Best Cooling Mattress Pad for Hot Flashes [2024 update]

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What are the best cooling mattress pad for hot flashes?

This month’s update of the guide on top-rated cooling mattress pads for hot flashes brings no significant surprises and zero changes in the TOP 3.

More importantly, we talked to more women with hot flashes who actually own these cooling pads. So, the results you’re about to see are based on first-hand testing, experiences, expertise and statistics.

Who am I?

My name is Katja and I’m a sleep specialist. I’m also one of the authors and testers for the Sleep Studies.

This is the place to be, I promise

There’s no guide out there specifically dedicated to the topic of hot flashes and night sweats (and which cooling pads can help the most).

If that’s what brought you here, put the phone on airplane mode and take a close look at the results – it can make ALL the difference down the road.

Both rated at 9.6, the BedJet  and Zen Bamboo still dominate their categories (active and passive cooling, respectively).

Before you move on, take 30 secs to watch the video below and let Andy explain how to find exactly what you’re looking for.

cooling mattress pad topper sleep chill

Last updated – 2024

How to get the best bang for your buck?

bedjet electric cooling mattress pad


These pads/systems cool down your mattress to the exact temperature you choose and maintain it.

If you want to have complete control and never wake up sweaty again, these are the pads to look into.

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lucid 3 cooling topper


These pads/toppers offer tepid cooling because the materials used are heat-dissipating.

If you only need something that will mildly cool down the mattress, these might do the job.

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bed jet v2 - electric cooling mattress pad

Best active cooling for hot flashes –
BedJet V2

I understand that you’re probably looking for a simple cooling pad to help with the hot flashes.

I get that…

So, you might not like what I’m about to say – for “real” hot flashes, you’ll need some sort of active cooling.

This section includes an analysis of our top pick in the category and then two honorary mentions – the Adamson cooling pad and the Chill Cube.

One of those three will likely be a god fit and solve those hot flashes.

Bottom line – if you’re not ready for something like the BedJet, get the Adamson – it’s as slick and seamless as a classic pad but offers active cooling that’s robust enough for hot flashes.

Best value for money in the category

Active cooling systems are not cheap passive cooling is not enough for hot flashes. This makes the price point moot.

They are the peak of sleep technology and come with a price to match. Especially the ones that can do both – cool you down and warm up.

BedJet V2 is the exception to the rule

These systems usually go up about a grand and most people with hot flashes have no problem splurging on something that works.

Here’s the crux – you don’t have to spend that much.

The irony is that the system that’s by far the top rated in user reviews costs a fraction of tehe average price.

So, it work better and costs much less. Let’s see what makes it tick.

bedjet v2
phone interface for bedjet

Designed by ex-NASA engineer

Mark Aramli, an ex-NASA engineer designed the BedJet as the first Smartphone-controlled cooling & heating through controlled ventilation.

Although much cheaper than similar systems, BedJet comes with pretty much the same functions as other similar systems.

How does the BedJet work?

The basic idea is the same as in similar cooling systems. It’s basically a smart fan that uses air to regulate the temperature around the sleeper.

It includes a small and slick ventilation unit that goes under (or next to) the bed. It comes with a small hose that can be attached to any mattress.

The motor is practically silent because it comes with acoustic sound damping.The air wicks away the moisture and the heat that’s otherwise trapped between the mattress and the covers.

hose and fan unit

User satisfaction

BedJet has by far the highest user satisfaction rate compared to the similar systems.

Just to illustrate that, let’s look at the its satisfaction rate and compare it to the runner up (ChilliPad Cube, which is btw. much more expensive). These numbers are based on the data we gathered from every online retailer and combined with the satisfaction ratings of our featured testers (updated monthly).

