts that linger in your mind about your mattress releasing chemicals into the air around you is not comething you should be taking to bed with you.

With all that said, going with a memory foam topper that’s been extensively tested for any harmful chemicals, a topper made of CentriPUR-US approved memory foam is the obvious choice.

Our TOP pick among CentriPUR certified

memory foam toppers

If you want the best of both worlds, the support that’s close to that of latex without sacrificing teh conmfort and all the spine benefits that come with better pressure points relief, you’ll want to go with a thicker, CentriPUR-US certifid memory foam topper.

CentriPUR-US certified memory foam topper 4 inch

As we previously mentioned, the topper that ticks all those boxes and, as a cherry on top, is very affordable is 4-inch model fro Best Price.

Because of the way it distributes weight, it’s also a the top choice for people with back pain and side-sleepers.

Why is it the top pick for back pain and side-sleepers?

As two chiropractors we recruited for the testing explained to us, the best mattress toper to address back pain should – much like our top pick in the memory foam category does.

  • eliminate pressure at the hips & shoulders
  • keep the spine
  • maintain free blood circulation.

The way to achive this is is by having two layers of different thickness – one that’s there for support (bottom layer) and the top to minimize pressure points.

illustration of inner layers of the best topper in the category - two layer memory foam

Latex mattress toppers

Types of latex toppers

Three types of latex used to make toppers and pads are:

  • Natural (the preffered choice)
  • Blended
  • Synthetic Latex

Why is Natural Latex the best choice?

Getting a topper made of synthetic latex beats the purpose of choosing letx in the first place.

Choosing latex should be about health and being risk-free and going with a pad or topper with added chemicals is like eating brocolli because it’s healthy but adding melted cheese on top.

If you ask us, it doesn’t make sense.

What are natural latex toppers made of?

Natural latex is foam comes from the rubber tree sap (Hevea milk).

This latex is extremely duyrable and absolutely free of any chemicals.

The downside is that it’s a rare comoddity and all natural latex toppers tend to be more expensive.

production process of natural latex topper hevea milk
all natural latex pad with stamp

Buyer beware – read the fine print

When looking through the specs make sure that the topper is 100% end-to-end natural latex.

What some companies do is advertise their products as “natural” but only include a thin layer of latex on top, whiule the rest of the topped is blended with syntetics.

Top-rated all-natural latex topper – PURE GREEN

The PURE GREEN 4-inch is one of the 3 best mattress toppers overall and certainly the top pick in the category of all-natural latex.

This product is natural latex top to bottom…no advertising tricks, no confusing language.

It’s one of the few reasonably priced products in the category but it does cost about 70-80% more than the memory foam competition of the same thickness and size.

SleepOnLatex Pure Green topper

Talalay vs. Dunlop latex mattress toppers

There is a lot of misinformation going around about Talalay and Dunlop latex and we believe that the confusion is created purposefully.


Because if the companies can convince you that somehow Talalay is the better option, they will sell you the type of topper that’s cheaper to make, does contain chemicals and is far from “all-natural”.

Talalay is not “better”

If you are looking into latex toppers you’re probably about safety and eco-friendliness.

The hush-hush of the latex industry

We apologize if we are bursting any bubbbles, but Talalay latex toppers contain 50% + of synthetic ingredients.

That’s why you’ll never see a Talalay topper with that’s GOLS certified (Global Organic Latex Standard)

We put the word better in quotes because a Talalay topper does last longer and is more lofty than Dunlop, but is never all-natural.

gols certified dunlop latex topper
Our recomandation – we already mentioned it a few times, the product that meets all the the safety criteria and the best mattress topper of the category is the PURE GREEN topper.

Down feather mattress toppers

Down mattress toppers are usually made of goose or duck down feathers.

The best of them (including our pick presented below) are made with a high percentage of the finest down feathers.

Advantages of down feather toppers:

  • Down topper is the most comfortable type we’re looking into in this guide
  • Down feather has a soft luxurious feel to it
  • The top choice if you are looking for a warm topper for winters
  • They usually come with an extended warranty on all defects
  • Down feather toppers are cheaper

CONs of feather toppers:

  • Too hot for warm rooms without climate control – if this is your case, move on and take a look at our top picks among memory foam cooling pads
  • Maintenance – down feather toppers can’t be washed or even steam-cleaned, they would never feel the same, so if you god with feather, change your bedding once a week.
  • Lower quality down pads change shape over time and form lumps as the feather moves between chambers – that’s why it’s important to choose one with solid, end-to-end stitching
  • Not the best choice for people with back pain problems since they primary offer comfort at the cost of support – if this is you, click here to take to see our top picks for back-pain

Fibre mattress toppers – down alternative

If you want comfort that’s very similar to down feather and looking for a more affordable alternative, it comes in the form of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. Fibre mattress toppers feel very close to down at the fraction of the cost.

