Types of Beds and Frames – 50 Conventional, Modern & Quirky Styles – Updated for 2024

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Most of us live lives of convention – we get the same bagel as we drag out legs to work, the same coffe with the same sprinkles. Let’s face it, life has become a routine with little to none adventure involved.

There’s just no time…

Well, that might be the case if you define an adveture as climbing a mountain in Nepal or canoeing in the Everglades, but who’s to say what an adventure and exctimenet is.

For the homelier of us, a strange new addition to our bedrrom might just get the adrenaline pumping.

unuseal modern bed design

Today, we’re setting an ambiotious goal – to look at the all the bed types that exist on the planet.

Some of these will make you nostalgic for the good ol’ days and some of these will widen your pupils and make you think, “somebody actually sleeps on that”.

Whatever the case, the list below has a little something for the most demanding of tastes.

Take that, Nepal.

1. Divan bed

divan bed

Divan is the simply styled bed, it can be made with or without springs. It has a firm and stable construction which serves as a base for the mattress. It als features a for storage space, so you may have seen some divan beds with drawers.

This style usually includes comfortable headboard and there are a lot of different types to choose from, but sometimes they have to be bought separately.

2. Sofa bed

image of sofa bed

A multi-functional bed, it’s ideal for small apartments or for when you have guests. They come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes and can easily be customized.

Usually it has easy pull-mechanism, so the transition from sofa to bed can be made in seconds and doesn’t take much effort.

3. Poster bed

poster bed

Dating from 16th century this style is still very popular and has a lot of variations. It’s made of high quality wood, with four vertical columns placed on each corner.

The sides of the bed are decorated and artistically engraved. It has a traditional, antique feel and often is a central piece in the room.

4. Low poster bed

low poster bed

Another very common version of a four poster bed, but in this case, the posts are not as high. All the posts have some sort of decorative top on them, in a round, square or other shape.

5. Half poster bed

half poster bed

The base is same like in the standard poster bed, the wood is also engraved, but the footboard columns are shorter.

6. Classic canopy bed

canopy bed

A Canopy bed is very similar to Poster bed, it has same luxurious look and four wooden poles, but in this case they are not there just for the decorative purpose.

Poles carry the upper panel or drape, usually made of chiffon, silk or net, which falls on the sides of the bed giving you comfortable feel and privacy. Usually they are huge, so we don’t see them much in homes nowadays.

7. Contemporary, modern Canopy bed

modern canopy bed contemporary

This is a canopy bed with a modern twist. The frame is thin and it’s usually made of wood or metal.

Sometimes it’s draped but often it’s left open. It looks clean and sleek and it became very popular.

8. Platform bed

platform bed

Platform beds are very popular due to their simple, non-bulky style.

There are no boxsprings, the panels of wooden slats provide flexible support and ventilation to the mattress, and that makes your mattress last longer.

They come in all sorts of elegant and modern designs.

9. Storage beds

storage bed

This bed gives you smart storage solution and offers huge space to put your stuff in, which is often placed underneath its slatted base.

It comes in a wide range of styles and usually in simple, classic design.

10. Day beds

day sofa bed

It may look like a sofa but actually it’s a single/guest bed, and at daytime you can use it as a lounger or divan. Day beds are made of high quality wood or metal and can be wrapped with fabric or leather.

They come in variety of designs, are very comfortable and can really “beautify” your home.

11. Adjustable air beds

adjustable airbed

Air beds are permanent form of air mattresses made from PVC or other types of plastic in combination with fabric.

They are for in-home use only. The softness of bed can be regulated and that’s why they had proven great in helping people with back pain.

12. Modern water bed

modern water bed

Water beds are pads filled with water. Initially they were made for medical purposes but they become very popular in the 80’s.

They come in all sorts of sizes, types of firmness and with different frames.

13. Double Decker

double decker bed

Also known as Bunk beds are ideal for bedrooms that are shared by two or more children. There are two twin beds, placed one on top of other with a ladder leading to the top bed.

Over the years, we have been many variations of this bed.

14. Loft bunk

loft bunk bed

This is just the top portion of the bunk bed with ladders and the open space where the bottom bed should be.

Bottom space is usually used as a working area with desk and shelves. It is ideal for small rooms because of its great use of space.

15. L-shaped bunk

l shaped bunk bed with desk

Like a traditional bunk bed only with addition of a third bunk that sticks out making an “L” shape. The bottom bed can be futon or regular twin.