BedJet V2

General user satisfaction: 86 %

Satisfaction of owners with hot flashes: 91%

best cooling mattress pad for hot flashes

Adamson B10

General user satisfaction: 84.7 %

Satisfaction of owners with hot flashes: 91.2%

ChillyPad Cube

General user satisfaction: 77.4 %

Satisfaction of owners with hot flashes: currently collecting data (73% in the previous update)

Best passive cooling mattress pads and toppers for hot flashes

bamboo cooling pad

Zen Bamboo
Ultra Soft
Cooling Mattress Pad by Exceptional Sheets

Extra Plush
by Exceptional Sheets
Ultra Luxe Bamboo Cooling pad

Ultra Luxe
Waterproof Pad


& longevity


Value for






What’s better about the TOP 3 cooling pads – detailed reviews

Top pick – Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Pad is made using bamboo fabric – a renewable resource that’s making its mark in the sleep product arena. This makes  the Zen Bamboo very durable.

The Zen Bamboo is designed with a double baffle. The quilted pattern is stitched with double needles to create more strength to the design. This pattern keeps the filler in place for the lifetime of the product.

Each square of the quilting pattern is about 8 inches square and one inch thick. It offers cushioning, support, and cooling, all at the same time.

Current Ratings of the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft

Unique fabric blend
  • The bamboo fabric itself is a unique blend of microfiber and bamboo fibers. This combination provides regulation of body temperature by pulling heat away from the body and into the fibers to be dispersed.
  • Bamboo also offers an additional benefit in that it is naturally discouraging to dust mites. This extends the life of your bed linens as well as your mattress.
microfiber bamboo blend
heat dissipation of bamboo cover
More comfortable and better heat-dissipation

While the idea of using a form of hardwood in a cover may seem ludicrous, it actually forms a fabric that is very comfortable to the skin. The Zen Bamboo is overfilled for added comfort.

The filler material is a down alternative that retains its loft. The loft is very important to comfort with continued use, as it springs back into shape more effectively. It also allows for better dissipation of body heat.

Easier to use and care for – fitted and machine-washable

The Zen Bamboo is machine washable at low temperatures. It can also be tumble dried on low. This eliminates the hefty dry cleaning bills found with wool pads or other high-maintenance fabrics.

The elasticized sides are pulled over the edge of your mattress, and the elastic skirt holds it snugly in place. It will fully cover a mattress as deep as 18 inches.

It’s a great choice for cooling off a memory foam bed. The pad is well-crafted using high-end materials so you won’t see any issues like the elastic skirt melting or changing shape.

fitting the cooling mattress topper
Kinder to your skin

The blended bamboo fabric has a silky feel without feeling synthetic. This provides tactile comfort as well as wicking service, taking heat away from the body and dissipating it into the fibers of the filler.

It backed by a 30-day guarantee so that if you do not like it, you can send it back for a refund.

What we’ve seen in the reviews of this cooling pad is people reporting that it feels like a pillowtop mattress and relieves pressure points. It’s even recommended for use on a futon or sofa bed, making sleep more comfortable for guests.

In this months’s update, we’ve seen similar results in terms of the % of users that descibed it as “comfortable.”

Bottom line

The Zen Bamboo mattress cooling pad is much less expensive than other brands and still, valued for its loft, comfort and heat-dissipation (cooling) efficiency.

2nd best cooling mattress pad review
*Extra Plush by Exceptional Sheets*

With slight differences in materials and a more significant difference in price, this is a similar product to the Zen Bamboo.

It’s an extra-plush, and the second best cooling mattress topper. It’s fitted with an elastic skirt. This keeps it snugly wrapped around the mattress so that it does not slip off of the corners or allow any sliding or movement.

It’s current Overall Rating is 9.1/10.

Current Ratings of the Extra Plush


The material of the cover is a unique blend of bamboo and rayon. The filling material is a down alternative the company calls RevoLoft Cluster Fiber.

The filling does a good job distributing body heat throughout the fibers, cooling the sleeper. RevoLoft actually feels like duck down, but does not aggravate allergies.

The structure of RevoLoft performs in much the same way as down, in which the shaft of the feather draws heat away, and the fibers of the feather dissipate the heat. However, with RevoLoft, there is no poking.

cooling fiber of the extraplush pad
extra plush cooling mattress pad
Sturdy backing and hypoallergenic blends

The backing of this pad is a cotton polyester blend that aids in heat distribution.

The combination of each of these layers creates a comfortable sleeping surface that offers gentle support. It is hypo-allergenic and recommended for people who suffer from allergies.