Fibre is commonly used in hotels because it’s  easy to maintain and can be washed without compromising the padding

The best mattress topper in the fibre category

LUCID Plush Down Alternative Topper review

Why is the Lucid Plush our pick?

Because it’s the best-crafted of the fiber toppers.

A few more specific reasons:

  • Most comfortable – finest grade microfibre used
  • Best finish – 250-thread soft cotton
  • Fiber filling doesn’t move or shift with time – deep baffle box stitching prevent any shifting or clumping
  • 3-year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic – no odors or allergen fumes
the best mattress topper made of fibre - Lucid Plush

Hollow fibre vs. Microfibre pads and toppers

Hollow fiber toppers are the less popular choice of the two because most people find microfiber to be the more comfortable option.

The very word “hollow-fibre” tells a story.

The fiber of these toppers is not as fine as that of microfiber and has more space in the knotting. This space makes it more breathable but also gives it a more bouncy, synthetic feel.

Who will choose hollow fibre over microfiber pad or topper?

You will choose hollow fiber pad/topper if you are looking for support and comfort is less important.

Our pick is the Polycotton Hollow Fiber Mattress Topper by Linens Limited – you can see its review here.

hollow fibre vs microfibre pad

Who will choose a microfibre topper?

If the choice is just between the fibre options then the answer is “most people”.


Because it fills a very specific market gap – that of people who are looking for comfort similar to down and feather but don’t want to spend as much.

It’s also important to stress that a microfiber mattress topper is more practical, easier to maintain and will live longer than down, mainly because it’s machine washable.

Our pick is the already mentioned Lucid Plush Down Alternative Fiber Topper.

Wool mattress toppers & pads

The luxurious feel of a wool topper is hard to beat.

Nature’s best insulator rightfully found its place among the best mattress toppers.

Below are some advantages & shortcoming of choosing wool.

PROs of wool toppers:

  • Soft and comfortable – the comfort of a organic wool mattress topper can only be compared to that of down. Because it offers more support than feathers, most people will find wool toppers and pads as the better all-around choice.
  • Wool is a great insulator, which makes it a great choice for scorching summers
  • Naturally breathable – most other materials that are good insulators are much less breathable than wool
  • Luxurious feel – wool is a high-end material
  • Naturally hypoallergenic – opposed to down and cotton, wool in naturally resistant to dust-mites and allergens.

CONs of wool:

  • Initial wool smell while the topper is new – it’s a good idea to air it out for a day or two before using it. The smell goes away in no time.
  • Pricey – being a natural material, it doesn’t come as a surprise that wool costs more than the synthetic fibres
  • Wool toppers and pads offer little support – wool is all about comfort and luxury.

If you have back pain problems or simply prefer a more supportive sleeping surface you’ll be better off memory foam

If this is you, move on from wool and check out top memory foam picks HERE.

What are they made of?

The wool toppers and pads are usually made from premium merino sheep, lamb wool (regular or organic) or alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is extremely expensive and not widely available.

Organic wool mattress toppers and pads

Organic wool is a high-end product and to be qualified as organic, the sheep fleece used must come from livestock that meets the following criteria:

  • All food and forage of the sheep must be certified as organic starting with the last third of gestation
  • No genetic engineering or hormones used to treat the animal
  • No pesticides in any form (on the animal or on pastures)
  • High standards maintained for livestock health

Sheepskin mattress pads

Opposed to wool underlays, sheepskin mattress pads are made using real sheep skin.

Sheepskin pads are usually used for medical reasons – mostly to prevent or relieve bed sores, much like low air los airbeds, only they are completely natural.

They are made by manually sewing together pieces of organic shorn sheepskin pads and are very epxensive.

Cotton mattress pads & toppers

Cotton mattress pads/toppers are thin and primarily aimed to add comfort, which means they are not a great choice for people looking for a firm topper.

Being machine-washable, they are easy to care for and pack small and light, which makes them the best choice for travel if the hotel hygiene is a concern.

Cotton is hypoallergenic by nature and breathes much better than most materials we’ve talked about so far.

