Coleman Guestrest Elite Pillow Top Double High Queen Airbed – Full Review & Ratings for 2023

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2nd top-rated pillow top

It’s been more than a year since we conducted the first in-house tests and sent this airbed out to our field testers to see how it faces “real life”.

It was clear from the get-go that this Coleman was always going to be among the top 3 pillow top models (not much of a competition in the category).

What we didn’t expect is the gap in rating between the top 2 pillow tops (this Coleman and the Serta Never Flat) & every other pillow-top model out there.

Coleman GuestRest Elite Pillow Top Double High Queen Airbed

All quality ratings of the Coleman GuestRest

  • 89%
    Air retention - 89%
  • 90%
    Comfort - 90%
  • 87%
    Durability - 87%
  • 86%
    User satisfaction - 86%
  • 88%
    Value for $ - 88%

Main PROs & CONs of the GuestRest Elite


  • Removable, washable top layer
  • AirTight System
  • SupportLock reinforced construction
  • ComfortStrong system of inner coils
  • Double Lock valve for leak prevention
  • Operated with built-in or external pump
  • 19″ high
  • Up to 600 lbs of weight supported
  • PillowStop feature
  • 1-year warranty


  • The pillow top layer seams less durable than the rest of the mattress, over prolonged use without sheets it’s prone to thinning
  • Reported on-arrival issues with the leaks develiping at the seams (about 7 % of users saw one of the two within two months of use, according to or stats)
  • Pump not as powerful as in the main competing model – Serta NeverFlat
  • People on the heavier side reported sinking to the middle

Side by side comparison with the best pillowtop

Coleman GuestRest
Serta NeverFlat

coleman guest rest elite front table

serta raised pillow top
Air retention:
User satisfaction
Value for $
Overall Rating:

What's better about the Serta Never Flat?

As you can see above, Serta was the superior bed in pretty much every category.

But what we would stress is the air retention & the pump.

We’ve seen lower % of air leaks and Serta Raised comes with a “smart” pump that adds air if there is a pressure drop.

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Air retention of the Coleman GuestRest

This Coleman features what the company calls AirTight system, which is factory-tested for potential leaks. All potential leaks are covered by a 1-year limitted warranty.

Coleman makes it a point to stress that the bed is factory-tested to be free of leaks.

What we’ve seen

In reality, things are not so rosy. The % of leaks is indeed lower than the industry average (based on the 110+ airbeds we tested) but it still does happen.

Air retention Rating

pump of the coleman guest rest

The issue

If it was us who needed to choose a pillow top airbed, we’d wtill go with the Serta Raised Never Flat.

Here’s why…

The leak % that we’ve seen with the Serta are lower than those we’ve seen with this Coleman, but that’s not the crux of the matter.

The pump

The more important part is the pump. In our opinion – the pump of the Serta Raised is superior, and not by a narrow margin.

Aside the fact that it’s more powerful, the pump that comes with the Serta is what you’d call a smart pump (hence the name NeverFlat). This means that even if a leak dows happen the smart pump adds air to maintain the fimness.

No such luck with the Coleman GuestRest.

Secondary valve makes it a viable camping option

Ther main pump can be powered through a 120V outlet or 4D battery pumps.

It comes with a secondary valve that can be used to inflate the bed with other (be it manual or battery-operated) pumps.

That makes it a viable option for camping, although it’s primarilty designed for indoor use.

secondary valve coleman queen pillow top

How comfortable is the Coleman GuestRest?

This is where Coleman really shines

The top of the mattress is covered with a washable, removable quilted layer to provide the look and feel of a regular bed. With regular beds, though, this top upholstery in usually glued or sewn onto the surface making it rather useless once it loses its shape and softness.

Note the difference between “pillow top” and “PillowStop”. Coleman really hasn’t make things easier with thee wording.

pillow top surface

Pillow Top vs. PillowStop

Pillow top indicates a construction with an extra layer of upholstery added for added comfort. We understand and approve of it in a context of an air mattress. With regular beds, though, it seems like flashy marketing gimmick.

PillowStop, on the other hand, means that the mattress features elevated sides in order to prevent your pillow from slipping off. Not a feature deserving of an actual name, in our opinion, but might as well explain the difference.

SupportLock & ComfortStrong coil systems

Fancy words, let’s see what they’re about

SupportLock reinforced construction means that extra connections are added between the sides and the top/bottom. It’s designed to make the bed more stable and less “wobbly.”

The additional support lowers motion transfer and minimizes sinking to the middle. You can only see the system in Coleman models.

ComfrtStrong is the name Coleman used for the coils that connect the top and the bottom surface.

Coils are a big plus

We’ve seen it over and over again – pretty much any mattress with a coiled-based innner design is superior to a beam-based one, both in terms of comfort& durability.

support lock system illustration

Is it right for you?

Based on all of the tests conducted by our featured testers and in-house personnel, we have to say that this Coleman model is definitely worth the price. We have a bit of a caveat to it, though.

If you’re looking for a dedicated camping mattress, this might not be the best choice. It’ll get the job done, sure, but that’s not what it’s designed for.

It’s made to mimic the feel and look of a regular bed.

The rating in the durability & longevity category are solid.

This doesn’t mean that it can handle anything that, let’s say, Fox Durabeam can (Fox is the most durable, heavy-duty air mattress out there). It’s not designed to deal with sharp rocks, pointy branches, tree stumps, gravel and other factors commonly found while camping.

Bottom line – thsi Coleman is currently the 2nd top pick among pillow tops but not in the top 10 Overall.

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Coleman – about the company

Coleman is one of if not THE oldest company we’ve ever written about. It was founded by W.C. Coleman back in 1900 and it began its story as a seller of gasoline pressure lamps.

They’re currently owned by Newell Brands with corporate headquarters in Wichita and additional facilities in Texas. This was a result of a very intricate and convoluted corporate process, which started back in 1998 when Sunbeam Corporation acquired Coleman Powermate and Coleman Company Inc.

Sunbeam Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002 and changed its name to American Household Inc. once it sprang back on its feet. Jarden acquired them (and Coleman) in 2005, which, in turn, was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid (now, Newell Brands) in 2016.

The corporate changes, luckily, didn’t affect the quality of the Coleman products, at least in the air bed arena.


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