The design accommodates mattresses up to 18 inches deep. This is sufficient for deep mattresses, including the one that already have toppers. It works equally well on memory foam, latex, or spring mattresses.

The combination of materials, along with the design, creates a comfortable sleeping environment. It is soft and silky to the skin and quiet when you move around on it. It doesn’t rustle with every move, which often disturbs a person trying to sleep.

Double-stitched quilting

The quilted pattern is crucial to the design of this pad. A double needle is used to create each baffle box. The double row of stitching makes each baffle durable and less likely to break stitches and lose its filler.

The use of baffle boxes keeps the filler materials evenly distributed across the entire sleeping surface. This keeps it from sliding to the edges, leaving nothing but the cover and backing.

People who own a pillowtop or a memory foam mattress with a reputation for being hot find this to be a great counterbalance. The Exceptional Sheets cooling pad will help cool down these warmer mattresses, helping you get your money’s worth.

filling of the bamboo cooling pad
fitting the cooling mattress pad
Maintenance, care & guarantee

The Extra Plush pad should be washed in cool water and dried at low temperatures.

It’s “encircled” by an elastic band – we’ve seen no reports of the band losing stretch and changing shape over time , which is a common issue with fitted pads.

The function of the bamboo in this pad is to disperse the body heat more efficiently. At this point about the only thing that works as well is silk, which is very expensive and has to be dry cleaned. In addition, the bamboo is far more durable than silk.

Finally – you can get a full refund within 30 days if you are unhappy with it.

Bottom line

This cooling pad is made in the USA, and used by some of the top hotel chains in the country, including Marriott, Courtyard, and Omni hotels.

That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of the Extra Plush.

3rd top-rated cooling mattress pad review
*The Ultra Luxe Waterproof pad*

Made by Coop Home Goods the Ultra Lux Bamboo Cooling pad is both waterproof and hypoallergenic.

It uses a blend of bamboo, ULTRA-TECH Polyester, and rayon to create a cool cover that not only keeps your body cool, it protects your mattress from stains.

With the moisture-wicking action of this cooling pad, your bed and sheets will stay fresh longer, even if perspiration or night sweats have been a problem in the past. It protects your bed from pets and spills, preserving the warranty.

Current Ratings of the Ultra Luxe Waterproof pad

No vinyl, no PVC, no phthalates – just
waterproof backing

No vinyl is used to make this cooling pad, nor is there any PVC or phthalates.

Its waterproofing is a result of Coop Home Goods proprietary design that creates a waterproof backing. Usually, waterproof mattress pads use plastic or vinyl to create a waterproof barrier between the surface of the bed and the mattress.

Unfortunately, these products are hot and uncomfortable. They also rustle and crackle when the sleeper turns over. The Ultra Lux cooling pads, though, wicks heat and moisture away from the body of the sleeper.

coop home goods cooling pad
unboxing the ultra luxe cooling waterproofpad
Waterproof protection, heat reflection & allergies

The waterproofing provided by the Ultra Luxe will protect your mattress from body sweat, pet stains, and incontinence. Most mattresses come with a warranty, but the warranty is void if the mattress becomes stained. For that reason alone it can be crucial to protect your investment with the best waterproof pad on the market.

There is no reflection of heat from the waterproof backing. Heat and moisture simply migrate across the backing until it is neutralized.

Not only is it free of allergens, it protects your mattress from allergens. Dust mites don’t like bamboo, as simple as that.

Mattress Pad Waterproof Cover by Coop
15 year warranty badge
Fit, care & warranty

The Ultra Luxe has an elastic mesh skirt that wraps itself around the mattress, securing it from slipping. The corners will not slip loose, and the pad itself will not slide around on the mattress.

Caring for it is simple. Wash and dry it at low temperatures, without bleach or fabric softener. Bleach will break down the fibers, and fabric softener will reduce the ability of the fibers to absorb moisture.

It comes with a 30-day guarantee for a full refund if you are not satisfied. It also has a 15-year limited warranty.

The Ultra Luxe is designed to fit 18-inch deep mattresses, including those with additional toppers such as memory foam. You can sleep directly on top of this mattress pad with perfect comfort, but most people want to use a fitted sheet on top of it.

