Melatonin for Kids – Is It Safe?

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Is Melatonin Safe For Kids?

Today we tackle what is kind of touchy subject – melatonin for kids.

In the gude below we’ll try to cover the topic from all possible angles – from the existing body of research and studies, to prevailing opinions and most popular brands.

By the end of the guide you should have a pretty clear picture about the safety, dosages and options you have as a parent.

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Where the science stands

The confusion surrounding the topic can be easily explained if you take 5 minutes and read a few opinions, within minutes you’ll find opposing stances on using the supplement as a sleep aid for kids and toddlers.

Let’s take what the experts from the Mayo clinic – in 2015, they recommended against it, if you visit their website today you’ll find that they tweaked their opinion and their official viewpoint is now that “In children, Melatonin is likely safe for long-term use in recommended doses.”

Changes on where the science stands on the topic are only natural as the body of studies grows and they have more data to work with.

In the video below, Dr Craig Canapari, a pediatric sleep physician from Yale University lists the 5 things every parent must know about using the supplement.

It’s a must watch.

5 Things Every Parent Should Know

A few rules of thumb

Everybody will agree that if you (or your pediatrician) do decide to see if the supplement can help you little one get better sleep, there are few additional safety layers to look for:

  • A brand that’s made in an USA facility (should be exolictly listed on the box)
  • Reccomended by pediatricians
  • Lists that it’s made strictly following the GMP guidelines
  • No GMO or additional chemicals used
  • Read experinces of other parents, if they brand is available online

Most popular brands

Tired Teddies

Tirred Teddies Melatonin gummies for kids is one of the most popular brands. It also ticks all the boxes we mentioned above.

The lable lists that it’s PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED Melatonin for kids & toddlers (age 2+).

The dose in each chewable tablet of Tired Teddies is 0.3 mg, which is how much an average child produces. It’s mixed with soothing herbs like chammomile.

Probably the most important part is that Tired Teddies are made in an USa facility that’s been GMP & NSF-certifed (NSF is an USA-based, product inspection, testing and certification organization based in Ann Arbor, MI).

tired teddies melatonin for kids and toddlers

Parent satisfaction % with Tired Teddies


Luna Kids Sleep Aid

Luna Kids Sleep Aid is more of a natural sleep aiod based on herbs than anything else. It comes in the form of fruit-flavored chewable pills.

The company making the supplement (Nested Naturals) says that they add “a touch of Melatonin”. We did some more research and found out that a single tablet of Lunda Kids Sleep aid contains 0.2mg of the sleep hormone, which is probably the lowest dosage we’ve seen in a supplement that can still be qualified as Melatonin for children supplement.

We’ve also came acrosss parents experinces that claim that it works just as well as a 0.5 mg.

The base of the supplement are herbs: Chammomile, Valerian and Lemon Balm and Vitamin D (300 IU per tablet) – all know for their soothing properties.

Again, the important part is that the Luna Kids Sleep Aid is 3-rd part tested and that the fruity flavors are not artificial but come from real fruit.

luna kids sleep aid

Parent satisfaction % with Luna Kids


Melatonin liquid for kids – by Svasthya

Liquid Melatonin might be an option for your child if you’re having problems getting their cooperation with the chewables, gummies or pills.

This liquid formula by Svasthya Body & Mind is completely free of alcohol and additives, like binders or fillers.

It’s made in the USA following the Good Manufacturing Practices.

1 ml of contains 3mg of liquid Melatonin and is listed as safe both for kids and adults, you just adjust the dosage based on the concentration.

liquid melatonin for kids Svasthya

Parent satisfaction % with the Shavshtya
melatonin liquid for kids


Reference info about Melatonin for children and toddlers

What’s the fuss about?

It is is the only hormone that’s available OTC in the US. Now, saying that it’s a hormone that you give to your child doesn’t sound great.

Let’s clarify – it’s not a gender-related hormone, it’s a sleep hormone – in other words, it is naturally secreted by a small gland in our brain (pinneal) and plays a crucial role in when we fall asleep, when we wake up and how good of a sleep we get.

It is not classified as a drug but as a supplement, and as such, it’s not regulated by the FDA.

Melatonin for children with autism

Children with autism are known to have sleep problems and some of them have low levels of the sleep-regulating hormone. They have problems falling asleep; they wake up at night often and have nightmares.

This is the reason why the supplement is commonly used as a part of a behavioral management plan and usually yields good results. There’s mounting evidence for that, you can read this interesting article that supports the claim on

Melatonin for kids with adhd

More than a half of children with ADHD have sleeping problems, including difficulty falling asleep and daytime sleepiness.

Trials showed that doses ranging from 3–6 mg helped children with ADHD fall asleep quickly but there were some side effects like waking up at night and daytime grogginess.

Read more


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