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The top companies of the industry have spent plenty of time and money developing durable, comfortable products. Sure, you can still buy products that go flat during the night and that are only good for one or two uses. But if you want a quality product, you can now choose mattresses that have inner baffles and reinforced sides that won’t roll you out onto the tent floor. Here is our overview of some of the top manufacturers.

The companies we’ll list in this guide currently hold a majority of the the positions on our list of best air mattress reviews – you can see all the reviews listed here.


The parent company of SoundAsleep is Somnio LLC, and their design offices are in New Jersey. Their products have a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company is also said to have excellent customer service, so if you have a problem with their product, you can talk to real people to have it fixed.

Their top modesl is currently the SoundAsleep Dream Series – see the full review of the air mattress here.

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They have also diversified with the sizes they’re making and are now among the top pick in twin blow-up mattresses ratings and comparisons which you can see here..


Who hasn’t heard of the Coleman company?

It was established 117 years ago when Oklahoma native William Coleman designed a pressurized gasoline lamp. These lamps were used to illuminate the first night time football game in the western U.S.

coleman logo

The company went on to develop camp stoves – including the first G.I. stove, sleeping bags, generators, tents, and backpacks.

In 1998, Sunbeam Corporation purchased the Coleman Company. Sunbeam declared bankruptcy in 2002 and re-branded as American Household, Inc., which was purchased by Newell Brands for $845 million.

The company continues to thrive, adding more products to the Coleman line every year. With facilities in Kansas and Texas and manufacturing overseas, they continue to provide reliable products for outdoorsmen.

Their top airbed models are:


Insta-bed states that their goal is to provide their customers with the comfort of a permanent mattress in a portable product. Designed for use in either the guest room or campsite, the Insta-bed is constructed with their trademarked neverFLAT technology.

Their products are developed with the objective of delivering a comfortable night’s sleep even when you are away from home.

insta bed with logo

The Insta-bed models are usually lightweight, making it a good choice for campers who want to backpack into their campsite.

There are two components that make the beds with Insta neverFLAT technology better: the fabric and the pump.

The fabric for these mattresses is comprised of two layers. The inside layer is PVC, which increases the puncture resistance and makes the mattress air tight. The outer layer of fabric is durable polyester. This is the thicker layer, and provides a comfortable sleeping surface.

The fabric

The fabric also keeps sheets from slipping off of the mattress, and further increases the strength of the surface, making it fully puncture resistant. This double layer of fabric is used on the top and the bottom of the mattress. Since the exterior layer of polyester is so sturdy, the mattress uses less PVC. The interior of the mattress is supported with coils, which increases comfort and make the product more durable. The internal coils are said to be 80% stronger than the competition, making the mattress capable of supporting up to 700 pounds.

The pump

The neverFLAT pump is a dual pump design. This is a built-in system, so you don’t have to keep track of a separate pump. The primary pump quickly inflates and deflates the mattress, while the secondary pump quietly engages throughout the night to keep the mattress at your preset firmness. The technology is used in their most advanced-model – the Insta EZ.


The AeroBed brand of inflatables is designed to provide stylish, durable, and comfortable products for their customers. The company has been around since 1992, and has patented its pump technology.

In 2010, AeroBed became a registered trademark of the Coleman Company. This means you get the powerhouse customer service and history of quality products associated with Coleman.

Aerobed Logo
  • More recently, AeroBed has developed a range of raised models. This is the same comfortable and durable mattress they have always produced, but provides the elevation of a regular mattress. This makes it much easier to get into and out of the bed, and is quite popular with people who want a spare bed in the guest room without adding a piece of permanent furniture.

The New & Improved AeroBed models build further on the original design, providing mattresses that are firmer than their predecessors by 20%.

They can also inflate faster than the previous models – as if that was necessary – and containing the Whoosh valve for quick deflation. The pumps are now recessed so that even if you sit on the edge of the mattress, you will not feel any discomfort due to the pump. Previously, it was recommended that you keep the pump-end of the mattress at the foot of the bed.

Their top models:

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Intex Recreation Corp. makes airbeds, pools, and spas. They also manufacture and distribute outdoor furniture and boats, and have been around for over 40 years.

In the 70s, the company name was The Wet Set®, and their first inflatable item was a beach ball. They pioneered the science and design of above ground swimming pools, and, 20 years later, market spas.

Intex Logo

Escaping the reputation of making “cheap” air beds

For decades, Intex has been followed by the aura of being at the lower end of the industry and catering to the needs of those looking for a cheap air bed.

That all changed with the introduction of the Durabeam Series and the FiberTech fibers.

These Dura-beams run horizontally across the inside of the mattress, providing support and retaining the shape of the product. This keeps it from sagging in the middle or breaking down along the edges. On the other hand – the fibers used to connect top to the bottom of the bed are made of high-tensile polyester fibers.

Their top model is Intex Comfort Plush Durabeam – it comes as a high and mid-rise.


Serta may be one of the most well-known names in the mattress industry. What many people don’t know, though, is that Serta makes inflatable beds, too. Their top models is Serta Raised Never Flat and the Serta EZ bed.

serta logo sheep

Achivements and awards

All of the design and manufacturing for Serta brand mattresses are done in the U.S. They are an award winning company, receiving the Women’s Choice Award for three years straight. Consumers Digest has listed the iComfortSleep System and the Perfect Sleeper® on their Best Buys. Serta also manufactures the Bellagio at Home line of mattresses.

Serta in hotels

Serta holds exclusive licenses with many leading providers of hospitality. Hilton Worldwide, Choice Hotels International, Marriott International, Best Western International, and Bellagio Las Vegas all contract specifically with Serta to provide high-quality, comfortable, and durable mattresses for their customers.

iComfort Sleep series

One of their most successful lines of mattresses has been the iComfort Sleep System. Introduced in 2011, this sleep system still set industry standards for comfort, affordability, and durability.

Since 2010, Serta has worked with the National Sleep Foundation to do a complete redesign of their Perfect Sleeper. The goal, originally, was to address five of the most common sleep problems. Work continues to develop even better sleep experiences for people, providing individualized sleep parameters. As a result of this collaboration, the National Sleep Foundation has named the Serta Perfect Sleeper as it’s only Official Mattress.

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