Bottom line

Subjective impression of the people we talked to is that their mattresses feel 50% cooler with the Ultra Luxe on top.

The material  is silky without being slick. This keeps the sheets from clinging to it and getting tangled.

Reference info on choosing the best cooling mattress pads & toppers

What to Look for?

With the best mattress cooling pads mentioned here, the main material featured has been bamboo. This abundant, renewable resource has multiple uses for consumers, and one of the most revolutionary has been its use in fabrics.

Cooling Bamboo blend fabrics

Mattress pads with bamboo fabric are very durable, maintaining their shape and usefulness without “wearing out” as fast as other fabrics. The fibers in the bamboo fabric are an excellent choice forand we’ve seen it people repeat it in the reviews of the best cooling mattress toppers because they are soft and pliable, yet capable of transferring heat away from the body.

Which brand to go with?

Most of the companies that make mattresses are also in the business of gel and electric cooling pads (like Serta or Outlast). Don’t go for hype, like cooling pads you might have seen Dr. Oz talking about. Do your own research and read reviews of the cooling pads.

Serta Cooling pads

Serta makes a few models but they are close to cooling gel toppers or thing protectors. Companies dedicated to the niche generally put out better products.

Electric cooling mattress pad

Electric cooling mattress pads are a different breed altogether and nothing like the cooling gels or fiber we talked about above. Most of the time they include an extra electric unit that you slip under the pad to to it’s cooling. Most of these can also be used as heated pads.

Top pick among electric cooling mattress pads – Cool Buddy

Cool Budy electric cooling mattress pad (Queen and King size) works by placing the pad underneath your linen and controlling the temperature directly. For hot sleepers, this means that they won’t have to crank down the air conditioner down for the whole house.

cool buddy electric pad

Cooling mattress pad Queen size

Think about the size and read reviews of the cooling pads to see if it’s true to size. Most of the better ones do come in all sizes, but whether the colling mattress pad in Queen size will be a good fit for your bed depends on the depth of the sides.


While latex is a good fabric for cooling pads, many people have latex allergies. It is not used as much anymore because of this.

Smooth, static-free cooling cover

It’s important to choose a product that has a smooth cover. This is the part that will have the latex or bamboo blend fabric. It should be soft to the touch, rather than rough or scratchy. A heavily textured cover will grab the sheets or your pajamas and cause everything to get twisted and knotted.


Quilting is crucial for comfort and longevity. Without proper quilting, the filler material would eventually slide to the edges of the cover, rendering it useless. The quilting pattern should be big enough – 8 inches square or 5 inches square – to provide loft and comfort to the sleeper. A smaller quilting pattern may not wick the heat away as efficiently.


Double-needle stitching is an added detail that extends the life of the product. While one row of stitches may be broken through regular use, it is seldom that both rows will break. The stitching keeps the filler within its respective cell.


The quality of the filler is important for your chosen product. It needs to be a fibrous material rather than a roll of batting. The fullness of the filler will dissipate heat better than a solid roll of regular quilt batting. While down or feathers are excellent for cooling, they will have to be fluffed regularly because they will pack down. Synthetic materials tend to retain their loft indefinitely with little effort.

Backing material

The backing material should have enough texture to keep it from sliding around on the bed. It might be waterproof, which is a good idea to preserve the warranty, but be careful to get quality material. Plastic, vinyl, and other cheaper products are noisy. They are also hot, which completely negates the purpose.

Elasticized sides

All the best cooling mattress pads and toppers include elasticized sides.There is no need to add straps or garters to hold it in place, if it is properly constructed. The skirt should stretch under the lower edge of the bed and hold snugly. This keeps it from popping loose or sliding around.


The most affordable pads seem to be those with bamboo blend fabrics and quilted covers. These provide added cushioning to the bed. A quality pad will retain its loft throughout the night so that it does the job it is designed to do – pull heat away from your body and disburse it throughout the fibers of the pad.

Any of the products described here will fulfill these requirements and are quite affordable. If you have trouble sleeping at night because you get too hot, you might consider adding a cooling highest-quality cooling pad to your bed.

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