16. Twin Over Full Bunk

twin over full bunk bed

In this variation of a double decker, the bottom bunk is a king size bed, so more people can sleep in it, and the top bunk is a twin sized.

17. Futon Bunk

futon bunk bed

It’s ideal for small spaces because it includes top bunk which is a standard twin size bed

The bottom bunk is a futon bed, which can be used as a sofa or extra bed when you have guests.

18. Bunk with trundle

bunk bed with trundle

This is a traditional bunk style bed, but it also has a trundle, so it can accommodate 3 people instead of 2.

19. Futon bed

futon bed

The Futon bed is a great solution for small space. They can be used as a couch or bed, by simple folding it up or down.

There are a lot of designs available and can be easily customized from frames to mattresses.

20. Cabin/Loft bed

cabin bunk bed for kids

Similar to bunk bed, but for one person only, it contains one bed frame, with free space above, on the sides, and under the bed itself.

The space can be used for storage with shelves, drawers, or even a desk. It comes in all sorts of designs and colors and it’ very functional in places with limited space.

21. Panel bed

modern panel bed

Made with flat, tall wooden panels for the headboard and footboard, and it has side rails so there is an option of using boxspring.

Very simple and elegant in design.

22. Murphy bed

murphy bed

Named after William L. Murphy, these beds vertically fold into walls, that way creating space when you are not using them.

They often come with storage cabinets, shelves, and nightstands.

23. Sleigh bed

california king sleigh bed

Dating back to 19th century, famous for its sleek curves and refined look, it is usually made from heavy wood, iron or steel.

These beds make quite a statement because of their massive design and will definitely bring a style to your home

24. Trundle

trundle kid bed

Popular in teen and kids rooms, not bulky as bunk beds, trundle bed is a perfect solution for saving space and having an extra bend when your kids have friends stay the night.

The spare bed is tucked under the main one, and it can be pulled out very easily, literally like when you open the drawer.

24. Pencil poster

pencil poster bed

Dated from 18th century, these wooden beds have four posts with points on top of them, giving them that “pencil look”.

Sometimes the frame is attached above so it can be turned into a canopy bed.

26. Traditional Canopy

traditional canopy bed

This is a true eye catcher, a very “posh” type of canopy bed, made of high quality wood or steel, heavily decorated, especially at headboard and footboard..

27. Hanging bed

hanging suspended bed

This beds are attached to the ceiling and you reach them with the help of ladders.

This is something not many people have in their homes, but sure is unique and interesting.

You can adjust how high you want it to be placed, so if you are afraid of heights but still want to be swing to sleep, this can be your dream come true.

28. Hammock

hammock bed

Made from stretchy net and attached to the frame, this is not something you can call a bed, but if you are a fan of hammocks, here is an opportunity to have one in your bedroom and indulge in some unconventional sleeping.

29. Cot

cot bed

Portable and handy, this can be your Plan C when you have guests, you just need to fold it open, put some pillows and you are all set.

Also, it can be used as a day bed when chilling in your backyard.

30. Adjustable bed

adjustable bed base
These bed bases are on the high-end of the sleep arena.

They can be a one-piece (like the one in the picture) or split so that the two sleepers can choose th position that works for them.

A great option for anything from using your bed as a lounger with a bowl-full of popcorn to help with medical issues like back pain or acid reflux.

31. Ottoman pull-out bed

ottoman pull out bed

Similar to cot bed, but during the day it serves as as sitting ottoman or foot rest. Fantastic use of space and it can be made from all sorts of fabrics.

Bed styles

32. Modern

mission style bed

Modern style beds are very simple in their form. White color is one of the most used, and there is a tendency to create a light feel of the furniture, especially when it comes to the ones in the bedroom.

Beds are often thin and flat, lines are straight, there is no decoration, or if there is it’s very subtle. Beds in this style can easily find their place in most of the modern homes.

33. Cottage

mission style bed

This is an old fashioned style, it has a traditional feel, but with a fancy twist. There are lots of carvings and decorations on headboards and footboards, curvy lines and white finish over the wood.

Beds in this style can have painted decorations, or can be very simple, neutral and elegant in white and beige tones.

34. Mission

mission style bed

The style is distinguished by the use of horizontal and vertical lines on the flat panels.