These pads come in two “flavors” – 100% all-cotton and poly-cotton pads.

All cotton mattress pads – no polyester filling

The filling of all-cotton pads and toppers is 100% all natural cotton with no polyester added.

If you are looking for an all-cotton, no polyested pad make sure that you choose one that has deep, end-to-end stitching because cotton tends to shift between the chambers and form clusters over time.

Poly-cotton pads

All-cotton or does sound better than “poly-cotton”, but things are not that simple.

If you are a practical buyer, it’s our advice not to be deterred by the presence of polyester in poly-cotton pads.

Poly-cotton is actually a gentler finish material for pads and toppers

As a finish material, the finely brushed poly-cotton is actually much kinder to the skin and feels softer. On the other hand, it adds a lot to the quality, especially in terms of lifespan of the pad.

Poly-cotton vs. all-cotton

Advantages of poly-cotton pads

  • Spring back to full loft and shape after washing
  • Kinder to the skin
  • More practical
  • Lives and retains loft and shape longer
  • Changes less over time
  • Machine washable (some of them, like our top pick below, can be machine dried as well)

Advantages of all-cotton pads

  • More breathable – if your bed is in a warm room without climate control, you will sweat less on all-cotton topper
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not treated with chemicals in manufacturing (given that you choose a product that’s truly all-cotton, like our recommendation below)

Best mattress topper in the cotton category is Hanna Kay Quilted from the Clyne Collection.

Other types

Mattress pads and toppers for sofa beds

Quality toppers and pads for hide a bed sofa beds is one of the categories where the choice is limited.

enerally, sleeper sofa or hide a bed sofas are followed by the reputation as being uncomfortable and the “last resort” for situations like having unannounced guests.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

zinus sleeper sofa topper

Toppers can turn your sofa bed into a luxurious sleeping surface

This is what you should think about to choose the best mattress pad or topper  for your sleeper sofa:

  • Topper or pad – the obvious place to starts and the first decision to make

If you just want to add a bit of extra comfort to the mattress that comes with the sofa you’ll go with a thin pad.

But if you want to turn your sofa into a full-on bed that will in no way be different to regular mattresses, you will go with a thick luxurious sofa replacement topper (like our recommendation below)

  • Allergens and chemicals – it’s easy to overlook it and say that it doesn’t matter, but in reality, you don’t know who’s going to be sleeping on it in the future…you might have guest with asthma or severe allergies. So don’t “gamble” and a pad for your sofa that will be hypoallergenic.
  • Firm or soft – the choice here depends on whether you will be sleeping on the sofa or you have it for guests and sleepovers.

If it’s you, the choice is simple – just read through the reviews of the sofa pad see if it a right fit.

If the most probable scenario is that your sofa bed will be used by guests, your best bet is a medium firmness pad.

With all that said, below are our to picks in the two categories – sleeper sofa topper and pad.

Best topper for sofa beds

Best pad for sofa beds

sleeper sofa pad queen
sleeper sofa pad queen

Sleeper Sofa Mattress Topper


Frisco Microfiber Sofa Bed Pad

by Madison Park Essentials

Best waterproof mattress pad review

Waterproof pads or protectors are mainly used for kids who still have nightly “accidents” and people with incontinence problems.

The best pads and protectors in the category are very absorbent (6-8 cups of liquid).

Their primary role is to be sheet protectors and if comfort is an issue, the waterproof layer is often combined with regular toppers.

little girl sitting on priva waterproof mattress pad

Recommended waterpoof pad

The best mattress pad in the category is Priva Ultra Waterproof Pad.

Specs of Priva Ultra:

  • 4 layers of extra absorbent material
  • Absorbs up to 8 cups
  • Absorbs the moisture quickly and locks it inside
  • Third party lab tested
  • Reusable – can be washed up to 300 times

full review

Best crib mattress pads and toppers

Waterproof pads or protectors are mainly used for kids who still have nightly “accidents” and people with incontinence problems.

The best pads and protectors in the category are very absorbent (6-8 cups of liquid).

Their primary role is to be sheet protectors and if comfort is an issue, the waterproof layer is often combined with regular toppers.

baby on a waterproof crib pad

Top-rated crib mattress pad

The matttress crib topper that we reccomend is the Milliard non-slip 2-inch memory foam crib/toddler bed topper.

This Milliard is CentriPUR-US- certified organix cotton crib pad is 2″ thick. It featured the best memory foam uses in crib toppers we looked into. It’s just right density so that it can contour around the body of the little one but it’s ventilated to increase air flow.

