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Serta EZ bed is our top pick for guest rooms

If you want an air mattress that doesn’t feel or look like an air bed, you’ll be interested in the results and ratings of this months update of the Serta EZ bed ratings.

It looks and feels like a piece of furniture that belongs on the cover of “Elle Décor” or “Architectural Digest” and sleeps more like a regular bed than an inflatable.

A slight drop (and two reasons for it)

In this round of updates, this Serta dropped a peg because of the higher price tag. I mean, it always cost more than your average bed, but this time around the difference between it and similar beds from leser known brands grew.

Still, there’s value in knowing your bed comes from a reputable brand.

Another “problem” is the sizing. It only comes as Queen. Lately, we’ve seen a surge of popularity in smaller sizes. If you’re interested in something like that, you can see our top airbed picks in Twin size here.

Serta EZ queen airbed
serta ez home use queen
Conversation piece for the breakfast table

We’ve heard this one over and over again from our testers – there’s no way this eye-candy will not come up at that breakfast table the next morning. Especially if it’s not already set up but you set it up in front of your guests.

The very process the plug-and-play set up is impressive – you just take it out of the carry case and plug it in.

The rest of the inflation and setup process is fully automated and looks like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

Overall Rating


User Satisfaction

All quality ratings

  • 90%
    Air retention - 90%
  • 91%
    Comfort - 91%
  • 86%
    Durability & Longevity - 86%
  • 81%
    User satisfaction - 81%
  • 72%
    Value for $ - 72%

Pros and Cons

Main PROs

  • Elevated and stylish – the steel frame and legs the airbed is mounted on, combined with the right linen, makes it the most stylish air mattress
  • Comfortable – the 48 circular air coils paired with the support of the frame feel more like a regular bed. The support of the frame minimizes motion transfer and pressure points.
  • Durable – materials used for the body of the are not industry standard PVC but high density, extra resilient polyurethane
  • Costs less than other similar models  – it performs better in most quality aspects, yes it costs 10-20% less than similar models
  • High air retention % – aside the fact that it features a never Flat pump, incidence of air leaks we’ve seen with this model is very low
  • Always inflated – this is an important one – even if it does develop an air leak, the sleeper will never wake up on a deflated mattress because the silent secondary never flat pump adds air if its sensors notice a drop of pressure.
  • Fast primary pump – the main pump inflates and deflates it in under 4 minutes

Main CONs

  • No color or size choices (available only in Tan and Queen size)
  • Heavy and bulkier than regular air beds – combined weight is 55 pounds, (deflated) and packed dimensions are 40 x 19 x 19 inches
  • Costs more than regular air mattresses – currently, it costs about 50 % more than a regular model of similar quality, which is to be expected, having the steel frame in mind.
portable case of serta ez
never flat pump

Primary Pump of the Serta EZ

The primary pump is fast and inflates and deflates it within four minutes. It features an automatic shut-off system that turns the pump off the moment the bed is fully inflated.

This means you won’t have to worry about the motor burning out.

It features a turn dial knob for three different settings that include Plush, Medium or Firm depending on your preferred firmness levels.

primary and secondary pump explained

NeverFlat Secondary Pump

Air retention rating

The built-in secondary pump constantly monitors the air pressure and operates silently through the night, maintaining the chosen firmness setting.

The electrical cord is long enough so you can put the pumps at the foot. This works best for light sleepers who might be disturbed by the silent whirring sound of the motor.

With its self-deploying design, the frame will set itself up once the pump has been connected to a wall socket. The total setup time will not take more than four minutes as with the take down after use.

How comfortable is the Serta EZ bed?

With its 48 circular coils, it’s an excellent option for those with back pain issues who usually wake up with a nagging body ache.

This Serta can also provide therapeutic benefits with its Vesco-elastic technology by lowering the pressure at neck, shoulder and hips.

The dual air flow technology makes sure that the neutral temperature is maintained by improving air circulation.

This eliminates cold air rushes, which can be an issue with other inflatables, especially for light sleepers.

Comfort rating

Is it worth your buck?

All beds of this type cost more than regular air mattresses, and that’s to be expected because they’re practically a different product.

Top value for money in its category

As we said, it does cost more than a regular airbed but let’s compare apples to apples and see how it fairs against other similar models in terms of value for money.

There aren’t many EZ models out there, and out of the few available, we feel that the this Serta is the best deal.

frame and legs of serta ez

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set it up?

For best results, inflate it according to instructions included in the package. Simply plug it into the electrical socket, and the self-deploying will set itself up and lock into place as the bed inflates.

To setup and deploy, simply unzip the compact duffel and use the flaps to estimate where to set the it up. Hook up the primary pump and select your comfort level.

To take it down the after use, choose the deflate setting on the primary pump, and the  frame will automatically collapse. After the primary pump is deflated, fold and pack it into the the compact duffel.

Can the secondary pump be turned off when sleeping?

Although the secondary has been designed to maintain the air pressure, there’s an integrated off setting located on the primary pump controls that will allow you to turn off the secondary pump if you feel like you don’t need it.

Is the Serta EZ durable?

The material used is heavy duty PVC, more elastic and resistance to wear and tear than the vinyl used in low-end inflatables.

And because the air pressure is constantly maintained by the secondary pump, chances of it tearing apart at the seams are practically non-existent.

Does it come with a warranty?

It’s backed by a limited warranty for defective materials or sub- standard workmanship. For safety purposes, this product meets the federal flammability standards and used no toxic materials during its construction.

Storage and portability

A rolling duffel bag is included with every purchase, it packs small for an EZ bed, and the wheels make it portable and less of a hassle to move from room to room or take on a trip.

Another convenient fact about the carry case is that it’s designed with enough space to pack linen into it, too.

What is the weight limit?

The listed weight capacity of the Serta EZ is 600 pounds for two people.

Can it be used for camping?

The bed weighs over 50 pounds. While it is an air bed that is inflatable, most people find it too bulky to be used for camping and only an option if car camping. If this is your plan and you don’t have access to power on the site, take special note of the power options below.

Power options of the Serta EZ

Like most U.S. products, it is a 120-volt air bed. It can be used with a portable battery; we tried it with a 12 VDC and Ahr battery using a 300 W converter. This kind of setup can be recharged using your car power plug-in.

If you plan to the Serta EZ  overseas, you’ll need a converter to 220 volts.

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