The focus is on the wood and its grains. It can easily be mixed with all types of decors, and it has a modern feel to it, giving a room simple, yet unique vibe.

35. Traditional

traditional style bed

It’s the mix of styles from other eras, variations of poster beds, canopy and others. It has the elegance, and history, but also modern touches.

The key is to get that timeless look that is up to date now and 20 years from now. If you want to “play safe” and not risk while decorating your home, but still want something modern and beautiful, this bed style should work for you.

36. Country

country styled bed

Country style beds have a rustic touch. The main theme is wood, and a lot of it. Usually they are made with tall headboards and can even feature posts.

There are even some examples made from wooden logs, and often they go with a fur as a part of bedding sets.

37. Retro

retro style bed

A mix of vintage designs (60’s, 70’s) and old fashioned details and decorations, packed in a modern form.

These beds are unique and really can change the whole room.

38. Vintage

vintage styled bedroom mattress

Nothing modern here, this is for the lovers of outdoors and mountains and probably hunting.

It certainly has its charm, especially in old, country houses. The style is very simple and usually there are no decorations.

39. French style beds

french styled bed frame with mattress

French style beds have always been popular, we can say they are timeless. They are very elegant and have a romantic and comfortable feel.

Headboards are usually done in curvy lines, and if they are covered in fabrics, the pastel colors are dominant. This style is a good example of subtle ways in which traditional and modern can be mixed together.

40. Mid-Century

bed mid century

This is a mix of designs from mid 1900’s with traditional style.

Usually they are made from wood and may have a very retro-like decorations or parts, like headboards. They give a room a vintage, comfortable feel.

Frame styles

41. Metal

metal bed frame

These frames are very common, not as heavy and robust as wooden, there for easy to move around. They come at a really good price and usually are very adjustable, so they can go with a wide range of mattress sizes.

They are used with boxsprings, except when they are used for the bunk beds in which case they come with metal bars that will give support to the mattress.

42. Wooden frames

wooden bed frame

The oldest material that has been used to make furniture goes with almost any style.

You can manipulate wood any way you want, wooden frames can be cut, carved and painted so they can make a beautiful, central peace in your bedroom.

They look very stable and give a room a warm, homey feeling.

43. Wooven frames

woven bed frame

Woven or wicker furniture has become very popular although it is old fashioned. It is used in indoor and outdoor decor, and gives a country feeling, although it can be very modern.

The woven frames are lighter than the ones made from wood, but very sturdy. Materials that are used in a production are plant based or plastic.

44. Brass

divan bed

If you are looking for old fashioned and elegant look, this should be your choice.

The frames can be designed in many styles, but usually have headboard done in curved lines or with vertical bar on the top.

45. Upholstered

upholstered bed frame

Very popular because of their soft headboards, that make sitting up in the bed more comfortable than with other frames. They can be quite beautiful and elegant and often done in buttoned look.

There are some luxury pieces done with Swarovski crystals, that speak for themselves.

46. Ornate

ornate frame for mattress

Definitely one of the most beautiful styles of frames, often can be found in Victorian beds. They bring a touch of luxury to any place.

Easily recognizable for extreme use of details such as ornaments and elegant, curvy lines, they really stand out and are timeless.

47. Wrought Iron frames

wrought iron mattress frame

This frame has a simple, vintage look. If there is a decoration, it’s usually a scrollwork on headboard and footboard.

These frames are durable, sturdy, but quite heavy.

48. Bookcase

bookcase mattress frame

Ideal for small spaces or children’s room, the frame features book shelves in the headboard and sometimes on the sides.

It’s made of wood and can be attached to many types of beds.

49. Distressed

distressed mattress frame

Purposely made to have worn out look, they have a very vintage feel.

The wood is made to look old, used and imperfect, and that’s usually done manually by using sandpaper.

50. Lighted, “floating” frame

lighted floating-mattress-frame

These frames feature lights underneath the base. The illusion of floating is usually based on a sturdy base at the center of the frame.

Typically, they’re low-profile, which adds to the effect.

Work in progress

This list is pretty well rounded, but as our website grows and we do more research about all things sleep, including bed & mattress styles and types, we’ll keep adding to this page.

The goal here is to compile the most complete resource page out there on every type of bed that has ever slept a human, that’s why the next chapter added will be sub-types of beds and frames seen through the history with different cultures.

If you are a bed & mattress geek like we are, it’s fun.


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