We have seee practically no shape loss after 6 month of use.

full review

Best topper/pad for Pack n Play

mattress and portabel cribs

Pack n Play toppers or pads are designed specifically to be used for mini portable crib mattresses and Pack n Play cribs.

This category is one of the more sensitive ones when it comes to choosing the right product because the market is confusing and

It’s not easy to separate the wheat from the chaf.

baby sleeping on waterproof portable crib mattress pad

When choosing a topper or pad for a portable crib or Pack n Play make sure that:

  • The thread of the crib mattress cover is thick enough and waterproof
  • It’s absorbent, resistant to bacteria and mites and machine washable
  • The crib pad finish is soft and kind to the baby’s skin
  • It comes with some sort of guarantee – that’s a clear indication of how the crib topper is made

Recommended pad for Pack n Plays / portable cribs

pack n play mini portable crib mattress pad

Our top pick in the category is Little One’s Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress Cover.

It’s a perfect fit because it’s designed specifically for pack n plays and mini portable cribs (3 and 5 inch depths).

It’s certified to be free of any chemicals, waterproof, machine washable, reinforced thread, soft finish…all round the best product in the category.

full review

Final thoughts

About the topper/pad reviews

About review updates

As we stressed right at the very beggining of the guide on best toppers, we believe that this guide is the most well-rounded resource for anybody looking to get a quality mattress topper.

Our consultants and reviewers were not only people using the products but people who know what’s inside and the reasons beind some topper or pad being better – the 3 material tehnology engineers and the 2 chiropractors.

The ratings and reviews you see on this page are not mere opinions but fruit of extensive research and testing.

This is not where our work ends.

The work on this guide continues month-in month-out.

We follow the market and especvially the topper aand pads we reviewed in the first place so that we can stay on top of things and notice if there are any quality changes

We also stay on the lookout for any new arrivals worth testing and reviewing.

Where this guide is lacking

We’re looking for wool experts.

Each category of this guide was given special attention – if our featured testers and reviewers were lacking experience in certain areas, we did the best we could to contact people who know more about the materials.

The one section of this guide that is still a sore spot for us is the wool toppers.

That section is based on user reviews and experinces, since our material technology engineer (in their own words) are not wool experts.

So, we continue to look for people who have a better grasp and understanding of wool toppers. If you think you can help or know anybody who can, drop us a line and we can talk about including new experts.

Your comments and thoughts are crucial

It’s very likely that the version of this guide has changed over time as we interact with users who share their experiences and thoughts.

That part is crucial, it’s the bloodline allowing us to stay in touch with everyday experiences.

Bottom line – we strongly encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below or through our contact page.

It’s essential to the process.

The Sleep Studies team

signatures of team members

Additional resources and related articles

Cleaning and maintenance of mattress topper and pads

Frequently asked questions
In the section below, we’ll adress some of the commonly asked question about cleaning and washing mattress toppers and pads

We’ll touch on anything from how to get urine out of memory foam or down to how often to wash your mattress pad.

How to clean a memory foam topper
With most toppers you cannot just dump memory foam into the washing machine, this one is tricky.

To clean a memory foam mattress topper follow these steps:

  • Remove it from the mattres and spread in to an flat surface
  • Place some heavy object on the esged – this will keep it in place for vacuuming
  • Thorughly vacuum the surface – this will get rid of the dust
  • Spot clealing – dilute white vinger and water (30-70%) and focus on the visible spots, rinse with damp soft sloth using only water
  • After the surface is dry, use fabric cleaning detergent by following the same steps you did with the bacing soda
Cleaning spots of urine, juice or blood
  • Dilute two spoon on baking soda in a liter of warm water and focus on the critical spots. Allow to dry.
  • Use a vacuum to get the remaining baking soda powder particles out
  • Rince with a cloth and warm water and allow to dry

Baking soda does wonder when it comes to getting the smell of urine (or any other smell for that matter) out of topper.

You can see our full guide on that below.


  • Bob Ozment

    Bob has been testing and writing about all things sleep (and especially blankets, air mattresses and folding beds), for 8+ years now. before that, he worked as a Quality Assurance Manager with one of the bigger names in the sleep industry. He holds a masters degree Statistics, Actuarial & Data Sciences from the central Michigan University at Mount Pleasant. He's one of the people who designs our producing testing and statistical models. He’s a stomach sleeper, but nobody’s perfect.